Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Prachi Gets Kidnapped

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Shahana opens the episode by reading the note Prachi left for Ranbir. She continues, “Ranbir, you used to claim that I taught you love, but even I have learned from you that love doesn’t bend down or don’t die.” Prachi adds. She claims that while you and I both used to believe that you loved me and that your love would last all of life’s ups and downs, it seems that you never did. If you had loved me, you would have trusted me just as I had trusted you.

She states that she doesn’t need an explanation since love, trust, and hope are all gone. I’ll be leaving from here, so take care, she adds. Prachi is how she spells her name. According to her, she intended to write like yours, Prachi, but… Shahana breaks down in tears.

Ranbir is asleep when Prachi, who was walking next to Ranbir’s automobile, passes by and her pallu falls on his face. Prachi rushes and tumbles on the ground. Ranbir is oblivious to her. A truck enters the scene before leaving it. If Prachi is okay, a man approaches her and inquires. Prachi dabbed away her tears. Shahana wonders what Prachi did when she went out alone at night and considered asking Aryan for assistance. While moving, Prachi’s letter is dropped, and it lands close to the bed. Shahana is scolded by Rhea when she bumps into her.

She is told by Shahana to respect the boundaries and that she is not Prachi. She claims that I would have murdered you if I had been in Prachi’s home. Rhea deems her worthless and instructs her to go and dry her so-called sister’s tears. According to Shahana, Prachi fled her house because she couldn’t take the charges. She claims you told Sid to lie. Rhea claims that Sid is Prachi’s buddy and would abide by her advice, and claims that she is giving Sid a sense of immense power. Shahana departs after saying she will see her later. Rhea declares with joy that Prachi has left and that she has finally left. She claims that the wonderful news about her pregnancy is phoney, but the good news about my victory is true.

Prachi is asked to get some water from the man. Prachi replies, “No, I’m OK.” If you wish to call someone, the man asks. He may go, adds Prachi, adding that I’m OK. The man asks whether she and her spouse had a fight before offering to assist. He approaches Prachi from behind and requests an address from her. If Delhi residents approve of this, he inquires. Prachi invites him to go. When another man arrives, they both abduct Prachi. When Ranbir opens his eyes, he again loses consciousness. Right in front of his eyes, the abduction takes place.

Calling Prachi, Rhea enters the room. Finally, she claims, she is gone. She relaxes as she falls into the bed. She said it is astonishing how sickness and suffering may bring tranquilly. She claims that I own both this home and Ranbir. She chooses his photo and remarks, “That unlucky Prachi used to stand in the way of us anytime I tried to get closer to you.” She will remain in this room while also enjoying food and romance. She claims that she is deeply in love with him. She responds, “I understand that you are furious with me, but Prachi made that unfortunate error.” She claims that if she had been there, I would have been your first love and your first bride.

She claims that if you are devoted to me and just love me, I would offer you all the happiness in the world. She considers moving into this room and reasons that if her spouse is hers, then her room must be as well. She decides to maintain her clothing and take off Prachi’s. When she sees her sarees, she screams disgusting. What are you doing, Aaliya wonders as she approaches? I’m relocating Rhea’s things, she says. Aaliya claims to still be at home. According to Rhea, Shahana informed her that she was leaving and promised to relocate her belongings as well as make her control shift and erase.

Aaliya chuckles and replies, “Good idea.” Shahana calls out to Prachi as she exits the home. Prachi is being taken by the mob. She may be heard by Prachi. If she makes any noise, the thugs threaten to murder both her and Shahana. She is taken to a temple by them. Shahana attempts to rouse up Ranbir when she sees him in the vehicle. We don’t drink, she claims, but men do, and she believes he is intoxicated. He is asleep when she attempts to inform him that Prachi is disappeared. Shahana considers whether to manage Prachi or search him. Pushing the thug is Prachi’s attempt. Another goon enters the scene from behind and puts a large sack over her head.

Sid approaches Dida and admits that while he severely wronged the family, he really felt powerless. He suggests that maybe God chose this. Shahana observes the men in the vehicle snatching a lady. Prachi cries out for aid. Shahana believes it to be a female voice. When Prachi phones her, she assumes it is Prachi’s voice at that point. When Shahana discovers her jewellery, she believes it to be Prachi. She stumbles as she sprints behind the vehicle.

Sid is removed and thrown by Dida. Vikram queries what happened. He is kindly asked by Dida not to return to this residence. She claims that blood is unchangeable. Why are you saying this, Vikram queries? Dida claims that if someone scratches open sores, it causes harm. She claims to have two sons named Vikram and Vikrant, stating that Vikram treats her with respect while Vikrant degraded her and prevented her from returning to the community. She compared my Prachi and Ranbir to your father and said that you lack character. Pallavi claims that Sid’s error is not the only one. Dida begs her not to reveal and explains that Ranbir is involved.

Rhea claims that Prachi made a mistake by seeing Sid in secret despite Ranbir having made it apparent to her that he liked her. She is asked by Dida not to speak. Dida is informed by Sid that he is not providing an explanation and that Prachi made no mistakes. You want to imply that you adore Prachi, according to Aaliya. Vikram adds that after things have calmed down, we will discuss this issue. Sid is asked to retire to his room and take a nap.

Dida claims that I asked him to go. We can chat later, Vikram replies, but right now you’re upset. He embraces her and tells her that she is making the same mistake as Ranbir did. Dida is sceptical about her upbringing. It is not like that, according to Vikram. Prachi’s head is clothed till the females in the tempo take it off. Prachi queries Who are all of you? The girls claim that they were abducted. A girl claims that her boyfriend abducted her. One more female claims that they will sell us. Incredulous is Prachi.

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