Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2022 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

When Rishab sees Preeta worried, he comes to sit next to her and asks if she is okay. Preeta responds that everything is fine and the flowers just fell on her. As she enters the room with the thali in her hand, she places it on the bed recalling how the lady mentioned she has been married and would always remain that way. Rishab explains he never wants to take the place of Karan since he was his brother so just wants to make sure that Preeta can trust him and that she should remember Karan with all her heart and without any shame. Rishab explains he can sit here and list all the things they have in common, but she must rest assured that they are just friends.

He also knows that she has many memories with Karan on this KarvaChawth. Preeta begins sobbing once more as she confesses that she had just spent a few KarvaChawth with Karan, which was uncommon since she would have kept the varth private. It becomes a little awkward, so she can tell him anything as her right, Rishab says, adding that he would return after ending the meeting since they would have dinner. Preeta keeps on crying, saying he has understood her, and she thanks him. Rishab responds that it becomes a little awkward, so he knows their love story was the most romantic. Rishab offers her a handkerchief and says they will return from their journey tonight. Preeta responds that he shouldn’t be concerned about Arjun since she has no anxiety about him and they can’t be afraid of him. Rishab then departs, saying this is the real Preeta ji.

When Rishab enters the room carrying the paperwork, Arjun is waiting. He announces that he is late, but Rishab responds that he was on time but Arjun arrived early. Rishab then inquires as to whether he must respond to this question. When Arjun adds that the term does not suit from his lips, Rishab becomes enraged and tells him to shut up. Arjun then queries if he is prepared and why Rishab is ignoring him. Arjun inquires as to whether Rishab will believe what Prithvi and those criminals are saying. Arjun informs that he brought Rishab to the hospital and even gave his blood so Rishab must not treat him like a criminal. When Rishab inquires as to whether he is feeling bad because this is how he also felt, Shekar enters and asks them both to put an end to their argument before stating that they both fight like brothers while seated at the table. Arjun responds that he had a brother since he thought of Rishab as a brother but that he did something wrong. Rishab apologises and explains that Arjun can never be his brother.

When Shristhi enters the room, her stomach is churning, and she wonders why Sameer is gazing at her. He attempts to explain that it’s nothing like that, but Shristhi responds that she saved this varth for him and his long life, so what’s the issue? When Shristhi says he’ll keep the varth from next year, Sameer tries to explain why. He says she entered the room quietly but that’s when she started arguing with him. Sameer brings water and says she can break the fast if she acts in this way. Shristhi says he wants to break her heart and breaks down in tears, saying he doesn’t have a heart. Karina then asks why she’s yelling and she begins reprimand

Arjun asks for a moment to show his proposal, but Rishab says he cannot wait for even a moment because his wife has kept this varth for him, so Rishab, along with Shekar and everyone else, leave. Shekar is sitting when his manager presents the quotations of both Rishab jee and Arjun. They are about to make a decision when the wife of Shekar jee enters and informs them that the moon has risen so they all must come to break the fast

When the goons knock on the door and ask Sherlin if she already forgot about them since Prithvi had been given ten days to return his money but was unable to, Sherlin attempts to phone the police but the goon notices and smacks her.

Assuring Karina that she has phoned Rakhi, Kritika tells her that she is frustrated since Rakhi aunt used to adore her deeply but now only appears to care about Preeta Bhabhi and Shristhi, and she receives just a fraction of the affection she formerly did. Karina wonders why she is acting in this manner when Preeta and Shristhi have both preserved the varth and are therefore receiving her attention. Kritika says that this has been occurring for a long time and that Bhabhi still loves them both dearly and regards them as her own daughters.

Radhika explains that this is what happened as Rishab was the first to emerge from the meeting. Rishab explains he feels he has not done anything special since the wives keep varth for an entire day and if the husbands cannot even come on time. Maa Sahab orders all of the guests to ascend to the roof and even inquires of Radhika where is Shekar along with Rishab. Maa Sahab threatens to take them by their ears if they do not come.

Shristhi is on the bed when Sameer picks up the phone. She goes to hug him, but he is startled and asks what happened because of how quickly her mood has changed. She won’t let him turn her around and says, “I’m feeling really loved.” She stands when he kisses her hand, but just then Rakhi enters, telling her that the moon has risen. She tries to flee in excitement, but Sameer is tense, so she pulls him.

Prithvi arrives at the house and knocks on the door, but no one answers. As he enters, he wonders why anyone would need to break into this home’s possessions given how poor everyone is. He sees her sitting and moves over to sit next to her. When Prithvi notices the blood and wonders who did it, she accuses Arjun and Rishab. When she says that the gangsters who he stole a million dollars from came by the house, Prithvi stands up. She demands that he exact their vengeance on both Arjun and Rishab because if he had partnered with them, all of their problems would have been resolved. Threatening to harm herself if he cannot, Prithvi promises that he will exact her vengeance on all those who made her cry. Prithvi is extremely enrage

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