Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Akriti Gets Revengeful

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Akriti arriving and announcing that Anu is married to her. Golu wonders how Akriti got here. Akriti says, “Thank God you’re alive, I thought I’d lost you forever,” adding, “I got to know you lost your memory, they’re all fooling you, you got married to me, you love me, you’re alive because of my prayers.” Gungun is a liar and a cheat, she tried to get you killed, she’s so clever.

She claims that this girl lied to you, that Gungun and Maya threw you a pre-wedding party as part of their conspiracy to insult you and your family. Shut up, how can you lie when you joined hands with my mother? Stop your nonsense, Akriti says; why would I support her? Gungun says to go get Anu, and I have proof: my mother and my chats. She reads the message from Maya… Never trust Akriti because she is involved in your separation; whatever happened at the party, Akriti was involved in. She displays the message. She claims Akriti staged the accident at the institute in order for Anu to arrive late for the party, and she pretended to be ill in order for him to take care of her.

Anu remembers. Gungun claims that you and Maya had our marriage annulled because Maya wanted to take me to the United States. Akriti says it’s a lie, don’t believe her words, she wants to separate me from you, she’s a liar. Anu yells, “Shut up, don’t say a word against Gungun, I remember a lot of things, whatever you did with Gungun and me, you hate Gungun, because she got your mother’s love and me, you made her a villain and made my family hate her, my family started seeing you as an ideal bahu, you removed Garima away from Gungun, no one heard Gungun once, I had to marry her to save her from Ranvijay, I Akriti inquires, “What did I do? You cheated me, is that right?” He claims that if I don’t love you, why did you marry me. I love you, she says. He claims that if you only loved yourself, you would not have insulted my family and kept me in an unwanted relationship; love means letting go. According to Akriti, this does not imply that you go out and enjoy yourself with another woman. Anu claims to be my wife; if she so desired, she could have deposed you, but she chose to respect me and my family; this is known as love.

She claims she loved you as well. He questions where your love went when terrorists kidnapped me, when Gungun was looking for me, when you were brainwashing my family, Dean informed you, you didn’t do anything, and why you always claimed right on me. He asks the audience to vote on who loves him and has the right to be in his life. People say “Gungun.” Ok, marry her, but be prepared to bear the consequences, says Akriti.

Charu claims Akriti came to the house after you left to ask for a property share, then she asked for your FD, and when I refused, she threatened to falsely accuse Sargam of harassment. You can’t do it, according to Anu. Akriti asks, “Why not?” I’m your wife, I’ll ask for my share, and you have to choose between Gungun and your house. Anu requests that she take the money and leave. She says, “I want a share in the family’s house; I’ll see if you love Gungun or your family more.”

Armaan wonders if you’re really that stupid. She inquires as to your identity. He says you don’t need to know anything because I’ll teach you some laws; after divorce, the court decides how much the wife gets from her husband. Charu inquires. Armaan tells him not to worry; the court will decide on alimony; she can’t even touch the house; and you must pay her the amount determined by the court. He cautions Akriti. He says I’ll tell the world you harassed your inlaws, and your career will be over, check and mate. I did this for you, Anu, I love you, forgive me, and I promise to be a good wife and bahu, says Akriti. She begs everyone to give her one more chance. She claims that all she wants is Anu and his love, not money and property. Her family chastises her for changing colours so quickly.

Charu declares, “I will stay with Anu and Gungun starting today, and I will even go to jail for it; you will get the money, and Gungun will get love and blessing.” Anu says the divorce papers will be delivered to you. Gungun is chastised by Akriti. She says, “I wish I had agreed to Ranvijay that day and killed you; I will do it today.” Beena pulls her aside and scolds her.

Prakash claims that you have caused a lot of trouble for my sister and that I will have you arrested this time. Akriti says, “I will see you all, and I will avenge this.” She walks away. Prakash wonders how this miracle occurred, given that Anu is still alive. Gungun says, “I’ll tell you later how you came.” Prakash claims that Akriti took a taxi from the airport, and the taxi driver overheard her discussing Anubhav and told him, so I came here.

He says, “I’m delighted to see you here.” Anu beams. Charu expresses regret to Mukhiya ji. Mukhiya ji says it’s fine, everything will be fine in the end. People say Madhav is a great scientist, but we thought he was insane. Anu expresses gratitude to Radha and Beena. We will begin the marriage rituals, according to Mukhiya ji. Charu claims that the girl’s family is not present, and that half of your family will be from the side. We are from the girl’s side, according to Radha and Mukhiya ji.

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