Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Charu bestows blessings on her

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Gungun and Anu performing grahpravesh. Gungun walks into the house. Armaan observes her and smiles. He walks away. Garima requests that Anu look after her Gungun. Anu assures her that she will always be his responsibility, and that all of her sorrow is his fault. Sunanda claims that we had no idea what you had been through. Sargam instructs her not to cry. Sunanda reports that you were crying a lot. Sargam claims Goli refused to marry until we all persuaded her. Divya claims she wore a simple saree to her wedding. Chavi says yes, despite the fact that she didn’t smile in her wedding photo.

Golu claims that without you, our lives have lost colour, and Chandru has forgotten to sing. Yug claims that Golu forgot to smile. Pradyush claims that everyone has fought with themselves to maintain a fake smile. Yes, Charu says, you stole our happiness and peace. Golu claims that now that you’ve arrived, we’ve regained our happiness. Anu sobs. Gungun reports that house Laxmi arrived home today. Sunanda claims to have brought Anu along. Gungun beams.

Gungun is praised by everyone. Today, according to Charu, anyone can eat a lot of sweets. Yug wonders how you got to the fishermen’s village. I don’t know, maybe fate took me there, I had no hope and no reason to live, but Armaan gave me a reason to live like a good friend, he offered me a job in his company, I went to the fishermen’s locality for that job, we would not have reached Anu without Armaan. Chandru inquires, but where is he? Gungun summons him. Chavi claims to have left. Gungun claims to have an urgent meeting. She brings up Anu’s argument at Prakash’s wedding.

Anu says, “I didn’t think you’d become such good friends.” He saved me from Ranvijay and his family, he helped me legally, he inspired me to move on, and he gave me a job, she says. I can’t imagine how you handled yourself, says Anu. Gungun says, “Your memories kept me alive; if Armaan hadn’t offered me that job, I would not have stepped out of the house; I met many people and saw life closely; I realised that everyone is sad, not just me; thank you for coming back into our lives.”

Anu thanks you for introducing me to myself and my family. Ankit apologises, saying that we misunderstood you and chastised you and Armaan. Golu sobs and apologises, “How could I think you could forget Anu?” Sargam claims you can’t see Gungun with anyone else, so stop crying right now. Chandru suggests that we distribute sweets today. We should have taken care of you after Riddhesh died, but we insulted you a lot, we take our words back, you did good that you didn’t leave Anu, otherwise Anu would have gone away forever, says Charu.

He expresses regret. Don’t say this, Gungun, you’re my father, don’t apologise. Charu bestows blessings on her. Armaan sobs as he recalls Gungun’s words. He claims that my heart gained hope with difficulty, but… Gungun appears. He wipes his tear and says, “Strange, you’re here.” She inquires if you are crying. He responds, “No, I never cry, and I’m taking this magazine with me.” She inquires as to where. He claims it is a surprise. She claims that you did not tell her what you were going to say. He says it’s too late, I misplaced the item, and what are you doing here, you came to work instead of going on honeymoon. She inquires as to why you left yesterday. He claims you were with your inlaws while I had to attend an imp meeting; are you staying or quitting? She claims I will never quit the job that brought me Anu. He claims I was aware of this because I recommended you for the position of associate editor. She inquires, “What?” I joined the company a week ago. He says he believes in your abilities. She smiles and thanks him for his faith in her.

He believes you are deserving of this opportunity. She informs you that we are planning a party for tomorrow and that you must attend. He responds, “Fine, tell me the time, and I’ll be there.” We’ll meet tomorrow, she says. She walks away. Gungun returns home. She notices Anu. According to Anu, I’m feeling strange in my room and can’t believe I’m back. She invites him to look into her eyes and tells him not to be afraid. He claims, “I’m not afraid when you’re with me; I’m sure everything will be fine.” She claims I missed you terribly. I know, I promise, I will never leave you, we will always be together, he says. Chavi, Neeti, and Khushi show up. They are asked to leave the room, and everyone is calling for them to come downstairs. Akriti dials Anubhav’s number.

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