Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Ranbir compliments the decision

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Dida begins the episode by asking Pallavi why she is playing double cards and, if she wanted to ask Rhea, why she behaved to believe Prachi. Pallavi claims you requested for tea and invites her to join you. Dida claims that this is not a response to my query. Pallavi inquires, “What do you want to know?” I am a human, and just a few things make me sceptical.

She claims that if I ask Rhea anything, something is wrong. She claims that I told Prachi that I trust her, but not Ranbir. She claims that I love her, but not in the same way that I love you. She admits that she, too, can make errors and that if she does, she will remedy it. She asks whether your faith was weakened after witnessing so many evidence. She claims Rhea talked a lot and provided a lot of hotel evidence, etc. Dida questions why you put your confidence in her. Prachi says she doesn’t want to stress Prachi out since her pregnancy is tricky.

She claims she said it to provide her with security. She claims that if Prachi has lied, she would not support her. She assures Prachi that whatever happens to her would be the result of her karma. She claims I lied and am ashamed of it. She claims that a falsehood is not a lie if it is uttered for the benefit of another person; see my motive, not my lie. Vikram believes Pallavi is correct. Dida believes matter is something else, which I couldn’t determine.

Shahana instructs Aryan to drive cautiously and informs him that a pregnant woman is seated in the rear seat. Ranbir instructs Aryan to keep driving. Prachi informs Ranbir that he drives worse than Aryan. Sheb claims he used to give me a ride, but I refused because I was afraid I would lose my life if anything bad happened. Ranbir claims that you are speaking this in public. Prachi claims they are related. It begins to rain. Prachi urges Aryan to pull over and claims she’s going to the temple. Ranbir suggests that we go to the temple where Dida goes.

Shahana inquires as to why they are perplexing Aryan. Prachi says I’ll accompany her. Ranbir steps down, carrying the umbrella, and motions for Prachi to follow. He brings Prachi to a roadside shrine. Aryan inquires of Shahana as to why Prachi left when she might have prayed sitting here. Prachi prays to God for happiness and tranquilly in her home, for a happy life for her kid, and for Ranbir to be there at all of her births. He inquires, “What did you inquire?” Prachi claims that if I say anything, my prayers would not be answered. The umbrella takes flight. Ranbir goes to retrieve it. Shahana requests that Aryan bring out another umbrella.

Aryan inquires as to its whereabouts. Prachi is enjoying the rain for the first time in a long time, according to Shahana. Ranbir and Prachi are having fun in the rain. They are hugging. Ranbir wraps his arms around her and circles her. Aryan and Shahana are staring at them. Aryan claims they are children. Shahana chuckles. Ranbir and Prachi splatter each other with water. He pulls her in closer. They form a sweet stance. Ranbir is frowning. She embraces him.

Rhea believes she made up the hotel narrative and didn’t consider DNA or hospital issues. She mulls over what to do since her scheme is backfiring. She believes my lie will be exposed in front of everyone, and I will be caught. She claims that everyone finds out that I paid the hotel employee Priya to lie. She plucks the flower petals and declares, “I shall be rescued, and no one will know.” As she plucks the final petal, she realises she will be caught.

Shahana, Aryan, Prachi, and Ranbir arrive home soaked. Dida directs them to go change their clothing. Please embrace me once, says Ranbir. Dida resists and threatens to smack him. Aryan says I’m not wet, so embrace me. Dida threatens to smack them both. Aryan and Shahana refuse to change since they aren’t soaked. Ranbir goes to change his clothes. Prachi praises Dida for stopping her, saying that if she hadn’t been stopped, she wouldn’t have received so much love today. She expresses gratitude to Dida and embraces her. Dida claims that I did not stop you, but that your happiness did. She urges her to change and prays for her happiness. Prachi hugs her goodbye and walks away. She remembers Pallavi’s words and prays to God that Prachi finds true happiness.

Ranbir covers Prachi’s sneezes with a cloth and brings her to her room. Shaina takes a look at them. Ranbir uses a towel to dry Prachi’s hair, followed by hair dry. Shaina wonders why Rhea is between them, why she is behind Ranbir, and claims that Ranbir is completely immersed in Prachi’s affection and adores her. She aspires to have such a crazy lover and considers telling Aaliya about their affair. She walks away. Prachi claims that my hair is dry. Ranbir requests that she go change. Prachi replies, “First, you should have informed me to change,” and “Why did you make me sit to dry my hair?” He requests that she repeat it. He explains that the next time, he would ask you to change and then dry your hair. She says buddhu and pulls a saree from the closet.

Ranbir compliments the decision. She goes to change her clothes. Shaina walks up to Aaliya and overhears her talking to goon about doing the labour first and then getting the money. She wants him to email her a photo of Sid’s dead corpse, and then he will be paid in full. Shaina is taken aback when she hears her. Aaliya notices her and remarks, “You didn’t hear me.” She claims she’s speaking to you because you’re Rhea’s buddy. She claims that we must support Rhea regardless of whether we perceive right or wrong. She argues that if Sid comes here and claims he had nothing to do with Prachi and that the kid is Ranbir’s, Rhea’s future is ruined. She wants her to understand and tells her not to tell anybody that she has hired a murderer to murder Sid. She requests that she not inform Rhea as well. Okay, says Shaina.

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