Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya 21 October 2022

Ranbir follows Prachi and queries if she is envious. Prachi queries why he acts so childlike. He responds, “No, I’m loving seeing her burn like Anaar.” What is this, inquires Prachi? Ranbir remains silent. He claims he would go celebrate Diwali since he is not in the mood to respond to her. He turns to go and begins to walk, believing that if she stops him, it is because she loves him. She was invisible to him when he turned to look at her. He is taken to the wall by her as she stands in front of him. She claims to be experiencing hormonal fluctuations and becomes irate. Ranbir beams. When she is upset, she begs him not to grin. He remarks that you seem to be doing well.

Prachi claims that I don’t want to stop our battle since I like it so much. Ranbir adds, “Let’s see whether it’s going to be love or our struggle.” She is reminded of their first Diwali by him. Recalling, Prachi replies “no.” Ranbir queries her as to whether she is aware that they saw a wedding and fantasised his nuptials to her. If she saw Neha, he inquires. Prachi claims that you won’t look at her and that you are aware of how easily I get enraged. Ranbir challenges her to be honest and queries if she is trying to bury her rage. Informing her that something is on her cheeks, he cleans it. Rhea arrives and becomes enraged upon approaching them. Prachi hurries to help Rhea as she notices that her dupatta is ready to catch fire. She embraces her and holds her. Rhea attempts to set Prachi’s dupatta on fire while holding it. Rhea is stopped there by Aaliya. She carries Rhea along. Ranbir observes.

Still operating the vehicle is Aryan. Aryan is asked to halt the automobile by Shahana. Aryan begs her to hope that the automobile would miraculously stop after saying, “I can’t stop it.” They beseech God to rescue them. Aryan rear-ends the vehicle into a tree. Shahana doubts our survival. Sid affirms. Aryan becomes concerned when he notices damage to the car’s front end. So that she won’t reprimand him, Shahana requests that he inform her. Really, Aryan queries? Sid affirms.

When Prachi has to die because she must marry Sid, Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi must die since she was romancing my Ranbir. She is urged to calm down by Aaliya. Rhea claims she is unable to calm down and that she has a good possibility of eliminating Prachi from Ranbir’s life. She argues that if she must pass away, why not now? When her dupatta catches fire, she claims… Rhea receives a smack from Aaliya, who tells her that if her dupatta had caught fire, she would have been destroyed. She claims that you are not wearing the gun powder dupatta. The dupatta is flung on the ground by Rhea. If she comprehends why she was preventing her, Aaliya queries. Rhea becomes anxious.

Aryan dials Aaliya’s number. Aryan apologises and explains the vehicle accident to Aaliya. Is he OK, queries Aaliya? Yes, says Aryan. He is invited home by Aaliya, who also inquires about Sid. Aryan queries, “Did you see us leave?” Aaliya informs him that she doesn’t care about Sid and requests that he return home. Rhea shares with Aaliya how close she came to passing away. The dupatta is taken by Aaliya. I was ready to burn myself, not Prachi, according to Rhea. Aaliya implores her to put it out of her mind and informs her that they must have Prachi wear this dupatta in order to get your dupatta from her. Thank God Prachi was moved to tears, else she wouldn’t have rescued me, adds Rhea. They need to consider other options, according to Aaliya.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she has her mind on it or has set deposit it after remembering Prachi saving Rhea. He claims that you were jogging when pregnant. Prachi claims I, Ranbir advises accepting responsibility for your mistakes. He claims that if you get ill or simply get a scratch, I will feel the anguish. He continues, “I don’t know why I’m saying this, whether this is right or bad. If something happens to the baby, I will never forgive you.” Nobody takes care of me, cares for me, or looks at me the way you do, according to Prachi, therefore you must not do this. She cries and gives him a hug. Pallavi notices their embrace. Ranbir gives back the embrace.

Rhea is prompted by Aaliya to put on the dupatta, telling her that she must. She implores the wearer to suppress her fear. She invites her to visit and explains that Prachi is alone. What shall we do, Rhea inquires? We’ll make her wear a dupatta, according to Aaliya. When the dupattas are switched and Rhea’s is declared hazardous and yours is declared safe, Rhea wonders what you would answer. We’re going to spill something on Prachi’s dupatta and then when she goes to wash it, Aaliya predicts. She promises that I will leave behind her under the pretence of cleaning your dupatta and swap it. Coming to Prachi are Aaliya and Rhea. Prachi notices their grins. Prachi receives the snack platter that Rhea chose. Prachi trips while in Ranbir’s arms and collapses.

Snacks are dropped on the ground. Prachi is asked to construct her lamp by Ranbir, who promises to always come to her rescue. He declares, “I won’t let you leave me.” After hearing him, Pallavi becomes irate. She requests that Priya request that Ranbir see her in her room. Pallavi remembers Sid’s confession, the baby’s DNA not matching Ranbir, and Ranbir asking her to wed Sid. Rhea wonders if Ranbir and Prachi are finished. Pallavi Maam is calling you, Priya informs Ranbir. Okay, says Ranbir. Prachi orders him to go immediately. After nodding, Ranbir leaves. Rhea is asked by Prachi not to do what she had planned to. What are you saying, Rhea queries? You’re getting what I’m saying, Prachi says, so don’t do it. She leaves. They constantly become closer, according to Rhea. She is urged to calm down by Aaliya. Did you see what occurred, asks Rhea. Aaliya reports that Aryan was with Sid when the plot with Sid failed. Rhea becomes angry.

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