Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 10th June 2022 Written Update

Baji Accepts His Infatuation With Mastani

Zee Tv Serial Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Why is it impossible for Baji to send a letter to Kashi? How am I going to get up the nerve to approach Kashi? She arrives and instructs him to get ready for the occasion, then she departs. Baji is telling the truth when he says that although I am drawn to Mastani, I must leave her behind and return to Kashi.

When Baji arrives at the event, he is greeted with pomp and circumstance. Why didn’t he wear the clothing they supplied him, wonders Mastani’s father? Who knows what’s going on in this place? Rites, according to Ruhaani.

As a token of gratitude to Mastani’s father, I’m giving him a large quantity of coins. A chunk of my land is also being given to him. In order to accept it, he begs him to. This is too much for Baji. To which he replies, “You must embrace it as a gratitude.” Baji is on board. He claims he’s handing over his family’s sword to Baji as an honour, and he’s also handing over his daughter’s hand as a sign of marriage in their tradition. Baji is taken aback and is unsure on how to respond.

Baji says he’s sorry, but how did I end up being married to Mastani, exactly? She’s a beautiful woman who would make a wonderful wife for anyone. When a person gives a girl his sword as a wedding gift, everyone knows that we marry her. Baji claims to have been unaware of this. According to the minister, you should have done some research on the country’s culture before visiting. Baji apologises, saying she didn’t know about the marriage, but she can’t accept it.

Despite what Ruhaani claims, you’re abusing her in front of everyone. I can give my life for you, but I can’t give up my honour for you. You must come to terms with the fact that you are a Mastani. Baji ponders his options in this predicament. How can I deal with this situation? Mastani shows up and says she’ll make the announcement. Bajirao has no place in my heart. If you’ve loved him for 16 years, why are you saying no now, as Ruhaani claims you have for so long? “I made a pledge to myself years ago,” Mastani claims.

I believed he loved me since he gave me his sword, but that was a mistake. Because I don’t want his sympathy if he doesn’t love me, I can’t believe my Baji is so upset that he won’t accept me. Even if I do manage to acquire him, please don’t cause a scene for him and me because of my genuine love. He is free to leave and there are no strings attached to his offer of a sword, she says.

It’s alright if your heart didn’t embrace me, she adds, as she puts her hand on his. She then proceeds on her way. Even though Baji thinks I’ve always admired her bravery, today she’s compelled me to submit to her willful dominion. In order to save me, she gave up her love. I owe her a debt of gratitude.

Radha believes that Kashi is the foundation of this house and that Baji’s love is depending on it. For the past several days, Baji hasn’t sent a letter to Kashi. She’s upset, and she wants Sooriya to check up on him. Kashi’s happiness is what I desire.

Baji is the last one left standing, and he thinks back to Mastani’s remarks. A group of his guys show in and demand to hear about his woes. According to the soldier, Mastani was attempting to capture you. There is nothing wrong with her since she’s inexpensive. Angry, Baji lifts his sword and aims it at them. Don’t belittle her by calling her by her given name, Mastani.

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