Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aaliya And Rhea Laugh At Sid

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The episode begins with Ranbir questioning Prachi about why she didn’t notify him about her pregnancy. She inquires about my child? Ranbir claims I’m referring to our child. He asks why you didn’t notify me when I arrived at the hospital. He claims, “I felt you didn’t tell me because you were afraid I’d blame you.” He claims he waited for her and gave her space to speak, and that he was glad for her pregnancy. He claims I purchased the rental flat for us with the intention of starting our parenting journey there. He claims that I wanted to do everything for you and was prepared to quit everything since I just wanted you.

He explains, “I was not thrilled to become a parent, but I was glad because you made me a father.” He explains, “I was glad to create Bau ji because you were going to bring that happiness to the world, and I wanted to offer you all of that happiness.” He claims that now I… Prachi inquires if you believe me or not. No, replies Ranbir, it’s not that easy. He expresses his regret and inquires if she has considered what I have gone through. He continues, “I know you were broken the day I accused you.” He claims I didn’t allow anybody close me. Prachi says whatever Sid told her, do you believe him? Ranbir claims I don’t trust him, but I don’t see why I should.

He says he’s not sure whether to believe the evidence or you, whether to trust my reason or my emotions. Prachi is taken aback. Ranbir claims that Sid corroborated the evidence. Prachi claims that you cannot combine Sid and my names. Ranbir asks why you didn’t inform me about the baby initially and replies, “Baby or no baby,” Sid. So you believe Sid, according to Prachi. Ranbir claims that whatever you withheld from me was a lie, and that you must recognise that you are a liar. Prachi responds, “I can’t believe that,” and urges him to tell him that she would not respond.

I want a response, he says. Prachi asks him whether he trusts her or not. If I don’t, Ranbir says. Prachi responds, “Then I’ll assume you’ve done the same thing you’ve done previously with me.” He claims that although I am not the same as before, you remain the same. Prachi responds, “Leave it; no love nor connection exists between us anymore.” She proceeds from there. He tries in vain to stop her. She walks away. He rips the pillows apart. He takes a seat on the floor. Prachi sobs as she recalls Ranbir’s remarks.

Tu bhi royega is a play….

Prachi enters her room. Shahana inquires as to what transpired. Prachi tears as she embraces her. According to Prachi, Ranbir questioned her why she told Sid about the pregnancy. According to Shahana, you should have asked him whether he trusts you. Prachi claims he stated his desire to trust her. He says it’s either trust or don’t trust. She claims he doesn’t believe me. Shahana claims to have faith in Sid. Except for me, Prachi claims he trusts Sid, Rhea, and Aaliya. He doesn’t trust me and accuses me of being to blame, claiming that this has occurred before.

She claims I was always there in his conversations and that she assumed things would be great. She claims that I gave him a chance, that he married Rhea, and that I also gave him a chance. He didn’t trust me, and as much as I love him, I keep being duped by him. She claims that I am suffering because of my genuine love, that Ranbir never actually loved me, and that I am being punished for my true love. Shahana claims you committed no sin and that I will question him, but how can he question you? Prachi attempts to put a halt to her. Shahana says I’ll interrogate him today. She walks away.

Ranbir mulls about Prachi’s comments. Sid approaches from the other way and requests that Ranbir hear him. Ranbir screams no and is going to attack him when he pauses. Sid becomes enraged and enters Aaliya and Rhea’s room. Aaliya wonders how you dare to come here. Sid accuses her of trying to murder him. Rhea inquires of Aaliya, “Did you do this?” She inquires, “What was the need?” Aaliya claims that my life is not in danger and that you should not question her. She claims he said what we want. Sid responds, “You knew I’d lie to rescue my sister,” and wonders whether I’d married Rhea, “the biggest mistake of my life.” He questions why you have entered my life and claims that you are the reason I have damaged my brother’s life.

Aaliya knocks him down. Sid believes you should not have been born, and that if you had desired to be born, you would not have been born as a woman. He claims you are a witch, not a lady. Sid, Aaliya says no. Sid adds, “I know you’re a cheapskate like Rhea.” Rhea maintains her hand on his lips and tells him to smash his head against the wall or vent his rage someplace else. She advises us to consider your sister and your father before passing judgement on us. She claims that if dad hadn’t had an affair, you wouldn’t have a step sister, and we wouldn’t have blackmailed you. She requests that she be concerned about his step sister, or else he would mourn for her dead corpse. She shoves him. Sid sobs.

Shahana wonders where Ranbir is and considers questioning him. She enters his room and inquires whether he is in the restroom. She wonders whether your love is such that you leave Prachi alone anytime she is in need. She requests that he also reprimand her. He was nowhere to be found.

Sid’s powerlessness makes Aaliya and Rhea happy. Rhea asks whether you’re finished sobbing before we talk. Sid expresses his disdain with her. Aaliya requests that he not look at them. Rhea had had enough of their drama. Sid thinks you’re both cheap and that you cut the roots where you live. He claims that animals are loyal, but you humans never abandon somebody. Rhea aggravates his injuries by asking what is my fault, that I love Ranbir and you love me.

She says I worked so hard to get Ranbir and that you are a failure if you don’t realise I don’t love you. She chuckles. Aaliya compliments Rhea on her performance. Sid declares, “I despise you.” Rhea responds, “Don’t say that,” and pretends to have a heart attack. She tears and laughs as she embraces Sid. What a loser, says Aaliya. Rhea claims that you are such a loser that you can’t even hate, and that you weep like young toddlers. She claims that one thing Sid did well was to present a falsehood as fact in front of his family.

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