Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2022

Prachi is busy illuminating the diyas when Rhea arrives. She tries to set Prachi’s dupatta on fire while holding it close to the diya. Rhea is stopped there by Aaliya. Rhea is forced to follow her. When Pallavi was thanking Aaliya, she noticed that the dupattas had accidentally been switched. Vikram hears about it from her. What’s the big deal? They are sisters, so it’s fine, says vikram. Pallavi then becomes anxious. Prachi is made envious by Ranbir and Neha’s actions. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir encourages Neha to go and says Prachi would be overjoyed. Neha exits.

Prachi approaches Ranbir and inquires as to what is going on. Ranbir just inquires as to her feelings. It was a horrible prank, she claims. Whoever made this joke, according to Ranbir, was talented. What is going on between you two, Prachi queries? Neha likes me, and I can’t blame her—many ladies do—but there’s a difference between you two, and Ranbir claims that you have illnesses that she doesn’t have. She claims that you don’t find me attractive, but Neha does. He leaves. Prachi comments, “Hot and you,” and considers Neha.

Rhea is questioned by Aaliya about her attempt to burn Prachi’s dupatta. Prachi should have been burned to ashes by now, according to Rhea; God should have done it, but instead, she is breathing fresh air. She claims that breathing together is impossible. She is told by Aaliya to keep away from Prachi because people would start to distrust her if she is there. Why didn’t you let me do it? Rhea queries. Aaliya encourages her to refrain from participating in her planning and queries if she wants her plan to fail. Rhea responds I was making it successful and inquires as to why you believe I would wreck it. We would use our final resort last and urge her not to use it first, Aaliya adds, adding that if you want her dupatta to burn, then she will burn.

Aaliya saw her thugs approach. If someone sees him, Rhea asks why you called him to this location. If she sees him here, nobody will question her, according to Aaliya. The thug approaches her and hands her the vehicle keys. If the job is done, Aaliya inquires. Yes, he replies. What work? Rhea queries. Aaliya claims I told him to disable the brakes on the automobile. Just as Sid and he get inside the vehicle, she says. Sid will be asked to take the wheel by the goon, who will then exit the vehicle. The automobile will then halt in the valley, she claims. Later, she asks Rhea to view Sid’s picture frame. Why should I meet him when I can see Ranbir, Rhea argues. Asking about Aryan is Aaliya. Rhea claims she was blind.

Shahana had a caller with her. When Aryan arrives, he taunts the woman. He inquires as to whom she was so urgently speaking. Shahana won’t tell him, however. After stealing her phone, Aryan flees. He makes sure she was speaking with Sid before asking, “What’s going on?” He claims Prachi is getting married to Sid while you are covertly speaking to him and inquires as to what is in him. Sid is praised by Shahana, who claims that he is a kind man who respects women. She claims that he is superior to you. Do you not respect women, Aryan asks? You wanted to engage in arm wrestling with me that day, but Shahana says no and tells him to think of females as girls.

When I used to grant you equal rights, Aryan says, then you had a problem. She is asked to participate with him in an automobile race. Shahana claims to be a proficient driver. Aryan notices the approaching goon and Sid. He queries Shahana as to the situation. Shahana wonders if I should inform him. When some children started to fire crackers there, Aryan told them to play on the other side. The thug begs Sid to drive the vehicle himself after pretending to get a call and informing him that his wife is in the hospital. The address will be sent, he promises. Shahana is asked to sit in the vehicle by Sid. Shahana is prevented from travelling with Sid by Aryan, who also steals the vehicle keys. He is in the vehicle sitting. Shahana takes the back seat as well. Sid tells that Aryan you cannot accompany us.

Aryan leaves in a car. Pallavi observes Aryan operating the vehicle. Prachi approaches Neha after following her. She requests that she avoid staring at Ranbir since his life is already difficult. Don’t entice or seduce him, she advises. Neha claims that I am inaction. Prachi explains that she has negative ideas and queries if you want me to hurt you. Neha rejects. She is urged by Prachi to enjoy Diwali and refrain from casting her husband as a witch. When Ranbir notices that she is envious, she smiles and says she understands it. Prachi leaves after pretending Shahana had phoned. Thanks to Neha, Ranbir

When Aaliya enters the room, she dials Aryan. Pallavi appears and declares, “I made a terrible error.” I made a mistake, Aaliya admits, and she tells him to keep back, but he won’t listen to her. Pallavi tells her to calm down and calls the youngster a “jewel” of a kid. She claims that Aryan was assisting others and that he parked the vehicle where some children were lighting crackers.

Aaliya sits in amazement and concern. Then Pallavi queries Aaliya as to Rhea’s use of Prachi’s dupatta. What, Aaliya queries? Pallavi queries, “I’m simply curious as to what has occurred.” Aaliya searches for Rhea in anxiety.

Aryan is tease her, Shahana informs Sid. Aryan is driving too quickly, says Sid, so please slow down. Aryan claims that the vehicle’s inability to stop indicates a problem. Shahana begs him not to frighten her and assures him that she won’t. Aryan claims the car’s brakes are broken. They shut their eyes as a vehicle approaches from opposing directions. Car is turned by Aryan. Aaliya emerges and asks God to protect Rhea and Aryan. She collapses and reprimands the visitors who are still there. If her kid drove the automobile, she inquires with the thug. He claims that I failed to identify him, inquires about your kid, and states that the driver was the driver.

I requested that you send Sid alone since Aaliya claims he is my son. Rhea is kept away from fire, and she begs him to look her over. She dials Aryan. Rhea enters the area while passing by few diyas. Diyas started to burn. Rhea is not there when Aaliya arrives after seeing her. Call from Aaliya to Aryan Shahana tells him to stop the vehicle and adds, “It’s your Mom’s call.” Aryan requests that she notify the automobile about this so that it could cease hearing the call. He claims that because I didn’t answer her phone, she must be phoning me. You are born to be reprimanded, according to Shahana. I’ll get out of the automobile, Aryan says. Sid begs them to avoid conflict. Calling Rhea, Aaliya begs God to save at least one of them.

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