Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

When Prachi and Sahana arrive at the location, Sahana instantly alerts Prachi of Ranbir’s coming. Prachi responds that because everything is going according to plan, they won’t say anything when he is here to witness. He could be able to witness her marriage to someone else if he still has love for Prachi. The cousin of Ranbir runs into him. When Prachi responds that she wants to hear from him nevertheless since he may immediately retract what he said and claim he never said it, Sahana reveals that Prachi is aware of his sentiments. In response, Prachi says she is unsure whether he would flirt with her.

Wendi Dadi asks Prachi if she is well, remarking that she feels different. Prachi, noting that Ranbir is staring at her, responds that she is feeling nice, just as when family members give them presents at a festival and there is extra sauce. Prachi responds that while getting ready, she felt like it was all very difficult, but once she put on this stunning sari, she realised everything would work out well from that point on. Shahana adds that even she was astounded by how stunning Prachi looked. Ranbir goes to explain that he helped her, but Prachi says she is so happy. Prachi responds that she would definitely thank him if he wants a complement, to which Ranbir responds why wouldn’t he because he helped her get dressed.

Prachi heads out to see Dad, who compliments her on how beautiful she is and wishes she will always look this way, certain that Bhagwan jee would prevent any misfortune.

Sahana declares that she believes Prachi is acting appropriately, and when Aryan overhears, he inquires as to what Prachi is doing. Sahana then asks if he was trying to listen, to which Aryan responds that he is not a woman and asks what Prachi is doing. Sahana responds that Prachi is acting in the same manner as Ranbir has up until this point, and if he is able to hear everything, he should

In response to Pallavi’s compliments, Ranbir says that he assisted Prachi in getting ready. Pallavi then asks whether he is okay, to which Ranbir responds that she should be since she has dressed so well. It’s not that, but something, says Pallavi. Ranbir declines when Prachi asks whether he would like to eat or drink. When Ranbir continues to decline, Prachi wonders what it would take for him to remain silent. Prachi departs as Ranbir is in disbelief. When Pallavi remarks that Prachi looks stunning and even Vikram says that she appears a bit too happy, Ranbir becomes quite agitated.

When Aaliya enters the room, she wonders why it took them so long and he questions why she called them from the bathroom door. When they question Aaliya about whether or not she should have asked them to enter through the main door, she replies that they are both the people who have kept Mehika. When they demand payment, Aaliya withdraws the cash and hands it over, explaining that no one should know where they have kept Mehika. She also offers to call them if they want to alter the plan because she feels something is off, and even Sid would attempt to alter it. They are told to leave the window by her.

Aryan responds that he observed something, which made Ranbir anxious. However, Ranbir clarifies that he meant that Prachi did not give him any priority. Aryan responds that he seen Prachi looking at him in this way and thinks she is unimportant to them. When Ranbir asks what has occurred, Aryan still maintains a strained expression. Ranbir questions why Sid is approaching Prachi. Aryan responds that he believes Sid would inquire about Ranbir’s appearance. Sid then invites Prachi to come with him so they can speak privately.

Ranbir inquires about what is going on between them after they depart. Aryan responds that Prachi would have taken him inside after saying he does not look great since he is now her Sid. Aryan offers Ranbir a glass of water, but Ranbir refuses to drink it due to his rage.

When Dadi asks her friend whether their plan would work, she responds that she has used all of her mental resources to come up with it and understands they must give her such terrifying ideas that will make everything difficult for her. Wendi Dadi approaches Rhea and inquires as to what she is saying. After taking Rhea aside, she explains that she overheard her Dida say that she despises Rhea and that she has tampered with the water while praying in the Mandir for a corona attack. Rhea is then asked if she has taken all of her prescribed medication.

Rhea responds that she skipped her booster injection. Wendi Dadi begins to frighten her even more by saying how her Dida often prays for Rhea to suffer. As soon as one of her requests is granted, Rhea may lose her legs or have an illness because she is worried about what has been tampered with in her water. Rhea thanks Wendi Dadi as she departs and indicates to Dida that her scheme will undoubtedly succeed very soon. When Vikram overhears their chat and inquires as to what is going on, he advises them not to reject since he is aware that there is unrest at the party and demands that they disclose the truth.

Ranbir takes Aryan aside and asks what would happen if Sid and Prachi realised Ranbir and Aryan were following them while Sid is walking with Prachi and Sahana. When Ranbir and Aryan see them leaving, they wonder where they went. Aryan speculates that Prachi and Mohini may be to blame. As they all fall in love with Prachi, Ranbir remarks that she is just like Mohini. Ranbir then attempts to listen in on their chat.
Sahana senses that someone is listening to their chat and interrupts Prachi as she attempts to explain the plan after Sid warns her that Aaliya would hurt Mehika if she learns he told her the truth. When Prachi opens it, both Ranbir and Aryan fall, and she inquires as to what is happening. When Ranbir queries Prachi in turn, she tells Sahana to disclose the truth, and they all leave the room. Aryan wonders whether he is unable to leave this place as Ranbir advises him to look at how Sid departed after Prachi.

When Vikram asks Wendi and Dida what they are planning, they both respond that they are trying to scare Rhea away from marrying Ranbir because Pallavi is separating a couple to forge a new relationship, which is wrong. Vikram mentions that Pallavi has always thought of the betterment of this house so he responds that he is not against their plan but just wants to know what they are thinking about. Wendi Dadi refers to him as a husband who just obeys his wife. Pallavi enters and says that often spouses find this comforting, but she must inquire as to why; Vikram responds that it was because they disagree with her choice. When Wendi Dadi and Dida say they don’t like the colour of the sofa, carpet, or curtain, Pallavi begins to argue with them, but Vikram yanks her away. Both of them are happy that she was unaware of the reality since their strategy would have been foiled.

Rushing into Aaliya’s room, Rhea declares that she shouldn’t ask what occurred. Aaliya nods in agreement, but Rhea then asks why she isn’t asking anything. Aaliya responds because Rhea instructed her not to ask anything. Rhea responds, “She talks like this so often, but why is Aaliya believing everything?” Aaliya responds that both Wendi Dadi and Dida are attempting to divert her attention, but she must not give them any importance and should respond to their plan but in a swift manner. Rhea explains that Dida told her how she hates her and even prays that she should pass away from an illness and even has mixed anything in her water.

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