Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranbir continues on his way, pausing to listen

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Shaina begins the episode by informing Pallavi that anything she heard was incorrect. Aaliya suggests that Pallavi say anything she wants. Rhea inquires whether you like to speak. Pallavi expresses her regret. Ranbir wonders why Sid has turned off his phone; he would have picked him up from the airport. Pallavi apologises for scolding Rhea and says she should have supported her instead of Prachi. She claims I don’t completely trust Prachi and that my Ranbir adores her. She adds, “I try not to speak to you harshly, but occasionally in front of family, I do,” but you should know that I don’t trust her completely. She explains why no one protected Prachi when she was charged with Sid.

Ranbir continues on his way, pausing to listen. Pallavi claims that nowadays, everyone speaks about love and trust. He claims that Ranbir had also implicated Prachi, and that now that the DNA report has come to light, everyone believes Prachi. She interprets it to suggest that whatever occurred was true. Ranbir enters and asks, “Really, Mom?” He tells you to consider before you speak, and that you could feel embarrassed afterwards since she is your bahu, not simply my wife. Pallavi tells him to open his eyes since Prachi’s truth has come to light. Ranbir claims that was not true that day, nor is it true today. Prachi smacked him that day, he claims, since I didn’t listen to her. He begs everyone not to say anything bad about Prachi, or he would pack his belongings and depart with her. Pallavi becomes enraged and smacks him.

The driver inquires of Sid as to who they are. Sid declines. He motions for the driver to halt and adds, “I’ll speak to them.” Driver requests that you smash your leg with the axe. The thugs pursue the automobile. The driver claims to have noticed us. He drives quickly. They come to a halt at the light. The goon falls to the ground, clutching the pistol. As the goon approaches the vehicle, the driver instructs Sid to shut the window. The goon bangs on the window, and Inspector bangs on the pane from the other side. The Inspector inquires as to why the goon is knocking. The goon makes an excuse and walks away. The Inspector is driving. Mahesh, says Sid. Inspector claims you recognised me. He asks, “Who was the guy?” Inspector suggests to leave him alone. The thugs flee. The driver claims they are fleeing. Sid says to leave them alone. The thugs phone Aaliya, but she does not answer.

Pallavi says, “How could you imagine you’ll leave for Prachi?” She chastises him for experiencing life with her rather than with the woman who gave birth to her. She claims Prachi is everything to you and that we are nothing. She claims I’ve been extremely patient and courteous to her, but after viewing the DNA result, I can’t shut my eyes. She claims that since the baby’s DNA does not match yours, I would not provide her the same love and respect. Ranbir adds, “I see why you’ll be kind to her; my love is blind, but yours isn’t.” He says he loves you since you gave birth to me and raised me.

He claims that the mother-son relationship is also give and take. He claims the mother is hungry, but he feeds the baby first and puts the infant to sleep even though she is tired. He claims that you taught him to respect women as well as elders. He claims that everything I am is because of you, and that I am yours. He claims he has learned a lot from this world as well, and that you can’t please everyone. He asks them not to speak ill of Prachi and warns them that if they do, the ideals he has bestowed upon them would be lost. He claims that I adore and trust Prachi. He claims that even if 100 reports arrive, his faith will not be broken.

Aryan appears and informs them that the police have arrived below. Everyone should go there. According to Shaina, the actual cops arrived. Ranbir inquires as to the cause for Inspector’s visit. Inspector says you don’t know why. Sid dashes over there. Aaliya believes the goons will fail and that she would be exposed. Vikram questions Sid about his heavy breathing. Sid remains silent. Aaliya believes that if he went to PS and the police brought him here, she would be spared. Ranbir inquires,

“Are you saved?” Sid embraces him and inquires, “How are you?” Ranbir assures me that I am OK. Sid runs into Dida and Vikram. He brushes up to Pallavi’s feet. Pallavi says it’s OK. Sid says you’ll ponder till I say anything. He introduces himself as Inspector Mahesh Shukla, whom I saw meeting. He claims that we raced and that he won. Mahesh urges him to exercise early in the morning and then leaves. Meet my family, says Sid. He introduces himself to everyone. Inspector departs. Pallavi inquires as to why he is racing with his pal. She asks, “Why didn’t you think about why we called you?” Dida tells Prachi to arrive. We’ll discuss in front of her, she says. Pallavi requests that Rhea contact Prachi. Aaliya says she’ll take a call till Prachi arrives. Sid inquires as to what is going on.

Pallavi says she’ll wait for Prachi to arrive before we discuss. Rhea enters Prachi’s room and informs her that Sid has arrived. Prachi thinks the truth will eventually come out, and she doesn’t want this to happen in front of the elders. Sid will establish that I am correct, she adds, but you will be exposed. She claims there is still time, and she accepts that you have shown false proofs. She claims that we both know the truth and wants her to accept that you falsely accused me. Let the dirty water fall on her, urges Shahana. She claims you’ve given her many opportunities and that she’ll be out when she gets downstairs. Sid has arrived, and Rhea claims she will toss you out. She invites them, and they leave. Prachi says she will agree to Sid’s negotiations. Prachi’s hand is held by Shahana. They leave.

Aaliya phones Goon and informs him that the man you were planning to assassinate is still alive. We couldn’t murder him in front of Inspector, according to the goon. He claims that you did not give us money so that we could trap ourselves. Aaliya explains why Gunda is difficult. She requests that her money be returned to her.

Prachi appears. Sid inquires, “How are you?” Prachi reports that she is alright; how about you? Sid claims to be OK as well. Rhea claims that no proof is required since everyone must have realised how deep their relationship is. Shahana believes that if two friends cannot ask each other how they are, they are not friends. Aaliya claims she is correct; they were together for many days before being separated; it is not easy. Ranbir requests that Aaliya refrain from saying anything. Aaliya claims you’re threatening her.

Vikram requests that Aaliya give him some time. Rhea claims that if we give Sid and Prachi more time, they will sign what to say and what not to say. Sid inquires as to what is going on here. According to Dida, a battle is raging over what is true and what is untrue. Pallavi requests that he tell the truth. Rhea inquires as to if Prachi is expecting your child. Sid inquires about your mental state. Pallavi requests that he just respond. Sid answers no, Prachi is not carrying my kid.

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