Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Pallavi Gives Wrong Info To Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kumkum Bhagya 10 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

When the episode begins, Ranbir apologises to Prachi. Prachi joins him and breaks down in tears. A song begins to play… They embrace. He admits that he never expected to be able to tell you the joyful news that I am now going by the name of Bau ji. At this point, Prachi rises and tells Ranbir, “You’re turning into Bau ji.” Ranbir kisses her on the lips.

He requires her to wear a ring. The sound of music may be heard. Prachi kisses him on the cheek. He lifts her and spins her. A man approaches and begs to touch my child. Yes, she agrees. He puts his hand on her belly to feel the baby move.

Prachi’s face lights up. “We’ve got this baby and this family.” He promises to always be there for you and our kid, and that our family will grow as a result of his words. Prachi inquires as to when she learned that she was pregnant. When he’s in the hospital, he says things like that.

Then why did you remain silent? Prachi inquires. She explains that she understood Rhea’s rage since she knew you were divorcing her and that she knew we were reuniting. “Rhea, I’m going to tell you that I’m divorcing you,” Ranbir says. Stanley is still evading capture. Rhea claims that someone has arrived. Pallavi says I should notify the police, which she expects me to do. It is up to me, Rhea says. Stanley is in a state of utter disarray.

Rhea tells you not to steal anything, because it’s all hers. She tells me that if you come out, I’ll be quiet. Pallavi raises the alarm and orders the security detail to arrive. What does Stanley plan to do next? Rhea is standing beside the cupboard, and Pallavi is nearby when he comes out.

He rises up after a collision with the side table. When Rhea and Pallavi see him, they inquire as to what he is up to. As far as I know, this is the first time I’ve heard of him.

You’re being interrogated by Pallavi. Rhea explains why a waiter is being sent here. Stanley claims he was attracted to the conversation because he overheard it. He unlocks the cabinet after taking the bat from Rhea’s grasp. He makes it appear as if he had seen the rat. He claims that he has spotted a rat that has escaped.

Prachi pushes Ranbir and gets enraged. He’s curious as to what’s going on. I have been told by Prachi not to be touched. She takes the ring off her finger and throws it on the carpet. She asks you what the significance of your love is, and you have no idea what she’s talking about. He says I genuinely meant it.

He should have divorced Rhea first and then come to me if he genuinely wants to take care of our kid and remain with me, she tells him. She claims you didn’t do it because you’re used to doing it like this. Apparently, you’ve been doing this behind my back, and now you want me to leave so you can sneak back to Rhea.

She accuses you of making fun of her and her kid by calling her. She tells him to go and pushes him. She is the one who falls. He yells at Prachi. It turns out that he’s only playing with his mind. Prachi is curious to know what occurred. Was there a ghost in the room? Or did you turn into a statue?

Ranbir is of the opinion that the answer is yes. She claims she was dreaming about Rhea when she fell down here. When Ranbir heard the sound, he claims he came out. Ignorance can only go so far, Prachi argues. “Vanish, disappear” is all Ranbir remembers you saying… Prachi, he believes, will urge that I not bring up what she said. Standing in the bathroom, he recalls whatever he had envisioned.

It’s Prachi’s turn to knock on the door once more. In his mind, he recalls stepping out of the window. Prachi wants to know if we’ll take the window. He exits the room through the window. Prachi is pondering the events that transpired.

Stanley claims it was a rat, and he tells me to go. She claims that you are not a waiter. He claims I’m a waiter, and I believe him. Ranbir’s roommate, Pallavi, is perplexed as to how you found out the burglar was in there. He claims it was they who told him.

This room belongs to Ranbir, so why are you asking how you know? She claims that rodents are unable to enter Kohli Mansion. Stanley claims that rats lack education, so they only come when they see food, and there is plenty of food here. Rhea thinks you’re intelligent. But I lost my job and now I’m looking for another one. When it comes to Ranbir’s profession, he requests that they speak with him. Rhea’s feet are near the divorce papers that are on the floor. Ranbir wonders whether he has the divorce papers anywhere he can find them. Upon discovering the envelope, Rhea inquires as to what it contains.

In Pallavi’s opinion, we should not open the envelope. According to Rhea, this is a picture of Ranbir. Go and contact Vikram. Pallavi tells her to put it in his almari. She says I can’t talk to him, therefore I won’t call. In order to contact him, she instructs her daughter to go and do so. This is something Rhea should look into, she decides. Prachi shows up and inquires as to what became of Dida.

You don’t have to worry about Pallavi; she’s OK. According to Prachi, I was only inquiring about her. “This is my son and daughter-in-law’s Pallavi trolls her. Upon waking up, Dida inquires as to whether Pallavi has started again. She claims that you both have no idea what it is to be a sister, a bahu, a wife, or a happy person.

In order to become saas, Pallavi must first become an excellent mother. She inquires as to why you said that the mother’s nine months are larger than the wife’s seven rounds. As she points out, the mother’s nine months are for one life, but the seven rounds with her wife will yield seven children. Pallavi begs her to go to sleep, but she refuses. To learn from Pallavi, Dida assigns Prachi the task of answering Pallavi. They are threatened with her falling from the window by Prachi and Pallavi. Prachi claims that your feelings for Ranbir are distinct from her own.

Scolding was requested by Dida. As Pallavi continues to treat Rhea as her bahu while disregarding Prachi, Prachi begins to approach Pallavi nicely. Your bapu tells her that you don’t treat her as such. It’s what she claims you requested Ranbir to do for me in PS. Pallavi blames my inability to aid her for the incident. Prachi claims that Ranbir married Rhea because he was unable to care for himself.

Rhea inquires as to why you’re mentioning me. Dida tells her to keep her hands off her. In Prachi’s opinion, I am Ranbir’s legal wife. There will be no tomorrow, Pallavi claims. Dida makes her way from the window to the sofa, where she falls asleep. He will fall in love with the girl, Pallavi claims. She explains: “He has purchased a rental apartment for you, so that you may stay here with the rest of the family.”


He has proposed to Prachi, Rhea says, and she informs her. Isn’t she shocked? According to Pallavi, Ranbir would deliver her to Prachi. Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir doesn’t want her problems fixed and urges her to keep them to herself. It’s been confirmed by Prachi that I’m expecting. Rhea is stunned.

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