Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya 19 October 2022

Sid warns Aaliya that he would be disappointed if she does not force him to see Mihika because then everyone will notice his grief and realise that he is having trouble, making it impossible to conceal the truth. According to Aaliya, you’re threatening me. Sid advises considering that. Aaliya claims that I was kidding and requests a cold beverage from the waiter. She claims that if he drinks juice, his mind would be quiet since he doesn’t like my jokes. Sid queries if you’ll force me to meet Mihika or not. Let me contact my Man, Aaliya adds; he will take you along.

She contacts the goon and requests that he meet Mihika at Kohli Mansion and transport her there. Rhea arrives and overhears her. Aaliya claims that she seen something in his eyes that indicated that he would become rebellious if he didn’t meet Mihika today. She claims that I seen the despair in his eyes and don’t want him to feel resentment. After calling her a goon, she walks to Sid and begs him to wait. To do aarti with Prachi and go, Rhea requests of him. Ok, says Sid. Aaliya claims that the automobile will halt in hell and that Sid and Prachi will both be fired tonight. Rhea beams.

Prachi remembers what Rhea said. What did that witch tell you, Shahana asks Prachi when she arrives. Prachi claims she informed people that Ranbir was her spouse. Rhea is unable to speak when Shahana requests that she grasp Ranbir’s hand and announce that he is her husband. Prachi asserts that she is already furious. Sid arrives and greets the women present. Shahana queries: “Why is he joyful?” He has a permanent grin, according to Prachi. Aaliya would force him to see Mihika today, according to Sid, who also claims to have threatened Mihika.

Prachi claims that she is incredibly threatening and capable of anything. Sid claims that she exploited me and shoved me out of the vehicle. Shahana claims that I’ll accompany him. Sid explains her situation and says they would do the Diwali pooja together. Prachi encourages him to remain vigilant and says she is worried about her circumstances. Sid claims that since we want to be married, Aaliya won’t harm me in any way.

There, Pandit ji appears. Dida invites him to go. Pandit ji requests that married couples or just two people do pooja. Aryan and Aaliya do the pooja. Sid is given an aarti plate by Aaliya. After removing it from his grasp, Ranbir turns to face Prachi. He visits her and invites her to participate in aarti with him. Rhea becomes irritated when Prachi and Ranbir do the aarti together. Pallavi observes. After Prachi leaves, Rhea approaches Ranbir with the aarti dish so they may do aarti together. He walks away from the aarti platter. Shahana enters the room late and does the aarti. Rhea and Shahana are made to do aarti. She thinks back to her statement that Kumkum Bhagya would be in that person’s future if they do aarti with Ranbir.

When the Lakshmi puja is over, Pandit ji bids everyone to chant “jai” and instructs them to light up all of the diyas. As promised, Prachi will ignite the diya. Aaliya predicts Prachi’s demise. Sid informs Rhea that he wants to see Mihika after noticing Aaliya grinning. Ranbir requests a favour from Neha. The diyas are lit by Prachi. Ranbir claims to have found Prachi after seeing her. He declares that he is the first husband to want a reprimand from his wife, claims that their love would be unique from all others, and declares his love for Prachi. Rhea is in her room and is gazing out the window towards the ground. Aaliya is informed that she is staring at Prachi and that she is holding her life in her hands.

She claims that the dupatta would catch fire and she will be reduced to ashes, exactly as the tailor had said. You are seeing the finest show of your life, according to Aaliya. I’m watching Prachi’s last day programme, Rhea claims. She argues against taking a chance and declares that she doesn’t want to be in her vicinity or have anything bad happen to her. Aaliya claims that by using fire to atone for her sin, Prachi and her child would be reduced to ashes and Sid will also perish. She claims that all of our adversaries will perish today. Her view reveals Aryan standing. Turning, Aaliya looked at Aryan. Aryan observes in disbelief.

Prachi is visited by Ranbir, who holds the diya. You have lighted the diyas, he claims. Prachi inquires about your Neha. Ranbir says I’ll give her a call. Prachi claims that he needs an excuse to contact Neha and declares that he would be eaten by a chikchiki before asking Neha to intervene. Dida queries what she is muttering to herself. Prachi questions the relationship between Neha and Ranbir. When Ranbir hears her, does he assume she is envious? Ranbir is ecstatic.

Vikram arrives and queries what is being done. Ranbir remains silent. Your mother phoned you, according to Vikram, to burn crackers with you. Ranbir explains the purpose of lighting fireworks and instructs them to do it without creating any pollution. He claims that the Diyas are illuminated. Pallavi arrives and praises Ranbir there. They don’t light the crackers, she explains to Ranbir, and she informs him that Vikram addressed him by her name. Vikram explains how Diwali is celebrated without fireworks.

I’m invited inside, Aryan inquires. Yes, says Aaliya. Aryan claims that he arrived to get his charger. He borrows Aaliya’s second phone to play the games, and she begs him to give it back. In agreement, he walks away. Rhea is informed by Aaliya that it was wise not to tell him anything. Ranbir is closer to Prachi, Rhea says to Aaliya as she peers out the window. She claims that if she doesn’t go, Ranbir would be burned, and she detests burn scars on the body and on the face. She leaves. Calling Aryan, Aaliya considers picking up.

Ranbir calls Neha and congratulates her. Prachi questions why he is smiling and making jokes. Dida believes she is envious of her lover. What the heck, now Ranbir is content with this chick too, Rhea wonders. Prachi believes she is unable to hear them speak. Neha is asked by Ranbir to laugh out loud as Prachi approaches. Neha loudly chuckles. Prachi arrives and informs both Ranbir and Neha that their mothers are on the phone. Neha’s father is summoning her, so Rhea arrives and begs her to go.

Pallavi is questioned by Ranbir whether she is phoning him. Pallavi replies “no.” Neha is informed by Prachi that she is Ranbir’s wife and he is her husband. She invites her to go. Neha exits. Ranbir goes along. You are acting improperly, according to Rhea, by pretending to be Ranbir’s wife. She claims that since you performed aarti with Ranbir, he would not become your spouse. Prachi claims that because I engaged in more than just aarti with Ranbir and engaged in rounds with him, both of their future babies would be mine. She walks over to start the diyas. When Rhea recalls her comments and looks down to see Prachi’s dupatta, she becomes enraged.

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