Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranbir embraces Prachi

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Rhea inquires of Sid if Prachi is pregnant with his child. Sid inquires about your mental state. Pallavi requests that he just respond. Sid answers no, Prachi is not carrying my kid. Ranbir claims that at least they are questioning you, but they have accused Prachi, and you have come here to dispel their worries. Prachi expresses her gratitude to him for clearing everything up. Sid wonders how people can mistrust his bond with Prachi. Shahana claims that Prachi’s innocence has been established. Sid tells Rhea that she is the worst person, sister, and wife. He wonders why she despises Prachi so much. Rhea instructs him to stop talking. She claims they phoned him to find out the answers, not to hear his reprimands. She claims you will tell the truth once you have evidence. She gives him the images of them taken at the Bangalore hotel and urges he speak the truth. Ranbir motions for her to pause.

Rhea said the DNA result proves Prachi’s kid is not Ranbir’s, so tell us or if you want us to test you. Please tell me about the baby Prachi is carrying. Sid claims it’s his child. Everyone is taken aback. Prachi smacks Sid and asks him why he’s lying. Sid tells you to halt, and you know it’s my baby. Ranbir becomes enraged. He thrashes Sid in front of everyone for bringing up Prachi’s personality. Vikram and others implore Ranbir to stop, but he does not listen and is ready to stab Sid, shattering the bottle, when Prachi tells him to leave Sid alone or he would die. Threatening Alia, goons approach at Kohli’s residence to take money from her.

Ranbir embraces Prachi. He tells Sid that he is still alive thanks of Prachi. Alia requests that Sid disclose the truth. Rhea requests that Sid disclose the truth. Ranbir threatens him with death if he tells falsehoods. Sid claims that two months ago you accused him and Prachi, and that now he will tell the truth. He claims that he began to have feelings for Prachi on the first day of their work, and that he knows she loves Ranbir, which is why he never tried to get close to her. However, when Prachi is separated from Ranbir, as I was separated from Rhea, we met in a Bangalore hotel and became each other’s support system, but that was our mistake in life.

Prachi claims she never forgives him for lying. Sid advises her not to deceive herself. He claims that he cannot lie to his family. He claims Prachi used to tell him everything and that I was the first one she told about her pregnancy. Prachi claims that this time he is with her. Rhea says she’s delighted you guys admitted it. Ranbir clings to Sid once again. Pallavi requests that Ranbir put a stop to it. Ranbir abandons him. Vikram brings Sid along. He requests that Rhea transport Ranbir. Pallavi instructs Prachi to avoid Ranbir for a few days. Prachi enters her room. Alia believes that everything is working in their favour.

Ranbir reflects about Sid’s confession. Rhea sanitises Ranbir’s hand. She adds if you listen to me, you may not receive this betrayal and your trust and hopes with Prachi’s kid would be ruined. Ranbir takes her hand in his. Rhea advises you to cease seeing me as your adversary and instead allow me to look after you. Ranbir gives her permission. He claims to despise Sid. Rhea is relieved to have persuaded Ranbir that Prachi’s kid is Sid’s. She sees Alia and thanks her from the bottom of her heart.

Alia believes Rhea did it, and this proves that she has more of my DNA than Pragya. She steps outside after getting the call. Prachi sobs in her bedroom. Shahana arrives and urges her not to weep. Prachi questions why he blamed me without considering my regard. She claims he lied confidently. Ranbir, according to Shahana, did not believe him. Prachi wonders when he will believe it, and it seems that no one wants my kid to be born. Shahana embraces her and tells her not to think like this.

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