Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Preeta calls Maa Sahab Rani Sahab, but she notes that everyone refers to her as Maa Sahab. Shekar also welcomes Rishab and Preeta from the balcony. He asks if they faced any difficulty coming here. He introduces his mother when Rishab mentions Shekar. The worker brings the thali for the Arti, which she takes placing it in the Mandir when the Maa Sahab asks about Shekar. Rishab and Preeta Preeta is fascinated by the dance when she first arrives.

Preeta also begins to dance until she gets a peculiar sensation, and as a result, she notices Arjun waiting at the door. Shekar rushes to greet him and asks whether he had any difficulties. Shekar is perplexed when Rishab confronts him immediately after seeing him incensed. When Arjun asks Rishab how he is, the latter responds that it isn’t necessary for him to know. However, when asked why Arjun is in this place, Shekar reveals that he has come for the same purpose. When Arjun suggests that Rishab ask Shekar, Rishab follows him to the corner.

Shekar explains that there is a problem because his father has grown old and is now hospitalised so he is taking care of the business. Rishab is still unable to understand anything going on and asks if the deal is still finalised or there are any ifs and buts. The King really liked his proposal, so Rishab asks what is going on since they have already finalised the deal. Rishab explains that Arjun gave them a proposal yesterday that is also really nice. He explains that they would all sit at the dinner table and decide which deal is more suitable which they would ultimately choose. Shekar mentions that deal is now null and void since the papers were not the official one, so Rishab also knows without them the documents have no legal importance.

Preeta is continually gazing at Arjun as he waits at the entrance. When the girl asks whether Preeta knows Arjun, she responds that she does know him very well. Preeta is ready to leave when she witnesses Maa Sahaba introducing Arjun and watching as he accepts her blessings. Preeta answers the phone when Maa Sahab calls to introduce Arjun to her, telling her that he is from Mumbai. Arjun responds that Preeta just believes she knows him. Arjun says he doesn’t have the time to speak to her, and Preeta responds angrily that she doesn’t want to talk to him and leaves. Preeta claims he doesn’t realise that ladies have the ability to assess a person at first glance and asks if she would tell everyone his truth.

Shekar responds that he would also discuss the proposition with Arjun and announces that someone has called his name when Rishab inquires as to what they will do next. When Rishab clarifies that he doesn’t bring emotions into the workplace, Arjun wonders whether he became angry. Arjun protests that he did not come here to drink tea, to which Rishab responds that they even offer their enemies tea before sending them away. Rishab says Arjun would be feeling wonderful since he had the opportunity to participate in this agreement, but Arjun must realise this deal always belonged to him.

Arjun responds that he once believed in it, but not any more since certain people intended to remove him from this planet. He still thinks he has to leave an imprint. Shekar tells them both to calm down since this is simply a business and the highest bidder would win after Rishab claims Arjun watches a lot of movies. Even though Arjun was absent the previous time, he usually prevails whenever he is there, Rishab remarks that he would have the highest offer this time. Rishab storms out, telling him to keep watching Hindi movies.

Preeta is standing and contemplating her interactions with Arjun. She becomes quite agitated as she recalls his remarks that Rishab and Preeta are unfit parents before he abducted Kavya. Preeta refuses to answer Maa Sahab’s question about what transpired, claiming that nothing of the like has occurred. Preeta is in some type of problem, so Maa Sahab calls her daughter and asks to see her face. Maa Sahab says how her daughter could not have known there was a problem if she could see it.

Preeta responds, “How can she tell her about the circumstances in my life since it is so troubling?” Maa Sahab says, “I can understand, but I just want you to know that things change with time and everything will be for the best so Preeta must not be too disturbed.” When Maa Sahab’s daughter inquires as to whether Arjun is her first love, Preeta responds that she can never love him and that he is even Rishab Luthra’s business adversary. Maa Sahab then departs.

Shekar responds that there is still a problem when Maa Sahab asks if they were able to find a solution, so Maa Sahab calls her daughter-in-law and Preeta and says she already asked him to cancel the meeting because it is an auspicious event and there shouldn’t be any problems. She also tells Preeta to get ready for the pooja and asks the worker to show them to their rooms.

Shristhi and Rakhi are seated in the pooja, and after a time Shristhi opens her eyes because she is so hungry. Karina becomes a bit irate, but Sameer tells her not to give up hope. Finally, Shristhi and Rakhi finish the ceremony before offering prayer.

Preeta asks Rishab what the need is for all this when he has the deal, and Rishab replies that he said the same to Shekar who replied that since they have not signed any legal papers then the deal would be considered. Arjun objects to taking the room in front of them, but the worker explains that these are the only two rooms left. Rishab sees Preeta putting the suitcase so asks her to take some rest since they have travelled. Rishab jee acknowledges that Preeta is concerned, but he tells her that everything is well so far and believes Shekar is just interested in money. Preeta is concerned, trying to figure out what Arjun’s issue is.

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