Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update. Kumkum Bhagya 24 May 2022 Written Episode Zee Tv Serial on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Riya dropping a bottle of water which hears Shahana and Parachi talking. Parachi asked Riya, when did she come home? Riya says she came to tell him that Ranbir wants to meet him first. Parachi gets emotional and tells Shahana that Ranbir wants to meet her. she goes. Rhea saw.

Alia got a call from Rhea. Riya cries. Alia asked, “Did you fight with Parachi again?” Riya says that Parachi has won before the battle and says that our plan and conspiracy has failed. She says something is going to happen and says I am thinking how can I live after hearing something? Alia asked what? Riya says that as her mother had said that Ranbir wants to meet Parachi, I will tell her.

She says that she went to her room like a good girl and saw Parachi happy and told Shahana that she would tell Ranbir everything about love and Mangal Sutra. She says that Parachi wants Ranbir to wear her Mangal Sutra and her love for him is growing day by day. She also said that if Ranbir wanted her to go with him, she would go with him, adding that she was talking about running away with him. She says that if Parachi says this to Ranbir, what will he say, he wants it to happen and he will agree.

She says she can give her life for Parachi. She says that Parachi will tell Ranbir and then he will hug her and make her his life partner, then where will I go. She says she has no mother or father, but only you. She says what will I do, if Ranbir takes me out of his life, says you are with me and the fool is with Shahana Parachi, then she also won. She says you have nothing to do with me. She says Parachi is lucky, but I’m not. Alia says you can still do a lot, Ranbir married you as you wanted.

Rhea says you are still very optimistic and says she can’t do anything now, Parachi will do whatever she wants. Alia says when you win the fight will be over. She asks if you can see them together and says you shouldn’t have told Parachi that Ranbir wants to meet her, and says you have to separate them and not unite them.

Rhea ended the call and thought of separating them. She is thinking of doing something, so that she does not have to see what she has heard today. She says that the relationship between the two real sisters with Parachi will end today. She comes out of the house and sees Shahana and Parachi waiting for a taxi. Shahana says she will take a taxi and leave.

Rhea picked up a broken glass bottle and walked towards Parachi. She is about to attack Parachi when Shahana calls her. Parachi went to sit in the taxi. She sits in it and leaves. Rhea sees the tangled strings at her feet and frees her. She also drives in a car.

Ranbir remembers Parachi and his marriage and smiles when he sees Mangal Sutra. “It was a beautiful day in my life and I want to see it again and for that I need a parachute,” he recalls. He says I will explain to him and ask him to give me a chance, and I will tell him that I want to be with him as before and now I love him even more. He says that he will please her with love and if she does not agree then he will force her to please him.

She thinks she has feelings for me, but she doesn’t. She hopes she can express her feelings to him. Shahana asked Parachi what happened? Parachi says if I tell you you will call me crazy. Shahana told him. “I had a dream in which I was telling Ranbir that I love you and when I said I would love the child more then Ranbir got upset,” said Parachi. She says then I said I would love her as much as if she wore me Mangal Sutra and she wore me. She says her dream is about to come true.

She gets emotional and says she’s afraid she’ll get a bad look. Shahana says everything will be fine. Riya says I will not let anything good happen to you, you have no idea what is going to happen to you. Shahana asked Parachi what was happening. Parachi says yes. She says that she is going to give good news to Ranbir about her pregnancy. The driver said that he had come to the hospital.

Parachi asks Shahana to go and get mangoes for Ranbir as she likes. Shahana says ok I will bring it and I will talk to her a lot. Parachi asks her to come. She goes down. She goes to get a mango in a luxurious taxi. Riya drives with the intention of killing Parachi.

Parachi is walking down the road towards the hospital. Then another car hit Parachi and she fell on the road. Ranbir shouts at Parachi feeling threatened. Rhea was shocked to see the accident, even though she was about to hit it.

Ranbir gets up from bed and insists on meeting Parachi. He tells the nurse to let him go. The doctor comes there. Ranbir says something has happened to Parachi. Let me go. The doctor says she’s gone home and tells him to rest, saying she’s fine. Ranbir says something is wrong, I can feel it.

The nurse gives him an injection. Ranbir says that Parachi needs me at this time, I really have to go and meet him. He sleeps because of the effect of the injection. The doctor asked the nurse to stay with the patient.

Riya stopped the car and got down. Parachi is worried about her injured child. Rhea comes to him, sees him and turns to go, finally thinks; she walks to the hospital, when she thinks of Pragya, she hugs him and hugs him, Asks to take care of others. An FB is shown.

This sudden feeling trapped her and she ran to Parachi calling her name. She grabs Parachi and tells him to die, saying she won’t let anything happen to her. Parachi fainted. Rhea asks someone to bring a stretcher from the hospital in front. She asks Parachi to open her eyes.

PreCape: Parachi tells the doctor that the nurse went to tell my sister that my baby and I were both fine. She tells the doctor that she does not want to tell anyone about her pregnancy, not her sister. Palvi asked Riya about Parachi. Rhea asked not to come. Ranbir asks the nurse about Parachi. Parachi is rushing to the hospital to get there. The nurse says she wants to give Rhea good news.