Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 17th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

During Prachi’s mehendi ceremony, Ranbir and Prachi begin the episode by dancing to the song Zalima. Rhea becomes angry. Prachi becomes upset. Ranbir wrote what transpired? She doesn’t even nod. As they dance, he holds her. Ranbir keeps a hand on the couch’s sharp edge as Prachi sways and is ready to fall on it, preventing any injuries. Prachi is protected from suffering a head injury. Everyone is startled. Dida inquires about Prachi’s wellbeing. Prachi turns to face Ranbir. Ranbir cries and gives her a hug. Prachi grinned and sheds tears as well.

Wendy, Dida, and Vikram all grinned. Rhea becomes angry. It’s nice that nothing has occurred, adds Pallavi, and she wants to speak to everyone and welcome everyone. She claims that the celebration would continue till Diwali. Ranbir gets surprised by Prachi’s clap. Others applaud as well. Ranbir becomes angry and leaves. Shahana wonders how the papers managed to escape from the envelope. She believes the door is closed after checking, so how did the papers disappear? The envelope is kept in the magazine. Standing outside the room is Rhea. Rhea is there when Shahana opens the door. What were you doing in my room, Rhea queries. Shahana claims I stumbled into this place. Rhea queries if she was listening in on her when Prachi spoke.

Shahana wonders whether she is envious of Prachi and Ranbir’s dance and begs her not to use Prachi’s name. She is pushed out of the room by Rhea, who then shuts the door. She said she is unsure of when her good days will arrive. When Aaliya exits the restroom, she motions for her to stop cursing herself. Rhea claims Ranbir won’t let Prachi and Sid to wed. Aaliya displays the pregnancy report and claims to have opened the mail together with Shahana after she had followed her. She claims that as she was about to shut the door, I pulled the report out of the envelope and once again rescued you. The marriage won’t go place, according to Rhea.

Prachi enters the space. You were going to be injured, according to Ranbir. Prachi claims that you forced me to dance. Ranbir remarks, “You were dancing with me. Why are you running?” Prachi claims that she is aware of his intentions to keep her safe and that he now has a formal caregiver in her life. Ranbir claims that Sid has no right to look after you and that I am the best one to do it. Prachi queries who you are to look after me. Because I love you, darn it, says Ranbir. When Rhea sees him proclaim his love, she is upset. When Aaliya arrives, she too hears them.

As long as he is alive, he will be the only one caring for her, and as long as he is caring for her, nothing will happen to her, Ranbir requests Prachi not to mention that someone else would look after her. Aaliya and Rhea depart. Prachi is informed by Ranbir that despite his request for her to wed Sid and leave her family, he still loves her. He claims that even though we are apart, I still love you and that I don’t give a damn if my remarks make you feel badly. Prachi breaks down in tears and beams. Ranbir is ready to leave when he decides to return to Prachi. He approaches her to touch her and then walks away. Prachi turns to face him as he walks away.

When Rhea enters the room, she destroys everything there. She is asked to listen by Aaliya. If you want to hear your evaluation, Rhea says bravo, well done, but I don’t want to listen. You may preserve the report, but not my life, she claims. When Ranbir is not present, she asks, “What will I do with that report?” She claims that it doesn’t matter whether it falls into anyone’s hands, admits that she is alone, is developing an inferiority complex, and believes that I am not valuable. I thought I would die and not remain in this world when I saw my Ranbir with Prachi, she claims. People used to refer to me as the greatest pair in college, she adds, but once Prachi arrived, everything has changed. She acknowledges that I am attractive, intelligent, and ideal. She claims she lacks contentment or calm.

You are extremely excellent, Aaliya replies, and she begs her to take charge of her life. Rhea claims he doesn’t care about me and claims that on Mom or Pallavi’s advice, he may sometimes speak to or show concern for me. She is reminded by Aaliya to remember that she is Rhea Abhishek Mehra and that her father is Abhishek Mehra. She claims that you, like me and your papa, are born winners who will achieve your goals. Rhea said, “I just want Ranbir, and he doesn’t even look at me.” Okay, Prachi will be relocated out of Ranbir’s line of sight, Aaliya adds. She claims that Prachi must now go from this globe, not just from this home. She informs me that Diwali is tomorrow; I will tell you. Rhea speculates as to what Buji will do with Prachi.

Prachi is informed by Shahana that the envelope was empty. Perhaps you didn’t see well, adds Prachi, and perhaps the report is with someone else. The tailor is visited by Aaliya. Tailor promises to complete the task. He claims that anybody who approaches the fire while wearing the dupatta won’t be rescued. According to Aaliya, she should wear the casket after donning this dupatta. According to the tailor, if someone wearing that dupatta approaches a fire while wearing it, they would burn and perish. According to Aaliya, Prachi won’t be rescued. Searching for the report is Prachi. Priya displays the tissue. They need paper with the word “hospital” on it, according to Shahana. Rhea’s name is written, says Prachi. Hearing them, Rhea is reminded of Aaliya’s remarks.

Pallavi is informed by Vikram that he has something important to share with her and that their haste and error are both very serious. I understand what you want to convey, Pallavi replies. We are aware of how much Ranbir loves Prachi, Vikram adds, asking her to hear him out completely. According to him, Ranbir held Prachi despite the fact that many were watching because he was afraid she may be wounded. Pallavi asserts that he is sensitive, so what. She claims that two rites and functions have taken place and inquires as to his sincerity. According to Vikram, if the rituals have taken place, then the wedding will take place. She claims there is no pressure on her. You are pressuring people, according to Vikram. Pallavi requests that he turn off the lights so she may get some rest.

Rhea is sobbing as Aaliya enters her room. What occurred, she queries? Rhea requests that she take her out of the city and claims that despite her efforts to defend her rights and those of her son Ranbir, she has received nothing. She claims that despite my planning and scheming, I am still failing.

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