Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Rhea exclaims, "What the hell just transpired

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Rhea informing Aaliya that she may be pregnant. Ranbir wants her to remodel his leased home, and he authorises her to erase any memories of him and Prachi. Stanley alters his attire and believes that Pallavi would no longer challenge him. Aaliya wonders whether they are divorce papers or property documents. Rhea asserts that these must be divorce papers, but I am very certain it is a present intended to make me happy.

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Aaliya inquires, “Who gave you this?” Rhea said that her mother gave her a gift and that she was going to open it when her mother requested her to refrain from doing so. Aaliya requests that she open and look. Rhea is going to open it and informs me that it is a present. Pallavi inquires, “What gift?” Aaliya claims Rhea is requesting a present from me. Stanley peeks into the room and concludes that these are divorce papers. To conceal the divorce papers, Aaliya kicks them. Rhea said that I am requesting Buji to come downstairs, but she insists on resting. She claims that we will all fall. They descend as Stanley enters the chamber.

Prachi enters Dida’s room and announces her departure. She wonders what became of Dida. Shahana claims Dida drank a heavy drink by accident. She inquires whether she is going since Ranbir missed their anniversary. Prachi informs me that Ranbir recalls the day he left Rhea and came to me, and to make amends, he plans to propose to her at 12 a.m. and has purchased our leased residence, which was my dream house for Rhea. Shahana believes he purchased the item for her.

Prachi claims that it was my ideal home, but he is giving it to Rhea. It seems that he wants to erase all of our memories. She states that he is causing me great pain and embraces Shahana. She states, before anybody asks, that I will go alone. She reports that Ranbir would propose to Rhea with a ring at 12 a.m. today. She states that she could care less what he does. She states that I do not want to confront anything and do not deserve this. She states that she came to inform Dida of her departure and requests Shahana’s presence to pack their belongings.

Vikram says, “What do you want to say about life?” I am aware that your life is a mess, but everything will be okay. He inquires as to what you want to express. Ranbir remembers Prachi’s pregnancy announcement, his pledge to her, his purchase of a home for her, his divorce action against Rhea, etc. He informs Vikram that he desires a divorce with Rhea and that a tiny person entered his life and helped him comprehend everything. He claims that Prachi and I have turned into three from two. He states that I will be the father and you will be the son. He discovers him asleep and tells him, “You’re going to be Dada; I’ll have to work for it; I’ll divorce Rhea today.”

Stanley receives his divorce papers and is preparing to go. He hides in the chamber when he detects Aaliya and Rhea’s approach. She retrieves her phone and prepares to go when she spots Stanley hiding and inquires, “Who are you?” Stanley emerges from his hiding and declares, “I… Pallavi arrives and suggests that the police be called. Aaliyah is going to dial 911. Ranbir arrives and snatches the cell phone. He claims I informed him his name is Stanley. He claims I sent him to your room in error. He takes Stanley outside and warns that Rhea will turn Stanley over to the police if she catches him. Stanley reports that Rhea was about to begin reading when Pallavi arrived. He states what you already know. Ranbir thinks it’s a good idea to grab her signature and that he would kneel and repent for seeking for a divorce. He believes she will not question me since I am offering her so much. He claims that if we collect her signature in a drunken condition, she may commit suicide the following day, and as her sister, Prachi will not speak to me. He promises to speak the truth.

Aaliya expresses that everyone is enjoying the celebration. Rhea believes this is the one concept she genuinely appreciated. Prachi informs Shahana that she does not want to remain. She encounters Ranbir and reports that he is looking for Rhea. Ranbir believes he can persuade Rhea with love and believes he must convince Rhea since he loves his wife. He approaches Rhea and says, “I need to speak with you.” Rhea believes 30 minutes left till 12 a.m., which is why he is proposing now. He requests her presence and clutches her hand. He brings her along. I want to know why he brought Rhea with him, adds Prachi. Pallavi claims there is still time till midnight.

Ranbir brings Rhea to the patio. Rhea inquires, “What are you saying?” Prachi claims he is looking to see whether he has a ring and that he would deceive the other person into believing that his heart beats for her. She states that she desires to scratch Rhea’s face as she anticipates her husband’s proposal. Shahana thinks both of you are optimistic. Ranbir kneels on the ground. Rhea believes he intends to propose to you. Ranbir believes I won’t tell her I’m leaving her for Prachi, and that I’ll seem contrite. Rhea prompts him to speak. I want to inform you, Ranbir adds, that I am a helpless individual. Rhea asserts that everything you say cannot be a lie. According to Prachi, the liar’s face seems odd when they lie. She claims that I want to itch Ranbir and Rhea’s faces. Shahana warns about scratching her face. What is right for you may be incorrect for others, according to Ranbir; what is good for you may be bad for others. Prachi states that he want to state that our marriage was improper. Rhea inquires what he is saying.

According to Ranbir, we should not have wed. Rhea claims that you intended to marry later. According to Ranbir, you have suicidal tendencies, thus I want to inform you… Rhea thinks it is simple to say. Ranbir attempts to state. Prachi claims he will propose to Rhea. Rhea asserts that everyone already understands what you intended to say. She asks him to force her to wear the ring, and he responds affirmatively. She states, “I am aware that the ring in your wallet is for me and that you purchased the apartment for me.” Who told you that? asks Ranbir. He gets up. Prachi states that she can no longer see it and leaves. Shahana contacts her and follows her.

After hearing her, Ranbir moves behind Prachi. Rhea exclaims, “What the hell just transpired? He wanted to propose to me but went behind Prachi as he left.” Ranbir inquires as to what Prachi is doing. She claims to be sewing the clothes. She removes the items from her closet. He requests that she enjoy the celebration. Prachi requests that I offer beverages and food for the gathering. He says no, don’t do it. She claims I am leaving the residence. What question does Ranbir pose? Rhea believes Ranbir may have divulged the information to her.

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