Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Anubhav Meets His Family

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Beena begins the episode by stating, “Pandit is coming, are you both ready?” Anu expresses her desire to remain with you rather than return home. Gungun says we can start a new life here, but how can I take your boy away from your parents? I’ve watched them die beside you, and I can’t lie to them, right? He claims they will force me once again. She says, “I know, but I can’t take your happiness away from you; I’ll be happy seeing you happy with your family; you’ll marry me today, and that will be enough for me.” She sobs. The bride’s puja will be performed first, followed by the groom’s visit to the temple for darshan. Radha invites Anu to join her. Anu inquires, “What should I pray?” If our family is happy, then we can remain happy. He grins and walks away.

Armaan arrives at Gungun. The girl offers Armaan the groom’s pagdi cloth and asks him to give it to Anu. Gungun beams. Anu’s family arrives. They see Gungun and Armaan in the mandap. So you lied to invite us to your wedding, according to Golu. Gungun is chastised by Charu. Is this your love, he asks. Chandru questions why you broke his family. Sunanda questions why you invited me to your wedding if you are so shameless. We didn’t anticipate this from you, according to Goli. Sargam claims that I had hoped Anu was still alive… They sob.

Armaan begs them to stop. Gungun never forgot Anu, she has always missed him, and nobody can love Anu more than Gungun. Charu claims she is to blame for Anu’s death. Armaan inquires, “Who informed you?” “Where is the proof?” “I’m a reporter, I can see truth in lies and lies in truth, Gungun gave me the tale, I knew it, she isn’t the murderer,” Armaan says. He tells them the whole narrative of Anu and Gungun’s love. The family seemed surprised.

Charu wonders why you didn’t tell us this earlier. Armaan claims you didn’t give her a chance, bahu Akriti… Don’t take her name, advises Charu, since she is a greedy girl. Armaan asks whether you truly believed her that Gungun murdered Anu, that she is your bahu and intends to split your family apart, that Gungun fulfilled all of the tasks of a bahu and wife. Goli and Charu wonder whether you lied to us in order to tell us this. Armaan claims, “I don’t lie; I believed in the power of love, and I saw it today when Gungun’s love found Anu.” Sargam inquires as to why you lied about Anu.

Anu appears and cries out to Maa. They all joyously weep when they meet Anu. He gives everyone a hug. Armaan says, “We found out today that Anu is alive; those people threw him in the sea, the fishermen found him and took care of him, he lost his memory, so he was staying here, thinking it’s a miracle or the power of love,” but Gungun found Anu, his memory returned upon seeing Gungun, and who are we to separate them? Charu expresses regret to Gungun.

Please don’t disgrace me, Gungun says, and elders should bless. Gungun loves Anu a lot, according to Armaan, but she never attempted to keep him away from you all; she could have married him and remained here, but she still wants Anu to live with you all so that happiness may return to your family. Sunanda expresses her regret. Charu claims I erred by misinterpreting you. Golu apologises as well. Charu promises that I will make amends and that we would always be there for Anu with our blessings. But, as Gungun points out, Akriti… Charu claims she fell in our path. He explains what Akriti did. Gungun declares that he would give the money to Akriti but will not allow the home to be split.

Charu bestows blessings on her. Goli apologises as well. Gungun complains about my lack of rage. She introduces Radha and Beena, who saved Anu’s life and looked after him well. Sargam expresses gratitude to Radha. Radha replies, “I’m a mother, too, and you’re blessed to have a kid like him.” Sargam claims to be your son as well. Chandru expresses regret to Armaan. They praise Armaan for revealing the truth. He adds, “It’s my job; I’m a journalist.” Stop sobbing, says Charu, it’s Gungun and Anu’s wedding today. Akriti arrives and informs me that this marriage cannot take place since he is already married to me.

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