Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Neelam’s Selfish Decision, Rishi’s Accident

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The episode begins with Neelam warning everyone not to speak out against her choice. Ayush says Mami. Nobody will say, according to Neelam. Neelam, says Dadi. Neelam says not even you, and that she has tarnished our family’s reputation. Virender claims that if we don’t rescue her, the family’s reputation would suffer. Neelam explains that she is also a bahu and has made several sacrifices for this home and family. She declares that she will no longer suffer anything and that no one will ever rescue Lakshmi.

Virender adds that if we don’t preserve our bahu, fingers would be pointed at us; can you stomach that? Neelam claims that she is not our bahu. Virender then inquires, “Who is she?” Neelam mentions powerlessness, a dark place, ill luck, and a horrible period. She urges him to manage the business, stating that our company would be harmed and that you will find a solution to preserve it. She claims you may have a chance to rescue Lakshmi, but all options have been exhausted. She claims Lakshmi will not come out, and that whether it is a plot or a mistake, only Lakshmi will be responsible. Lakshmi, according to Dadi, is also an Oberoi.

Neelam asks if I need to explain and adds Lakshmi is not my bahu, she is not my bahu, and she will never be. She yells and inquires whether everyone understands. Nobody will rescue Lakshmi, she continues, and this is my choice, Neelam Oberoi, and no one will oppose it. Shalu arrives and hears her. The policeman places Lakshmi in the cell. She claims to be blameless. The offender in the cell asks Lakshmi what her offence is. She chuckles. Lakshmi is sobbing in the background. Rishi is sprinting down the road and suspects Lakshmi is in trouble; I will be with her; she has always supported me, and I will be with her. He claims he’ll come to you.

Lakshmi sobs. Lakshmi is threatened by the criminal. Lakshmi is waiting for Rishi. Rishi gets involved in an accident when a vehicle strikes him and yells Lakshmi. Lakshmi realises he is in danger. The crowd had gathered around him. Lakshmi is concerned about Rishi and prays to God to protect him. Rishi is carried to the hospital in an ambulance and, although unconscious, takes Lakshmi’s name and says, “Just have strength, I am coming.”

The doctor requests that the medical personnel take him inside. Rishi’s manager appears and informs him that he is with him. He phones Virender, but the line is disconnected.

Shalu claims that he assumed everyone was concerned about Di. She claims Di loved you all more than she loved us. She asks, “How can you allow anything bad happen to Di?” She considers you her mother, and I expected you to comfort her like a mother, to support and cuddle her, but you had everyone remove their hands away from her. She claims you are blaming her for her absence. Everyone is watching. She claims that you are fully aware of her innocence and that she is the bahu of the home. She inquires as to why you are devoid of emotion.

Neelam asks if you came to make me realise, how dare you to speak so much, and if you are secure standing here. Shalu claims I’m only standing here, but Lakshmi is stuck here. Karishma inquires, “How dare you?” Shalu inquires as to how you allowed the police to remove Lakshmi from this location. Karishma instructs her to stop talking. Mom, says Ayush. Shut up, Karishma says. Shalu questions Dadi and Virender about how they let Lakshmi leave. Neelam claims that we are not powerless to respond. Shalu said that my di is alone there. Kiran claims to be your di, but she is unlucky for us.

She claims she harmed Oberois’ reputation. Shalu claims, “I know nothing is more important than life, not even reputation.” She claims that if anything had happened to Lakshmi here, your whole reputation could not have rescued her. She claims that if Jiju had not rescued her, Di would have perished. She wonders why no one was held accountable back then. She claims that whatever occurred was wrong even today, and that the police arrested her in front of you all. She questions Ayush on why he did nothing. Ayush apologises and adds that we tried everything to stop the police. Shalu claims her parents trained her to help people in need and that she would travel alone to rescue Lakshmi.

Ayush questions who said you were alone. Karishma advises Ayush not to oppose Neelam. Neelam claims you want to overturn my judgement. Shalu responds, “It’s all right, Ayush; you preserve your family’s reputation, and I save mine di.” She walks away. Ayush inquires as to what is going on. He explains how to view this item and claims that Lakshmi is innocent. Karishma begs him to stop, saying that we must suffer as a result of her. Ayush claims there was no loss, but you are taking advantage of the circumstance. Karishma gives him a smack.

Mom, says Ahana. Karishma urges him to stop talking. She chastises him for telling Malishka anything and tells him not to open his mouth in front of bhabhi, and that everything he is is thanks to bhabhi. Stop, Dadi says. Karishma threatens to extract his tongue. Ayush tests people effectively, adds Virender. Neelam claims you thoroughly examined Lakshmi. Virender claims that I first misunderstood her but afterwards realised she was correct. Neelam claims that no one will rescue her since she has been thoroughly examined. Nobody would dare to rescue Lakshmi, she adds, and she will not tell Rishi anything. She claims he is working and not wasting time like the rest of you. She cautions Ayush, saying that if Rishi finds out, he will witness what I do to him.

Shalu arrives at the police station and informs Inspector that Lakshmi is innocent. The inspector says the court will make the decision. Shalu tells the inspector that Lakshmi is innocent and that you don’t know her, and that she prioritises others and thinks about her afterwards. The inspector says the court will make the decision. Shalu wants to meet with her. Rishi’s surgery is about to begin, and he takes Lakshmi’s name on the operating table. Lakshmi also remembers Rishi and Virender making her pledge not to leave him. Rishi’s words come to mind.

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