Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranbir Plans Surprise For Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 1 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rhea is smiling and pleased in her own world, reminiscing about Ranbir holding her at the opening of the episode. Shahana slams into her. Rhea scolds her and inquires as to why she is in the home. Shahana remembers telling Prachi that she would forgive her first three faults but not the fourth.

She uses the example of God Krishma forgiving Shishupal for the first 100 faults, then executing him for the 101st. She adds, “If you don’t let me go, my pledge will be broken.” Rhea inquires, “What promise?” You’ll know when it breaks and departs, Shahana says. Rhea tells herself to calm down and reminds herself that she needs to surprise Ranbir tonight, and he’ll love it. She makes her way to the kitchen.

Ranbir claims to be creating sheera. Rhea claims she has a question for you. Ranbir claims to be in a good mood today. Rhea says, “I have a question for you.” She wants to know why you hugged me in the hospital. She claims you expressed happiness and were going to tell me something when Nurse arrived. Ranbir remembers learning about Prachi’s pregnancy.

He claims it had anything to do with Prachi. What is Rhea’s question? Prachi will inform you that Ranbir says, “I’m sorry.” Rhea requests that he provide her with a hint. Let Prachi say it, Ranbir says, because she will say it well, and if she says it, our relationship will strengthen. Rhea believes he is referring to their relationship. She says she’ll inquire of Prachi.

Don’t ask, says Ranbir, and explains that Prachi wanted to purchase the flat where she used to live. And I am delighted for her. Rhea believes Prachi is about to leave and begs Ranbir to give her the home. I’m thinking of buying it and giving it to her, adds Ranbir. Rhea claims Ranbir’s gift for Prachi would be terrible, and he is planning to kick her out.

Ranbir enters Prachi’s room and requests permission to enter. He believes that love and its sweetness are increasing. Prachi inquires, “What is it?” He addresses her as sheera and says, “Today I learned of some fantastic news, and I’d want to prepare you some treats to celebrate.” Prachi inquires as to why you would want to share with me.

Ranbir adds, “My dream about my start-up is soaring high, and that’s why I want to make you some sweets.” Prachi believes we saw the dreams together but were unable to enjoy it. Ranbir believes his business has been in operation for a long time and is profitable. He claims he wants to realise his goal in the home she prefers. He forces her to eat the candy. Prachi invites him to partake in the meal as well. Ranbir embraces her. Prachi sends her best wishes to Ranbir. He congratulates her and tells her that he wanted to share his joy with her since he shared the dream with her. He tells himself to keep his emotions in check and tells her to relax.

A song is playing…. Prachi has taken a seat on the bed. He wraps her with a blanket and tells her to shut her eyes. Prachi requests that he go since she is unable to see whether someone is in her room. He wishes you a nice night and believes your habit will change soon. Rhea hears them and decides to investigate what is going on between them.

Pallavi is asked what she is doing by Aaliya. Pallavi claims to be preparing breakfast at the dining table. Aaliya inquires about Mahua’s whereabouts. Pallavi claims she’s assigned her some job and that she enjoys setting the table for her family. Aaliya promises to assist you.

She informs Pallavi that Ranbir and Rhea are becoming closer, and he suddenly realised that if anything had happened to him in the accident, Rhea would have been alone, so he held her, and Rhea sensed his love for her. Pallavi smiles and says she was scared that Prachi and Ranbir would cut their anniversary cake today, but then you came along and informed me.

Ranbir, she claims, will not host the party. Aaliya claims that Ranbir would go to such lengths for Rhea. Pallavi claims that they will one day have a family. Prachi informs Shahana that their anniversary is today, and she is furious with Ranbir and would not respond if he wishes her. When Ranbir arrives, Shahana drifts away from Prachi. He casts a glance towards Prachi. Rhea is the one who arrives. If he’s through looking at her, Prachi tells him to go chat to someone else. Ranbir beams.

Breakfast has been provided, according to Vikram. We’ll eat breakfast later, Ranbir adds, but first we’ll have sweets. Pallavi suggests that you eat some sweets. Ranbir tells Vikram that this is the most important day of his life and forces him to eat sweets. Pallavi is asked to open her mouth. Pallavi declines since she is on a strict diet. Ranbir is adamant. She is in possession of the goodies.

The sweets are then distributed to everyone by Ranbir. He then gives the sweets to Prachi, then distracts everyone else and eats the other half of the treat. Prachi expresses her happiness… Today will be a jashn/party at home, according to Ranbir. Pallavi has said that she will arrange. Aaliya believes he should propose to Rhea.

Ranbir expresses his satisfaction by saying that the transaction is going well and that it is a love venture. He claims that they would prepare a fantastic vacation wedding for the pair. I want the celebration to be large and magnificent, he adds. After staring at Prachi and wishing her a happy wedding anniversary with his heart, he says he needs to depart. In her heart, she also wants for him.

When Ranbir arrives at the workplace, he requests that someone come to his cabin. Stanley Johnson approaches him and introduces himself as a fan. Ranbir invites him to have a seat. Stanley claims that he does not abandon his article and that he does not follow him on social media.

He claims to know all there is to know about him. Impressive, says Ranbir, and you’ve been employed. He claims that he requires staff that are both active and hardworking. Peon arrives, followed by Ramnik Bhai. Ranbir requests that he to grab some coffee for them. He inquires whether Stanley is from Delhi and if he is capable of doing his duties without error. Yes, Stanley says. Ramnik Bhai shows up. Stanley is addressed by Ranbir.

The rings are shown by Ramnik Bhai. Ranbir chooses a ring for Prachi and hands her the ring tray. Ramnik Bhai excuses himself and departs. Stanley should not take Ranbir’s statements seriously, and Ranbir reminds him that today is his anniversary. According to Stanley, you married Rhea on May 5th. Ranbir claims that the address in your hand is for a divorce lawyer, and that he would divorce Rhea and marry his actual wife.

Ranbir has irritated Prachi. Shahana claims he may have forgotten since he is at a party. Prachi inquires whether he has made you pledge to support his side. She claims he married me, but she can’t recall the exact day. Shahana tells her to relax.

Prachi explains that he can’t forget the anniversary since it was today that he not only married but also promised her. She said that he only remembers his Rhea and his business now, so why did he marry me in the first place? Rhea brightens as she hears her.

Precap: At the celebration, Ranbir tells Rhea that ever since Prachi entered his life and he fell in love with her, he has wanted to do all he can to make her happy and proud. I thought you wanted to speak about me, Rhea says, so why are you talking about Prachi? Yes, Ranbir responds, I’d want to speak with you, but first. He displays the divorce papers and declares that he wants to be divorced from her. Rhea is taken aback.

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