Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Ranbir asks Prachi to attempt a design on her hand to begin the episode. Prachi thinks it’s awful. As per Shahana, it’s excellent. Prachi thinks it’s awful. Pallavi requests that Nandini, a mehendi artist, apply nice design on Prachi. Nandini queries Prachi about the layout. Prachi choose the same style as Ranbir. Aryan tells Ranbir after experiencing joy. Ranbir smiles and turns to face Prachi. Although she is hiding, Aryan claims that the fire is on both sides. Plays a song Suna ahi…

Dr. Madhurima is visited by the nurse. Dr. Madhurima declares she won’t work right now. She is asked by the nurse to sign the reports. Inquiring about Rhea’s report, Dr. Madhurima examines the report. Although the nurse claims that her report has been sent to her home, she is not pregnant. When Dr. Madhurima feels stressed, she leaves.

Rhea and Shahana crash, and water splashes across her clothing. She apologises. Rhea answers with a grin that everything is OK. She claims that doing this is both your identity and habit. I’m sorry, Shahana says, but you’re still making fun of me. I don’t want to speak to you anymore, she says. Rhea begs her to cool out and stop focusing all of her attention on her. She travels with a visitor. Rhea’s phone rings, and Shahana notices it. Dr. Madhurima claims that a major error occurred when her nurse sent her report home via courier while admonishing no one to view it. Shahana hangs up the phone and considers speaking to Prachi. According to Wendy Maasi, the design is excellent. Prachi claims that the designer did not choose it.

When he sees Ranbir and Prachi smiling, he says, “You both have grin, but there is no happiness from inside. You guys are only appearing to be happy.” Vikram advises them to take a family photo since the events are exhausting and darn annoying. Really, asks Ranbir? If you two want others to believe that you two are content, Vikram asks. In contrast to what I had assumed, Prachi is both joyful and depressed, according to Ranbir. She is definitely upset since we made her get married, according to Vikram. You’ve made me as pleased as Santa Claus, adds Ranbir as he gives him a hug.

He rushes to Sid and informs him about Prachi’s dejection. Sid observes. Ranbir remarks on how lovely the women’s mehendi designs are. Pallavi’s mehendi is to his liking. He visits Prachi and requests that she demonstrate the design. He calls the design mediocre. You choose it, according to Prachi. Ranbir tells her that she made a mistake, asks whether she would accept the solution that I decide is best for her, and exhorts her to be obstinate in her position. Prachi asserts that I follow my preferences and do what is best for me, and that he is of no importance to me. Ranbir wonders whether she consumes the juice of the bitter gourd or is bitten by a snake. He claims that she insults me and spits poison anytime she opens her lips. Prachi is being visited by Shahana. She is asked to sit with Dida and Wendy.

Rhea pretends to collapse as she sees Ranbir approaching. Ranbir approaches her and queries what happened. Rhea claims that she recently fell and that it was caused by pregnancy. Ranbir aids her in standing. Rhea says she wants spray and begs him to take her to her room. Ranbir advises her to tread carefully.

Prachi says the design is excellent. Dida queries if she’s considering Ranbir. Pallavi implores her not to consider him. Prachi claims not to be thinking. Dida is invited to join Wendy for mehendi by Wendy. Ms. Khanna is greeted by Pallavi. She is also greeted by Prachi. According to Mrs. Khanna, she will also have a tattoo on her hand.

Wendy is asked by Aaliya whether she returned. Wendy has chosen to forgive, according to Dida. Wendy claims that Pallavi alone, not Aaliya. Wendy Mausi is threatened by Aaliya. Prachi is instructed by the designer to keep her hand away from the design or it would be damaged. Prachi is informed by Shahana about Dr. Madhurima’s phone call and what could be included in the report. Truth regarding Rhea’s pregnancy is revealed by Prachi. It is heard by Aaliya.

Rhea believes that she wanted him to care about her and her phoney child. Ranbir applies the spray on his foot after obtaining it. If she feels better, he invites her to come out. Rhea stands up and expresses gratitude for everything. She claims that I love you more than she does, but if you simply give me a little attention, I will feel your love. Stop, says Ranbir. We are now husband and wife, and I am expecting your kid, according to Rhea. Don’t speak about this, says Ranbir, since it makes me uncomfortable. He forces her to sit. There, Aaliya shows up. Ranbir departs after asking her to look for Rhea. They are in difficulty, and Aaliya warns Rhea that her pregnancy test is on the way. Rhea questions how the report arrived when I didn’t complete the exam. Calls Madhurima from Rhea. Madhurima reports that the report was sent to the delivery division. She requests that she make sure no one finds out about the report.

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