Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Rhea begins the episode by noting that you have all heard the truth and seen the DNA results. Sid, according to her, admitted that the child is his. Prachi claims that you are to blame for his lying. We will touch Prachi’s feet because she is the picture of truth, according to Aaliya, who also claims that Sid, Rhea, and everyone else are all liars. Shahana claims that Prachi accompanied her, but Rhea is a liar much like you, however Prachi is sincere like her mother. Shahana hears Pallavi shouting at her to stop talking. I’m sorry, but I have to convey the truth today, Shahana says.

Ranbir questions Prachi about her claim that Sid is lying about the child. Sid is warned by Aaliya that she would murder Mihika if he tells the truth. Aaliya is threatening Sid, and Prachi informs everyone that she has Mihika in custody and is free to do anything she wants with her. She is lying, claims Rhea. Ranbir inquires as to the whereabouts of Mihika, stating that Dida had welcomed her after you brought her here. Prachi claims that if she had wanted to, she would have arrived by now. She claims that Rhea had issues with me from the beginning and that when I returned, she believed I was stealing you away. She also claims that her issues became worse once she learned that you had always loved me.

She claims that Rhea has issues with my pregnancy and that when she found out that my mother would have embraced me, that’s when… Pallavi claims she just wants her family to be happy. Prachi reveals that she is expecting Ranbir’s child. Prachi cannot lie, according to Ranbir. Insisting that the infant is of Sid, Rhea begs her not to get blinded. Sid claims that it is not his child, and I am stating this right now because I want to help Mihika, who has been abducted. He claims that Aaliya Buji threatened to have me assassinated if I spoke the truth to you all. He is lying, claims Aaliya. Shahana causes Aaliya to stumble.

How dare you, Shahana, says Rhea. Ranbir requests that Aryan phone the police. How dare you kidnap Mihika, Pallavi asks. Mihika is a member of the family, claims Vikram. Your game is done, Dida says. Give them to me, says Wendy, and see what I do with them. We created you a member of the home, but Ranbir claims you are unfit to become a person. To Rhea’s dismay, he clutches Prachi’s hand and forces her to wear a ring. Prachi is pushed by Rhea, and she lands on the couch. Prachi screams, but it turns out to be her imagination. Prachi claims that I thought I spotted a cockroach here. Ranbir is asked by Rhea whether he brought the ring. Yes, says Ranbir.

He approaches Prachi and accidentally touches the aarti. He claims that he misplaced the ring because he became frightened by cockroaches. Each person looks for the ring. I will have a new ring created, according to Ranbir. Do you know the size? Rhea queries. I know, replies Ranbir. He goes and gets Prachi a ring. You are incredibly obstinate, according to Aryan; I had no idea you were a criminal. He claims that I saw the ring fall there and that I also saw the thief. Ranbir locates the ring and secretly takes it after seeing a Facebook. Fb closes. Ranbir questions your sobriety. Asking him to display the ring, Aryan. I’m not in a good mood, claims Ranbir, and it’s something else. Aryan begs him to speak the truth while pulling out a ring from his pocket. Ranbir acknowledges that he took it in order to break off Prachi and Sid’s engagement. He says Prachi and I are getting a new ring. He is prompted by Aryan to share what is on his mind. Ranbir promises to inform you. Following a call, he leaves.

Shahana informs Prachi that she is relieved the ring has been found and declares her desire for only Ranbir to wear the ring. Rhea appears and remarks that both of you create interesting tales. She also claims that the ring is missing and that Ranbir came to their aid by arranging a replacement ring. She claims that Ranbir doesn’t want to spend even a single second with you. According to her, he prepared the ring as if it were his own engagement; he is desperate to get away from you and wants Sid and you to be married so that you may escape this place.

Rhea is mocked by Shahana. Rhea claims that I am in a good mood and that I am pardoning you today. She asserts that gossip and insults will not alter the truth. She claims Ranbir wants Prachi gone. She leaves. Rhea is informed by Shahana who approaches her from behind that Ranbir kissed Prachi and does not want her to leave him. She claims that nothing you do will stop the world from changing. Rhea vows to hold her accountable for her actions, but she doesn’t want to ruin your engagement and is ready to eject you from this place.

Why didn’t Prachi speak the truth, Shahana queries of her? Prachi thinks that the timing is not suitable for us to know at this point. We won’t respond to Rhea, according to Shahana. Prachi advises that we proceed cautiously. She mulls about how to help Rhea.

Rhea announces her exhaustion as she enters her room. Prachi believes that her fatigue is related to her pregnancy since she was unable to relax owing to her duties. The phone ring of Rhea. She is attending the call, and Prachi sees and hears her. Rhea reports that I requested to schedule a Swedish massage for the afternoon and a deep tissue massage for tomorrow. Incredulous is Prachi. Rhea turns to face the sound as she does so. Rhea misses Prachi as she sits down. Prachi rises and leaves.

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