Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Shankar Reveals The Truth To Akriti

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Anu and Gungun marrying. He requires her to wear the mangalsutra. He completes the sindoor. They do the wedding circuit. Charu bestows blessings on them. Anu expresses regret to them. Everyone, including Charu, congratulates the newlyweds. They take a family photograph. Armaan beams. They all go home. Charu and Sunanda express their gratitude to Devi for restoring their happiness. He claims that everything is good and that all misconceptions have been resolved. Sunanda says yes, Anu finds love, and we find Choti Bahu.

She believes we should devote ourselves to the Lord; I wanted to travel to Kashi and do a puja. Charu thinks it’s a terrific idea, everything is OK, and we will definitely go. She requests that he take his medications and sleep. According to Golu, Divya is preparing for grah pravesh. They are all discussing Anu and Gungun’s nuptials. Yug claims that Golu’s grin isn’t fading. Golu adds, “I’m glad Anu and Gungun got married; their love story is unique; they didn’t want to marry when the family wanted them to; they were married in an unusual fashion.” Gungun, according to Yug, has become the bahu of this home.

Neeti claims that she has always backed Akriti. Golu claims that is not your fault. She claims you were correct about Golu. When I saw them together, I knew they were meant to be, they recognised it later, and when I saw Armaan with Gungun, I also misunderstood her. Yug claims that we too committed a mistake. Khushi says we’ll forget about it. Neeti suggests that we organise a surprise for them. Golu says they can come since we know they’ll be in Mumbai for a month. Mithilesh approaches the lawyer and inquires about Anubhav’s survival. Lawyer claims he is alive, has returned home, and that if he delivers a testimony against Ranvijay, his narrative will end. Mithilesh claims he’ll donate another 50 lakhs to rescue his kid. Lawyer suggests save it for your retirement. Please rescue my kid, begs Ranvijay’s mother. He claims I can just get him bail. Mithilesh expresses regret. They head to the police station to see Ranvijay. Inspector says we’ve sent him to the prison, he’s a criminal, and you may meet him there.

Shankar inquires of Akriti, “How can Anu remarry?” We will file a complaint, Shankar says. No, she says, they married, and they will never forgive me. He continues, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a better person than Anu for you; I have to teach them, and even your mother, a lesson.” Garima takes the garlands off Anu’s picture and declares, “I believe it now, that virtue always prevails.” Shankar contacts her. She believes you should be embarrassed. Garima adds, “I’m humiliated, I gave birth to Akriti, and you have no idea what she did, she begged for a property share.” What’s wrong, he adds, is that she’s correct.

She claims she did it for you. He warns you to watch your tongue. She claims that Anu’s family did not file a lawsuit against Akriti. He claims that the lawsuit must be won. She says to Akriti, explain this to her, she constantly threatens Anu’s family, Anu and Gungun are together and happy, you both are alone and lonely, goodness always prevails, Lord supports the truth, why don’t you understand this? We don’t want to hear your lecture, he says. They are at odds. Shankar claims that no lawyer can now rescue Anu. Garima says I’ll file a complaint against you; you have one choice: apologise to Anu and Gungun, or prepare to go to court.

Shankar requests that Akriti forget about Anu. Akriti inquires, “Are you saying this?” He claims that Garima has threatened to bring a case against him, and that if I go to prison, who would look after you? Akriti inquires whether you are thinking about yourself. He replies no, I’m thinking about you, your mother abandoned you, and if I go to prison, how will you remain alone? She wonders why your mother would bring a complaint against you. Shankar claims I lied to you, claiming your mother abandoned you for luxuries when, in fact, she was heartbroken and abandoned you.

I lied to you so you wouldn’t abandon me. Garima isn’t wrong, I was wrong, I had an affair with my Bhabhi, my family got me married to Garima, she was a good wife, I was getting away from my Bhabhi, then my brother died, Bhabhi began blackmailing me Akriti is taken aback. Shankar adds, “I don’t want you to repeat my errors, forget the animosity and apologise to your mother, we both should repent to Garima, we are punished because we are wrong, I have wounded Garima, the same thing is happening with you, learn from your mistakes.” He leaves.

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