Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Prithvi is cornered with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kundali Bhagya 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Kundali Bhagya
Kundali Bhagya

Rishab seeing Preeta knock at the door, he claims she was speaking to Karan so he really do not disturb her, Rishab seeks invitation to enter in since he wanted to speak about something, he tries to explain he knows Karan means a great deal to her but he also meant a lot to her, she can fight whether she has any feelings, he asks if she recalls what he has said that no one could take Karan away from her, he has come Before departing, he offers Preeta the napkin as she begins to cry. Preeta returns to her seat, where she embraces the photograph of Karan.

Prithvi pours a drink for himself, sits on the couch, and recalls when Preeta threw him out of the Luthra mansion. He then calls Sherlin, who comes from the kitchen, and asks if she wants to be married to Rishab. Sherlin responds that she cannot since Rishab threatened her. Prithvi asks Sherlin why she signed the documents. Sherlin responds that she did her best and even attempted to manipulate Karan, but the game turned against them both. When Prithvi asks if she wants to marry Rishab, Sherlin assures him that she will do anything for him because she once again desires a life of luxury. Sherlin asks Prithvi what he’s thinking after he tells her that everything will go according to plan.

Rishab is standing in his room when Mahesh enters and asks if he is furious with him. Mahesh asks Rishab not to be angry because even though he knows Rishab is in a tense situation, he cannot allow someone like Prithvi to damage Preeta since she is his daughter and he cannot allow her to suffer. Rishab asks him why he is so anxious since he knows what his father is thinking: Preeta ji is the pride of this family, thus he will make sure she never meets any difficulty. Rishab and Mahesh, in response to Mahesh’s question as to whether they should go, move towards the Mandap.

Sherlin walks out wearing the same outfit as Preeta as Prithvi emerges from behind them proclaiming he would do something different this time since Karan sat in his place the previous time, therefore the bride will be changed.

Rishab is seated as the Pandit jee performs the ceremonies; he announces that they must now summon the bride; Rakhi asks Bi jee to accompany them as they fetch Preeta; both of them depart. Sameer asks Shristhi if anything is wrong, and she responds that Preeta will come to the Mandap, but she believes she will not observe the wedding ceremonies and may possibly leave the Mandap. Sameer states that she herself consented; in response, Shristhi asks whether he is unaware that she did it with a sad heart and reluctance.

Preeta is seated in the room when Rakhi and Bi jee enter. When Preeta asks Rakhi if she is ready, Rakhi advises her to be get ready as she does have to fulfil the role of a mother. As Preeta stands, she asks Rakhi if she considers her a mother and if she has faith in her. Rakhi reassures her that parents never make the wrong choices and that she is doing the correct thing for Preet Bi jee seeks her presence since it is time for her wedding; Rakhi assists her in donning the veil before to their departure. Prithvi and Sherlin hide when they see them approaching; Sherlin pulls the carpet as Rkahi walks over it; Bi jee runs to her, asking if she is well; Rakhi responds that she felt as if someone had pulled the carpet, but she is alright; they go for the mandap. Meanwhile, Prithvi is cornered with Preeta.

When Sherlin sits next to Rishab with in mandap, everyone assumes she is Preeta. Rishab begins performing the rituals to Sherlin sitting next to him, who is smiling and wondering what the problem is with Rishab Luthra, who was sad when he married her and is still sad when he marries Preeta, so what does she care, as all she wants is to marry him? In the meantime, Prithvi will marry Preeta, and Sherlin will once again become the eldest daughter-in-law of the Luthra Man.

Prithvi enters the room to Preeta, Pandit jee questions what he is doing because it is wrong and he cannot get each other married, pandit jee attempts to flee but Prithvi threatens him to just raise his voice for the wedding vows, Prithvi threatens Preeta explaining he doesn’t care about the child and may harm her, Pandit jee tries to leave but Prithvi stands and warns him not to do anything.

The Pandit jee asks the bride and groom to give one‘s hands to each other. Shristhi whispers to Sameer and she does not believe Preeta di will give her hand and asks if it is not possible for the Pandit jee to complete the wedding. The Pandit jee asks the bride to give her hand to a groom, and Shristhi is shocked to see her hand. She hears Preeta’s screams and requests silence from Sameer. Prithvi reassures Preeta that she has nothing to worry about since he is capable of destroying the whole universe.

Shristhi and Sameer pursue the voice and get to spot Prithvi seated with Preeta in the chamber in which the Pandit jee is performing the wedding ceremony. They are shocked to see Prithvi holding the knife while Preeta seems to be in great distress.

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