Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

People Start Gossiping About Baji And Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kashi comes to her parents’ house. Shuibai hugged her and said I can’t believe you are going to be a mother. Krishna comes there and says that I am going to be uncle. Mohini wonders how they are so calm? Shuibai tells Kashi that I am very happy to see you. Kashi says I was very tired but I can relax here and eat a lot.

Shuibai says yes, relax. A man is keeping an eye on Kashi. Shuibai thinks that Kashi is here but no one is with her. Krishna thinks that I must have forgiven Kashi for what he did to me but I cannot forgive him for insulting our father. Radha’s man thinks that I have done Radha’s work.

Baji finds out from a soldier that people think that Baji was killed by Mastani because he withdrew from the war because of him. Baji says that we have to focus on the war, we have to think about what to do.

After Mastani surrenders, the Mughal king looks at him. She says you are Bangash Khan? Do you think you are stronger by arresting a woman? Bangash says you are beautiful so you have been forgiven. You brought Baji to Bundelkhand, didn’t you?

Mastani says I did what I had to do for my people. Bangash says we are your people but you are with Baji? Mastani says you can have a lot of soldiers but I have a bet that never wins. Bangash yells at him. Bangash’s son says let it be, he is very beautiful. Mastani says I will not spare you. Bangash’s son grabs him and says you are a gambler?

He will play with you but then leave you. You will end up like your mother. You are the daughter of a dancer. Mastani yells at him not to mention his mother’s name. He says that if you are a princess then why no prince married you? You were an illegitimate child so you never got respect. We can honor you for one night if you wish.

Krishna Radha’s men talk to Keshav and ask what is the plan? Keshav says that I am here to snatch Kashi’s position. Krishna says that we are with you because people have started respecting him a lot. Keshav says that a woman without respect is nothing so we have to snatch her. Shuibai hears this and smiles.

Bangash tells Mastani that you are with us so we will accept you. Bangash’s son says that I will marry you and you will get the respect that your mother never got. Mastani says you should not speak of respect, you are a beggar. My father loved my mother and this is the greatest honor for her.

Bangash’s son says that lovers are brutally killed. Mastani says lovers make history. Bangash’s son says I will make it history. He brings Mastani’s parents there and says that I will marry Mastani. Mastani is scared for her parents and says complete it if you want it. Her parents say let us die but don’t do that.

Mastani says I can do anything to save you both. Mastani says that I have a condition, I want to celebrate Holi function in my palace and then I will marry you. Bangash says that Baji’s army is ready to attack us. Bangash’s son says that when he retreats from the war, Baji becomes enchanted by Mastani. Let’s play Holi this time and then Mastani will be mine.

The soldier tells Baji that Mastani will celebrate Holi and then she will get married to Kayum Bangash. The stakes are high.

Keshav Kashi comes and says that I am your childhood friend. He brings gifts for her. Kashi says when did you come back? Keshav says I have heard that you are back here so I came to see you. Kashi says that you have changed a lot. Keshav says you are still beautiful, we used to play together in childhood.

The soldier tells Baji that this is the right time to attack the Mughals. Baji remembers Mastani’s words and says that she is smart. He surrendered before the Mughals so that we could go and save him. “We will save Mastani and her parents,” he says.

Kashi asks Keshav why he brought so many gifts? She asks if she needs a snack. He refused. Kashi says I can’t accept these gifts. Keshav comes closer holding his hand. Kashi is stunned and says what are you doing? Leave my hand Keshav says why? We were partners, weren’t we? Kashi sees.

Precap: Mohammad says to Kashibai, I loved you and why are you repeatedly mentioning Bajirao’s name, who knows who he is with right now.
Bajirao is fighting Mastani and he saves him from falling down.
Bajirao says to Mastani, amidst all your compliments, it is true that you are beautiful and everything else was hollow.
Kashibai wonders why it seems that my relationship is cursed?

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