Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

As the episode opens, Ranbir assists Prachi in donning the jewellery and places a bindi on her forehead. Prachi breaks down in tears. He drys off her tears. Don’t be late, please say it, pleads Prachi as she turns to face him. Ranbir says, “You’re too late; you’ll wed,” and he leaves. Prachi looks around and believes he is back. She claims that you have returned.

She notices Sid is standing. Prachi, says Sid. Don’t use my name in vain, Prachi warns, adding that he is asking me to leave his life because of your deceit. Why did you do this, she queries? Sid apologises and takes a seat. Prachi remarks that the plot was premeditated and inquires as to why the man was seeking retribution. She claims that you stole everything from me and that you were a wolf posing as a friend. She claims that while I formerly believed my sister Rhea to be a nasty person, you are worse than she is and want to end my marriage as well as get married to me. She claims that you are a crocodile that wants to eat the whole family at once.

He requests her attention. If you wish to tell any more falsehoods, Prachi will ask. When I offered you the opportunity to speak, you lied. She claims that she was outraged when Rhea revealed that Ranbir is not the father of her kid, but that her anger subsided as he joined her. She continues, “You will speak the truth, but you have damaged many lives.” She demands the truth from him, saying, “I deserve to know the truth.” Sid claims that I am not a family man. Lies, I’ve always been your family, Ranbir says. Don’t you think it’s weird that I’m referring to your kid as mine, Sid replies. Why, inquires Prachi? Mihika’s life is in danger, claims Sid. Asks Mihika Prachi It is heard by Shahana.

Dida is informed by Wendy Mausi that she is considering her options for getting Rhea to leave Ranbir. Dida asks what distinguishes my thinking from yours. Wendy Mausi asserts that she would utilise her expertise to deal with Rhea as she would deal with other females. Dida claims she didn’t go grey in the sun and inquires if I lack experience. Wendy claims that I dyed my hair when you started to go grey. Dida claims that I’ve also coloured my hair.

We will get rid of Wendy since she claims you are a part of her squad. Rhea appears and inquires about the person you want to get rid of. Wendy Mausi begs her to be quiet, compliments her appearance, and expresses her desire to remove any negative thoughts from her. She compliments Rhea. Rhea becomes charmed hearing her and calls her wendy Dadi. Wendy compliments her even more and invites her to step outside and display her beauty. Rhea embraces her and departs. Dida questions Wendy about why she treated Rhea so well. They should keep the adversary near, according to Wendy.

Sid explains to them that Mihika had gone here to escape the clutches of Aaliya and Rhea rather than to see Ganapati. He claims that when Chachu phoned him, he was on his way to reveal the truth—they abducted Mihika, and then they attempted to murder me. He claims that when I arrived here, I learned about their strategy and that it is their plan. Shahana says it takes one minute and is quite scary. Why didn’t you try telling Prachi or Ranbir about this, she queries. Sid claims I made an effort, but no one made an effort to pay attention to me. Shahana doesn’t think he’s real. Sid is telling the truth, claims Prachi, who also claims to know when Sid is lying. Sid expresses gratitude to her for having faith in him.

Prachi claims, “I always trusted you and thought of you as a brother.” She explains that while she intended to tie a rakhi around her wrist, she must now get engaged to him since you have made my predicament worse. She explains that Mihika has to be saved since she has spent her whole life hearing false statements. Sid expresses regret to Prachi for considering Mihika. Prepare to fight back, warns Prachi, adding that Mihika has to be saved. Shahana claims that Mihika will be saved. Thank you, Sid. Prachi says I’ll be grateful to you for relieving me of this fact. She claims that henceforth, any engagement or marriage would be phoney.

Why are you informing us now, Shahana asks, while Mihika is still in danger? Sid claims that while I am aware, I would have perished if I hadn’t notified her. He claims that Pallavi Chachi told him that she had accepted Prachi but had been devastated by the reality. It’s excellent that you told me, according to Prachi. I want to learn about Ranbir’s sentiments, she continues, and with this phoney engagement, a significant question is in front of me. She predicts whether Ranbir would respond in kind or choose to do nothing when his love for someone else changes. She claims that I will find out if he keeps his promise or just lets them stand.

Ranbir admits to Aryan that he believes Sid would be a better parent than he could. He is admonished by Aryan not to sound elderly. I can’t see Prachi holding someone else’s hand, adds Ranbir. We will make it clear to Prachi that she must not grasp Sid’s hand, according to Aryan. You don’t understand, says Ranbir. Aryan states that the provision for the marriage will be included. Ranbir declares, “I adore Prachi. I may object in front of others, but it’s the truth.” How can I live without her, he wonders. Rhea claims that after they are married, we will begin our married life and remain as a couple. Do you know what is going on here, says Ranbir? Rhea claims, “I’ve heard you want to be married to her quickly and don’t want it to happen too.”

What were you saying there, Ranbir asks Rhea as he pulls her aside. I made it apparent to you that I adore Prachi, he claims. He claims that everyone in this world is aware of his passion for Prachi. Rhea claims that you subsequently asked her to wed Sid. Ranbir claims that even though I will avoid her, I will always love her. Rhea claims she doesn’t comprehend.

Even if she runs away from him, Ranbir claims that his heart would always beat for the one he loves. He claims that he is not a thing that will be used by someone else. Prachi and Shahana may be seen arriving, and then they go. She brushes his face with her hair as she walks, and he feels it. He claims she missed my presence. In agreement with Rhea, you had been addressing her as your love. Ranbir insists that I inform her. Rhea believes what he believes.

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