Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Rhea sobs and asks Aaliya when she will fight after explaining to her that despite her planning and scheming, she is still receiving nothing. She is asked by Aaliya to describe the current situation. Rhea claims that what occurs constantly. How many times am I going to tell you that you are Mehra’s kid and that you shouldn’t cry?, Aaliya asks. Rhea sobs. Aaliya is going to leave after saying, “I’ll go speak to Prachi.” I have just you in this world and nobody else, Rhea says as she approaches her from behind. Aaliya requests that she explain what occurred. Prachi and Shahana allegedly searched my pregnancy report, according to Rhea. I informed you about this, according to Aaliya. When you informed me about Ranbir and Prachi’s connection, Rhea said, “I started weeping.” I worry that Prachi would keep me apart from the family and will pull me away. I have arranged everything, claims Aaliya. Rhea advises against killing Prachi, in her opinion. Who is saying this, Aaliya wonders? a sibling. I don’t want you or me to become stuck, Rhea declares. According to Aaliya, her death would seem to be an accident. She claims that tomorrow is a momentous day and that when Prachi lights the diya on Diwali’s dark night, she would burn herself. Rhea beams.

The tailor provides Aaliya two dupattas the next day with the numbers 1 and 2 inscribed on the chits. He claims that number one is custom-made for you, while number two is a copy. If it will work, Aaliya queries. 100%, the tailor replies, asking her to let him know if she has any upcoming work. He leaves. Prachi, your Diwali present is ready and will assist you in the explosion, adds Aaliya. Priya is standing when she turns around. What is she doing here, she queries? For Diwali, Priya claims to be cleaning the home. She requests that I keep it in the room. Says Aaliya, “No.” Pallavi is standing as she turns around. She tells her a fib about having obtained a dupatta from a temple for Rhea before thinking about Prachi and realising that doing so would make her feel guilty. She requests that she accept the role of their in-laws. She requests that she give dupatta number 1 to Prachi and number 2 to Rhea. Why are the numbers written, Pallavi queries. According to Aaliya, they worship many deities and had their dupatta blessed by them. Pallavi appreciates Aaliya’s consideration for them. She requests that Priya phone them. Rhea and Prachi visit Pallavi. Pallavi claims that a puja was held for the two of you, and a dupatta was brought from there because, since you believe in several deities, the dupattas are blessed by various deities. She verifies the number and offers Prachi the dupatta for the baby’s protection and well-being. She accepts Prachi’s blessings. Pallavi then hands Rhea a dupatta while stating that it is for the protection of your child. Thanks to her, Rhea claims she doesn’t miss her mother. Aaliya is called by Pallavi, who thanks her. According to Aaliya, their pleasure is a reflection of ours. Happy Diwali, Pallavi says before leaving. Prachi goes along. The dupatta reached Prachi, which has our blessings, and Aaliya informs Rhea that the second half of the plan is accomplished. She adds that she will arrive at kaal just as she approaches the fire. Prachi will be burned this Diwali, according to Rhea, and her dupatta will serve as her shroud.

Prachi prepares while conversing with the infant. She tells the infant not to feel terrible about her reprimands and adds that your Dadi loves you very much. She claims that since she is your papa’s mother, she would love you and care for us deeply. She brought this dupatta from the temple in hopes of ensuring your long life and great pleasure. She reveals that both Ranbir and his mother are the same and that they would do anything to make you feel as if no one loves you more than they do while donning a dupatta. Rhea and Aaliya can hear her. Rhea claims that since I treated her well, her future was favourable. This Diwali, she claims she will blacken her life forever since she no longer needs her. She claims that on Dussehra, people put a stop to wickedness, and now, on Diwali, I shall do the same. According to Aaliya, this Diwali would not have been enjoyed by Ranbir and you if you had not intervened to rescue Prachi and her unborn child that day. This time, Rhea promises, she will get to the cremation site quickly. As the blessed dupatta is basically a shroud, according to Aaliya, it is not necessary because she would be completely burned here.

The visitors are greeted by Pallavi, who invites them inside. Sanjay arrives as a visitor, and Vikram greets him. You always come for Diwali, he claims. My favourite festival is this one, according to Sanjay. Vikram inquires as to why it is observed. Neha, his daughter, arrives and reports that Ram has returned to Ayodhya after a 14-year absence. How are you, Vikram queries? Neha requests that he consult her father. She reminds Vikram of your wife, he adds. Sanjay claims that’s the reason he left his wife at home. Dida approaches him and says hello. When Aryan approaches Neha, he taunts her. Neha turns to face Ranbir. He is seeking sona munda, according to Shahana. No, Prachi nods. Neha thinks he is attractive. He is my spouse, Rhea claims. Neha advises I should inquire about his marriage. When Ranbir arrives, he welcomes Neha. She is invited to meet Dida, he says. She claims that they previously met. She is asked to meet Ranbir with him. Neha queries why you wed so quickly. As he was in love, claims Ranbir. Neha inquires as to its permanence. Yes, says Ranbir. Prachi questions Rhea about her choice of introduction. Then Rhea continues. Prachi goes after her. Rhea begs the waiter for cotton because she can hear someone’s voice ringing in her ears. Prachi says, “Pardon me.” Rhea claims that she needs cotton since the sound of someone bothers her ears. Prachi follows in her wake. She is urged to move aside and for Rhea to go. She is told to cease referring to Ranbir as her spouse by Prachi. Rhea requests that she cease breathing and asks, “Can you leave this?” She claims that not referring to Ranbir as my spouse is equivalent to not breathing. She inquires as to who is telling her this given that she is expecting Sid’s kid and is engaged to him. She claims that I am carrying Ranbir’s kid. You will wed Sid, she continues, and depart from this place.

You must not give me orders, she adds. You won’t hear what I call Ranbir, she claims. Let me guess, she adds, what you call Sid after being married: my darling, my spouse, and my life companion. Prachi claims, “I have seen individuals experiencing dreams while having their eyes open, and you are content.” Rhea claims that my wish will soon come true and that when you wed Sid, you’ll leave this place. I shall reside in this home, according to Prachi. Rhea claims that her daughter will constantly leave the home. She tells her that today is Diwali, followed by your marriage and your bidaai, and begs her to accept reality. When she accepts her reality, she tells her, she will stop crying. She offers to assist you in coming to terms with it and promises that she and Ranbir will do aarti together for you to see. If you do, maybe all of your fantasies will come true and you will witness a husband and wife performing aarti. God’s aarti is performed by a husband and wife, according to Prachi. We have taken rounds while seeing the rounds, and our kumkum bhagya is with us, she adds. According to Rhea, it seems that you will decline to wed Sid. Prachi claims that I agreed with Mummy’s statements and that I had a gut feeling that Ranbir would make things okay. Whoever does the aarti with Ranbir, according to Rhea, would be included in her kumkum bhagya.

Sid approaches Aaliya and begs to speak with her. I’m chatting to Mayuri, according to Aaliya. Sid claims that even I must speak with you. Aaliya takes a break. Sid claims that you kicked him out of the vehicle that day and that he wants to see Mihika. He claims that if I don’t meet her, everyone would notice that I’m upset. Are you threatening to harm me, Aaliya queries. She is asked by Sid to think as she likes.

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