Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Prachi, Sid, and Shahana are on their way as the episode begins. Sid informs Prachi that Ranbir is distressed as a result of her actions. Prachi promises to take him to a place where he must be truthful in front of us. Ranbir calls Prachi. Ranbir is pitied by Shahana. This has to be done, according to Prachi. Shahana asserts her independence and leaves. Prachi claims that everytime I tell Ranbir anything, Shahana experiences anguish. Sid rushes off while claiming that even I am fleeing. There, Ranbir shows up. Prachi claims that Sid fled after she told me how adorable he looked and that he didn’t know what would happen if they were married.

Ranbir claims you gave Sid a compliment. Yes, Prachi answers. Ranbir inquires as to Sid’s need for praise. Sid has a nice grin, eyes that glitter when he smiles, a decent skin tone, and long hair that can be styled in any way, according to Aryan. He is asked by Ranbir to go kiss Sid. He becomes agitated. Prachi claims that since my Sid is so wonderful, others would compliment him. Ranbir questions your happiness in light of your upcoming engagement. Prachi acknowledges her happiness and expresses gratitude to him for persuading her, holding his hands and saying, “I owe this to you.” How is she looking, she queries?

Why is she joyful, wonders Ranbir? Prachi requests that he keep in mind how he persuaded her to accept this engagement and marriage. It aches, says Ranbir. If he feels envious, Prachi queries. Ranbir begs Aryan to explain to her. Ryan leaves. Prachi rubs his cheeks and adds, “There’s something on your face.” Ranbir averts his gaze. There is nothing, Prachi claims, maybe only a faint shadow. She then says that the decorative items have fallen and that she has to restore them before asking where the stool is. Ranbir thinks you can cure anything since you are an expert.

When Rhea asks to visit Dadi and Wendy, Aaliya replies, “Let’s go.” Rhea remembered Wendy accusing Dida. Wendy says we’ll find out. What do you think of yourself, Rhea queries. What, says Wendy? You are behaving well, Aaliya tells her, but she should keep away from Rhea and refrain from thinking. I truly don’t understand, Wendy claims. I am aware of everything you do, Aaliya claims. Dida queries what this improper conduct is.

If your companion doesn’t know how to act among others, Aaliya advises. She claims that she advised Rhea to add something to her beverage. Dida claims I want to but am unable to. I only want Prachi to remain here, she claims. Threatening Wendy is Aaliya. Wendy comments, “Now I see why Rhea is rude and says I won’t listen to you, but you must listen to us. She yells at Aaliya. There, Vikram shows up. Aaliya is blessed by Wendy in action. She claims to be blessing Aaliya right now.

My foot, bless you, says Aaliya. I can’t stand here, she claims. You won’t stay here for long, according to Wendy. As per Aaliya, you won’t be present. Rhea and Aaliya go away. Wendy explains that Prachi will remain here and that Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship is fantastic and that staying elsewhere is pointless. Ranbir requests Prachi to make things right. Prachi promises to make things right. Ranbir believes that I persuaded her to agree to a marriage and that I am now urging her to refuse. Can’t you see that you can’t envision me with someone else, Prachi asks. If I’m simply trying to make you envious, she claims, you have no idea what I’ll do if you don’t inform me right now. What? asks Ranbir.

He claims that you will stumble. How is she looking, Prachi wonders as she steps down from the stool. Ranbir says it’s awful. I’m not asking with whom, claims Prachi. Ranbir compliments her on how beautiful she is. Prachi queries Shahana about his activities. As per Shahana, he is looking for you. Pallavi and Rhea visit the location. Wendy queries Sid about her plans. She must be planning something, thinks Sid. She claims that her mother is quite pleased right now and claims that when her cheeks hurt from oversmiling, it implies that she is overjoyed. She makes Pallavi’s dance known. Pallavi twirls. Vikram dances beside her.

Ranbir dances with Prachi while holding her hand. Prachi claims she has no desire to speak with him. He claims he wants to dance with her while holding her hand. They waltz. Since you are getting dressed, he wonders why you were jogging. She claims that you forced me to get ready and claims that getting ready makes you happy. My engagement day, she claims, is today.

Ranbir thinks you don’t look good. Prachi claims that you’re envious. Why should I be envious of you, asks Ranbir? Everybody applauds. Prachi makes a fuss and leaves. Ranbir moves in her rear. Prachi is working on something, Dida informs Wendy. Prachi is progressing, according to Shahana. What does Dida interpret as an engagement? Shahana gives a warning that it won’t happen. Dida and Wendy get joyful. Dida embraces Shahana. It is heard by Aaliya.

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