Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Ranbir begins the episode by conversing on the phone and concludes it. Aryan queries what is happening. Ranbir remains silent. He is asked by Aryan to remain near Prachi. Original tip, I’m going and I’ll be close to her, says Ranbir. Aryan claims I anticipate receiving specifications. Ranbir strikes his stomach and announces that his boxing training would begin the next day. I know what to do about your suggestion, he adds before leaving. Wendy Prachi and Shahana may be seen standing close to the door beside Mausi and Dida. What are they doing there, asks Wendy? Dida claims that Prachi is anticipating her hero.

Wendy claims that the heroes of Shahana and Prachi are present. Dida inquires about Shahana’s hero. Wendy comments that it seems like Shahrukh Khan is promoting his movie as you inquire about the protagonist. Dida is perplexed. What’s going on, Ranbir asks Prachi as he arrives. Prachi urges him to leave and explains that she is drying her mehendi. If you are blowing on your hand, Ranbir advises. Prachi begs him to go and explains that she is busy. Bye, Shahana says. Shahana is claiming Prachi as her own, so Ranbir orders her to keep away.

He inquires as to your intent gazes towards the door, asking whether someone is on the way. Chachi, who you don’t know, is coming, according to Shahana. She refers to Chachi as Wendy Dadi’s sister’s sister-in-law. Ranbir claims the relationship is distant. He contacts Prachi and informs her that she is Chachi, a cousin of Wendy Dadi, and he requests that she come out. Prachi leaves. Shahana is informed by the courier that the package is on Rhea’s name just as he arrived. Shahana requests something from him. Pallavi predicts Rhea will succeed. When Prachi notices Ranbir posing as Chachi, she inquires as to her name. Says Ranbir, “Lekha Chachi.” She snags him. Ranbir apologises.

Talking to him on the phone, according to Prachi, hurts her neck. He grabs the phone and inquires about her desire for a massage. Hearing Rhea, he drags her inside the curtain. From there, Rhea and Aaliya are moving. Prachi helps Ranbir hide. Rhea turns around and leaves. What did he do, inquires Prachi? Ranbir claims that the doctor ordered me to avoid stress. S, according to Prachi, is on her hand. Ranbir uses his hand to massage her mehendi. You wrecked my design, she complains, and she wants to know what you did. Ranbir declares, “I’ll remain where there was S.” What do you mean, Prachi queries? I should wash my hands since mehendi is on them, advises Ranbir. Prachi requests that he give her the phone.

Pallavi is informed by the courier man that Shahana claimed to be Rhea. Shahana warns him against being too cunning and reveals that she requested a courier. He gives courier to Pallavi. Shahana becomes anxious. Prachi is in the restroom with Ranbir. Runningbir cleans his hands. Prachi then washes her hands. Why are you washing your hands, says Ranbir. You have destroyed the mehendi, according to Prachi. Ranbir claims that I added to the mehendi’s colour and that we both did so. What does he want to say, asks Prachi?

Ranbir claims that I boosted the mehendi’s colour and that you are mistaken if you believe that someone else’s name is inscribed on your hand. He claims that this mehendi bears his name, you are wearing his name on a ring, and that you are entirely his. Prachi questions your motives for doing this. Don’t you know? Don’t you feel anything, replies Ranbir. Prachi claims, “I feel, but you always proven it to me, so whatever it is, tell me honestly.” song is played. Ranbir is cradling Prachi’s head.

Prachi shuts her eyes as she becomes emotional. They hear someone approaching just then. Ranbir says I’ll check it out. He emerges and sees Shahana approaching. He queries what transpired. There, Prachi shows up. On her way to Prachi, Shahana trips and collapses. She is held by Ranbir. Ranbir is asked to leave by Prachi so that Shahana may speak with her. Runbir leaves. Pallavi has gotten the courier, and Shahana informs Prachi that she had an idea to acquire it. Prachi promises to accompany her. Rhea informs Aaliya that Pallavi received her package from the courier. Pallavi is holding the envelope in their view. Dida is asked to store it in the study by Pallavi.

She is asked by Dida to ask someone else. Pallavi requests that you retain it. Dida accepts. Pallavi looks after the visitors. When Aaliya and Dida meet, the courier is knocked out of her grasp. Dida offends Aaliya by slamming into her. Wendy begs her to choose the courier and stay in class while claiming that you speak to everyone in such manner. Aaliya claims she is pressed for time, or else she would have arrived. When she gets there, she asks the waiter to keep the courier in the study room. It flies away as the waiter leaves it on the table. When someone walks on it, the envelope adheres to that person’s shoes. Rhea approaches Pallavi and inquires about the courier. It was given to Dida, according to Pallavi, for research purposes. Rhea exits. Pallavi wonders what’s within. Rhea becomes agitated and believes that Wendy and Shahana are chasing her.

She overhears Wendy and Dida discussing delicious fruit that requires hard labour. While you are speaking, she remarks that you both seem excellent. What happened? In Wendy’s opinion, the sweet fluid no longer seems to be sweet. She warns her to be cautious because what she ate, which was honey, is pouring out of her lips and might go on her clothing. Rhea chuckles and remarks how hilarious your buddy is. I wish we could share this about you, Dida says. Rhea feels limited in her ability to court the elderly. She considers asking Aaliya a question. She approaches Aaliya and requests that she question Dida about the courier. According to Aaliya, Dida handed her a courier, which she then delivered to a waitress. I observed him keeping it on the table, she claims.

Vikram is informed by Ranbir that something is happening to him within. Asking whether he’s feeling queasy, Vikram. Ranbir replies “no,” stating that he opposes Prachi’s marriage to Sid. He opposes it. Are you certain, Vikram queries? Ranbir says I shouldn’t use my thinking since it’s a heart issue. He is given a hug by Vikram, who urges him to go inform Prachi. He claims that she is indeed looking for you. Ranbir claims that I believe she is trying to defeat me. He’s told to leave by Vikram. Runbir leaves. The waiter is stopped by Prachi, who requests that he go serve there. Rhea and Aaliya turn to face Prachi and Shahana before leaving. Pallavi understands what is going on. Prachi is taken to a dance by Ranbir. Aryan informs Shahana that Ranbir would request that Prachi not wed Sid.

Shahana exclaims with joy that it is a fantastic thing and adds that if she hadn’t been looking for anything, she definitely would have danced with you. What does he ask? She remains silent. On the song Meherban hua, Ranbir and Prachi dance. Sid beams as he observes them. Rhea becomes envious and furious. She approaches Sid and extends her hand. Turning, Prachi approaches Sid. Ranbir is visited by Rhea, who dances. Prachi is held in Ranbir’s hand as they go on dancing. Sid beams. Rhea becomes angry. The visitor whose shoes the report is clinging to arrives at the location. Shahana approaches him while continuing to stand on the envelope. Shahana selects the envelope as the man approaches from the front. She enters the space and shuts the door. When she opens the envelope to inspect it, there is no report inside. She is startled.

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