Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Baji and Mastani build mattresses

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal Written Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal
Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Baji informs Mastani that it is Bajirao Ballal’s life and he is not permitted to become a lover. She claims that he is deceiving himself and that his heart is telling something else. She instructs him to accompany her. Mastani’s stepbrothers resolve to locate and murder her in the jungle. He states that in order to destroy Baji, effective Bundelkhand warriors are required. With their toxic arrows, these archers are experts at murdering people.

They plot to attack Mastani in secret, and not even Baji can help her. Mastani washes his face at the pond while Baji admires her lovely features. She mocks him by telling him to stop gazing at her. He opposes the claim that she has many misperceptions about herself. She claims he is still concealing his emotions.

Mastani requests that he take a bath inside the pond, and they have no idea how many days they will stay in the wilderness. He is used to wild animals and has spent a great deal of time in the forest, so he may get lost here. She asks him why he always speaks with an attitude. In addition, he maintains his position and never shifts it. Should he sometimes relax?

Does he have a back problem? Baji advises her not to forget that he’s also a Peshwa and that no one has ever addressed him in this manner. Mastani chuckles and says she does not adore Peshwa Bajirao, but regardless of what the world thinks of him, he is her Baji. Such attitude is unbecoming of him. He should laugh and enjoy the present time.

He attempts to stop her from tickling him, but she persists, causing him to giggle heartily. She said she adored the joy on his face. He should savour the time he has with her since they may never have the opportunity to meet again. Life is brief, thus he should enjoy her company and live life to the fullest. She is correct, he has never laughed like this before, he says. She extends her hand to him, and he grasps it. He is pushed into the pond by Mastani, and he labels her insane. He then pulls her close to him, and they are both wet. The moment Mastani emerges from the water, he is again charmed by her beauty. The half-brothers of Mastani search for her in the wilderness.

Baji claims they will soon discover the adjacent settlement. He travels with Mastani, and she explains that this implies he will return to a world where he must stop smiling and carefully adhere to the laws. The time they spent together, according to him, is nothing but a delusion. The truth is he’s the Peshwa. That is who he is. Mastani states that his laughter and their recollections are equally genuine. His dazzling eyes reflected all that she could not label a fantasy. He asserts that his world is distinct from hers, where she will only encounter hostility. Where she cannot freely travel with him. She claims she doesn’t care, yet if he’s at her side, she can conquer the world.

Mastani hides in the foliage and instructs Baji to locate her. He discovers her anklet and says that now is not the time for all of this, that she should come forth and they should leave the jungle before sundown. She taunts him by claiming he is afraid to spend the night in the wilderness with her. She says he must first tell her he loves her, or she would not approach him. With her anklet, she produces noise. She explains that he has been struggling from childhood while he hunts for her. He never had a childhood and never played hide-and-seek, so he cannot comprehend its importance. It saddens Baji, so he sits down.

Baji reflects on how he used to train swordsmanship day and night. He fought in warfare and slew many opponents. He neglected to experience his youth. But Mastani spoke the truth, and today she left him feeling very alive. He adds, however, that just this will cause discomfort. Their hearts will be crushed, and while she has become Radha for him, he cannot be her Krishna. He cannot offer her the affection she is anticipating.

She states that she merely wants for him to live in the present time, and she will not prevent him from leaving afterwards when. She will never look at him again. He vows that he will not leave this location without her consent. However, in the end he must go. She becomes distraught and announces that they cannot leave the woodland since the sun has set.

Baji and Mastani build mattresses for themselves in the jungle at night, and Baji tells Lord Krishna when he’s in a predicament. He has his own universe, so why does Mastani consider him to be her whole world? Kashi resides inside him, and in exchange for her patience and selflessness, he cannot cheat on her. However, why Mastani loves him more and their devotion cannot be overlooked. How he may strike a balance between the two. What can he do to prevent harming them both? He sheds a tear.

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