Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Shristhi remarks that the yellow sarong is attractive, but she chooses to first speak with her sister. She then wonders why Preeta is so disoriented, and Anjali even asks Arjun the same question. Anjali notes that Preeta is even lost when Arjun is beside her, but he tells her that he would shop for her while Shristhi leads her to the KarvaChawth-specific part.

The salesgirls are demonstrating the outfit to Shristhi, but she becomes perplexed and asks them to explain them as well as aid her. When Preeta warns Shristhi could get perplexed with two helpers, Shristhi asks her to do so. When Rishab arrives with a saree and says that he thinks it would look well on her, Preeta, who is also browsing for clothes, agrees and remarks on the wonderful hue. When Rakhi’s mother indicated that they needed to assist with the shopping, Shristhi became envious and went to Sameer to inquire about what he was doing.

Anjali is also instructed by Arjun to choose a dress, so she begins looking for one before moving towards the fitting room. Arjun stops the worker and hands Anjali the saree that he had chosen, and as she continues to go, Rishab stops the same worker and hands Preeta ji a red saree.

When Preeta and Shristhi arrive at the dressing area and discover that the changing room is closed, the employee becomes perplexed and delivers Preeta the saree that Arjun gave to Anjali. Preeta hands Anjali the second saree before she enters the testing room.

When Sahil tells Rishab that they must postpone the appointment since he was unable to arrive on time, it indicates that he is occupied. Rishab becomes alarmed when Sameer approaches him. When Rishab reveals that he believed Maa had come since Preeta je and Shristhi would have phoned her, Sameer asks what happened. Rishab then points out that he is only afraid of two people: Rakhi maa and Kavya. When Rishab asks who the second one is, Sameer clarifies that he meant Kavya. Since those who they love often make them afraid, Rishab reassures them of his love for them.

Since he did not choose the clothing, Rishab departs and explains that he forgot to put them back. While leaving, he runs across Arjun in the store, but none of them says anything as they walk out.

Preeta calls the worker to help her but she is called by the manager to assist the other customers. Arjun notices Preeta is still standing there waiting for someone to help her so he goes to help but leaves after tying the ribbon. Preeta wonders who did help her when the worker is called back to assist the other customers and she realises that the ribbon on her saree is not tied.

Rishab is with Sameer when Shristhi enters wearing the saree, followed by Preeta. Rishab comments on how beautiful Shristhi looks without mentioning that he did not choose the outfit, and Preeta adds that even his choice is appropriate. Arjun questions why Rishab is not disclosing that it was not his decision.

Rishab receives a call from Rakhi maa asking if they are finished shopping. Shristhi answers the phone and declares that they still need to choose the dress. She also asks how she is looking since Sameer chose this dress for her. After complimenting Shristhi, Rakhi says she should choose the same dress for Preeta. Arjun believes that this dress was not chosen by Rishab but rather by him. As it is the right of the spouses, Rakhi encourages Rishab to pay for Preeta’s outfit while Sameer should pay for Shristhi’s. She then hangs up the phone after notifying them. When Anjali approaches Arjun to signal him, she notices that he is looking at Rishab. When she gets to the counter, she says she really loved the saree. Preeta is standing at the corner when Arjun notices her and remembers what Rakhi said. After seeing Preeta there, Anjali becomes enraged and turns away while giving Arjun a furious look. Arjun is confused by what has occurred and turns back to see Preeta when he remembers how she slapped him.

She may select something different, Rishab responds, adding that she looks good in anything. He tried to locate something lovely for her but was unable. Preeta and Rishab agree to put a stop to the shopping frenzy, but Shristhi says she still wants to look at a few more outfits before leaving. As she is leaving, Sameer inquires as to what occasionally happens to her sister.

She questions how this is possible given that Preeta Luthra’s husband is still in the shopping centre. The manager tells them to send the customers here while he takes care of the issue. When the workers get to the counter and mention that they should give the item for billing, she is informed that the manager has already taken payment for it.

When Rishab replies that the dresses don’t look as good as she does, Shristhi asks if her husband is helping her at all. Sameer responds that he did choose a dress for her, but she didn’t like it. Shristhi then begins to make faces when Preeta tells her to at least show some respect since he is her husband. Sameer then laments that he neither receives love nor respect. When the employee arrives to explain that there has been a billing issue, Shristhi excitedly declares that they would receive a saree for free. Rishab assures her that she is joking, and they will fix the issue. Shristhi, who is standing back with the dresses, wonders why they did not realise that this is a very large mall with many shops, so what if they receive a dress for free.

When Rishab approaches the counter, he inquires about the issue. The manager says that the dress has already been paid for, to which Rishab responds that it is unethical for them to take the money from another person because he chose the dress for his wife. Rishab asks the manager to charge the bill to his card and reverse the payment from the other customer but the manager is unable to reach him, so Shristhi asks her to stop talking so she can hear what they are discussing. Preeta asks how it is possible as someone would have paid for the dress and she herself is going to wear the saree because she likes this piece. Shristhi states that Rishab Ji is becoming really enraged. Since Rakhi Maa said that the husband chooses the attire for his wife, Sameer responds that this dress is significant to him.

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