Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Rishab tells Sameer that because it is KarvaChawth, the husband would pay for Shristhi’s outfit, thus he should put the cost on his card. After receiving a call, Rishab departs while the manager suggests to the employee that they should charge this payment on another saree rather than risking a hitch.
Arjun comments that Anjali is still acting upset. Anjali responds that she cannot forget what the Luthra’s have done to him with just one shopping trip, and it was also a coincidence that he paid Preeta’s bill. She advises Arjun to never take her shopping again because this is what she wants, to which he responds that he also said okay.

Rakhi responds she would just discuss with him when Mahesh says he feels he made a major mistake giving her the truth. Rakhi asks if he thinks she wouldn’t find out because Rishab is her older son. Mahesh tells Rakhi not to be so upset since there is nothing to worry about. Rakhi questions why he didn’t tell her he would leave on the day of KarvaChawth. Rishab responds that he didn’t think it would be a big deal because he wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t important. Rakhi counters that he wouldn’t leave because this is really important. Shristhi responds that they can do it like the movie, where Preeta would break the fast by looking at his photo.

Preeta says she has an idea since she would accompany Rishab to the meeting and break the fast there. Rakhi still isn’t persuaded, but eventually gives up when everyone pushes her. Rishab embraces Rakhi. Rakhi wonders what they are both whispering about, so Shristhi attempts to explain she was exhibiting the blouse, but Rakhi responds she can hear everything they are both saying. Sameer whispers to Shristhi about how Rakhi maa becomes obstinate when it comes to their holidays and customs. She has strong ears, Mahesh says. Rakhi begins to tease Rishab when he receives a call once again and then hangs up, saying they would definitely have him kicked out of the home.

When Anjali enters the office to sit, Arjun tells her she doesn’t need to ask his permission. However, the person who knocks explains that he has brought a file that he needs to see. Anjali runs but then turns around to leave, saying she forgot about it. Arjun stops her and asks if she wants to come and tell him about the project. He then says that he found out about it with this file and that he is going to meet the king tomorrow.

When Sherlin walks in the door and sees Prithvi playing on his phone, she asks what he is doing. Prithvi replies that he has had the phone for the previous five years but that he would soon have a large sum of money and then bring every game. Sherlin inquires about her necklace; when he is unable to comprehend, she explains that he promised to buy her a new one this KarvaChawth and when would she receive it. Prithvi replies that he simply wants to finish this game for the time being; they both know they are in love, so why is she acting so dramatic? When Prithvi says she may go marry Rishab since he is wealthy, Sherlin says she cannot live like this because no woman would do so.

She adds that she did married Rishab for the sake of Prithvi, but he just loves Preeta, and she does not understand what Rishab sees in her. When Sherlin warns Prithvi not to return without her necklace or else she won’t keep the fast, Prithvi protests that he won’t be able to live a long life. He then smiles and says he doesn’t care about her fast because he has God’s blessings and will undoubtedly live for 100 years. When Sherlin tries to hit him, Prithvi flees.

Anjali asks Arjun if he is sure that she cannot come with him as it would be a moral support, but Arjun assures her that he can handle this since he only wants her to be with him when he gets emotional. Arjun is packing his bags when Anjali brings the watch. He asks how it got out of the room before even demanding his suitcase. Arjun mentions she has already booked a ticket but Anjali tries to deny it; she finally accepts it when he forces her to admit she booked the ticket in the evening. Arjun gets angry and asks her to cancel it right away, but Anjali asks him to meet her before leaving because she wants to wish him luck. Anjali agrees to not come but asks him to call her as soon as he faces any problem so she would come running.

When Rishab wakes up in the middle of the night, he sees Preeta sleeping and remembers how she warned him about having strange thoughts for Arjun. He is shocked when the alarm goes off and hurries to stop the clock. Preeta is covered with the quilt when Rishab returns but is unable to keep his eyes off of her. He then sits back down on his sofa. Rishab hears Rakhi knocking and answers the door. When Rakhi says that Preeta had set an alarm for her to check on her if she didn’t wake up last night, Rishab asks if Preeta texted her. When Rakhi reveals that she is her mother, Rishab wonders why she is there. Rakhi promises to wake her up, but when they realise Preeta has awakened, she becomes agitated and explains that she set an alarm but is unsure of why it did not go off. Preeta comes into the bathroom carrying her dress, and Rishab explains that he ended the alarm himself since he felt she would need to relax for a minute.

Mahesh responds that he always comes here to support his wife. Karina comments that it is odd since they both have the same discussion every year, and Dadi wonders why Mahesh came down because it is the ritual that the spouses conduct. Preeta responds when Rakhi asks where she is, and Shristhi follows suit. Rakhi receives the Sarghi first from Dadi, who then distributes it to Preeta, Rishab, and Shristhi. She then counsels Shristhi and Sameer to stop fighting and to show each other a lot of love. Preeta wouldn’t have eaten anything for the whole day, so Rakhi asks Rishab to take extra special care of her.

Preeta responds that it is vital, which is why she is going with him, to Karina’s indignant explanation that this is inappropriate since they both should spend the holiday in the home and may postpone the meeting. Rishab says he knows Karina bua cares for them and is the reason she is angry but he cannot postpone this meeting. Karina leaves indignantly explaining how no one cares about her suggestions. Rakhi asks Karina to not reprimand Preeta. Karina responds that she would not have to if Rakhi had already instructed them.

Rakhi, Preeta, and Shristhi begin eating their sarghi when Dadi tells them to stop because Karina is wrong and they should talk to her later. Rakhi then asks Rishab what time the flight is and he replies that it leaves at 9 am if it is on time. Rakhi then gives her assurance that everything will leave on time. Preeta hears what they are saying.

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