Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The incident begins with Ranbir’s visit to Parachi ward. He opens his eyes and looks at her. The song rings …. God bless وہ. He grabs her hand and shows her the Mangal Sutra. Parachi sat on the bed. Ranbir wore it on Tuesday. Parachi’s eyes widen and become emotional.

The doctor comes there and asks Ranbir what he is doing here, and tells him to go home and rest, because he has got leave. Parachi tells her to go home and rest. Ranbir says what should I do there, my family is here. Parachi says go home. Ranbir says you… Parachi says take care. Ranbir goes.

The doctor told her to go home. Ranbir says that he wants to stay here for 2 more days and asks the doctor to tell his family about it. He swears to tell her. Everyone comes there. Ranbir says the doctor wants to talk to you. The doctor says he needs to be monitored for further tests. Vikram says okay.

“My family can’t stay here because they are normal and not fragile,” says Ranbir. The doctor told him to go. Alia asks Ranbir to go to her room and does not move around. They are about to leave for home. Ranbir says he will go to his room. Vikram says he will meet Parachi before going home.

Vikram came to Parachi’s room. Parachi says Papa … Vikram told him to lie down and asked how is he? He asks if she is in pain. Parachi says she was in pain, but all her pain is gone. She says she is OK because everyone is with her, and most importantly Rhea.

Rhea thinks I don’t know what happened to me that I hit my foot with an ax, and saved you. “It’s good to know that Rhea is a good girl,” says Palvi. Vikram asked what are you saying? Palvi says that Parachi was saying some time ago that Riya is not his sister.

Parachi reminded Riya that she would not let anything happen to her. Alia tells Parachi that when they come to see Ranbir tomorrow, they will come to see him. Parachi asks if he didn’t get leave? Alia says thank you. Vikram told him to think well. Rhea says that not everyone can be as big-hearted as you, and says that your son died because of someone, and we will think well of that person.

Vikram says you are all doing strange things. Palvi says that Alia cares more about Ranbir than you, because she knows who is responsible for Ranbir’s condition. Vikram says that you are telling a father that I do not love Ranbir. He tells Parachi that he came to see him, but it has become a war zone. He says he will come to see her tomorrow. Parachi called Riya. “Before you call me sister, remember that Ranbir is still with us,” she says. Parachi sees.

Ranbir goes to the reception and asks if she can shift to room number 6, which is the connecting room. The receptionist refused to shift him to Room 6 because his wife was in Room 5. Ranbir says you don’t understand. Riya said that she will not have a sister relationship.

“You saved me today,” says Parachi. Rhea says it was not her sister’s love but her basic human instinct for other human beings. She tells him there is no misunderstanding. Ranbir told the receptionist that he loves his wife very much and if he stays away from her then I go crazy.

“My injury is being treated here but I am not in good mental health,” he said. He asks her to shift to Room 6. He says it is unfair to him if he stays away from his wife, he says he will not have any romance, just stay with her to survive. The receptionist says okay. Ranbir asks her to change her profession and says that if you stay here, everyone will call you sister, then how can you fall in love? He gives her a rose and takes her to Parachi.

Parachi says seeing my condition, your condition has deteriorated. Rhea says it was a weak moment, because her parents are the same, and says she remembered her mother saying they would take care of each other. She says she made a mistake by saving him, and says I was cursing myself and wished you were dead.

She says yes I wanted your death and says I have lost a lot because of you. She says it would have been nice if you had died. Parachi asked what are you saying? Rhea says she is not lying and says she did not just wish. She says I sent Nick to kill you and today she says I was about to kill you, but another car hit you. She says my brain was not working for 5 minutes and I saved your life, I made a big mistake and now I am repenting.

She says I will kill you next time, otherwise I will pray for your death. “I will pray for your death as long as I live,” she says. Parachi was shocked. Riya says Ranbir is only mine and I will snatch it from you at any cost, remember this. She leaves the ward. Parachi is crying. Shahana comes to the hospital and thinks that Ranbir should be fed mango.

Riya asked Shahana where she was. She says you should be with Parachi. Shahana asked what happened? Rhea says Parachi was about to die, and says that if you were with her I wouldn’t do what I did today. Shahana asked, “Where is Parachi?” Rhea said that day. She thinks the two are one. She leaves the hospital.

Palvi is still in the hospital and thinks Vikram had a strange reaction. Dida called Palvi. Palvi picked up the call. Dida asks where Parachi is and asks her to talk to him. She says she found out from Vikram. Palvi says Vikram is not here, and ends the call with an excuse. She sees Ranbir going and asks the doctor where Ranbir is going. The doctor says he is going to the lab.

Palvi tells him not to hide anything from her, and tells him why you stopped him. The doctor says that Ranbir asked me to shift to a room near Parachi’s room and said that he is very happy with it and he does not need any medicine. Palvi is angry.
Precap: Dr. Madhu told Parachi the baby’s heartbeat. Parachi is happy to hear the heartbeat and says my baby is fine. Ranbir listens to her and is shocked. He asked Parachi in his sleep, why did he hide from her?