Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan Thinks Of Proposing Gungun

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Gungun begins the episode by saying, “No one else can take Anu’s place in my heart.” Armaan and Gungun say we’ll get Beena a gift. Charu counts the cash. Golu returns home. Chandru inquires if anything happened. Golu claims that the bank stated that we would need one week to receive Anu’s reward money. Akriti arrives and declares that she will not wait a week. We won’t be able to give you the share, but we will give you the money, according to Chandru. She asks, “How will you give it, you’ll never have the money, give it right away, or I’ll get my lawyer and sell my share?”

Charu requests that she wait for one week at his request. She claims that I am not your bahu to obey you. Sargam claims that because we have emotions and memories associated with this house, we cannot sell it. Chandru claims that because we live in this house and this house lives in us, we cannot sell it. Divya claims that we need time to make financial arrangements.

Sargam claims that we fought Anu for your sake, and that you should be ashamed of your behavior. Respect us, Golu urges, citing the age of seniors. She adds, “I appreciate those who respect me.” She continues, “I know you fought Anu for my sake, but you didn’t remove him; you gave him a second opportunity; would you give me a second chance if I made this mistake?” Golu yells, “Shut up and quit talking about him!”

He begs her to consider humanity at the very least. She hands them the papers and requests that they sign them. Golu double-checks the paperwork. He claims she desires Anu’s ten lakh reward money. According to Chandru, you have completely vanished from our sight. She inquires as to why I have a claim to my husband’s money.

Golu replies no, he obtained that money before marrying you, gave it to Charu, and Charu used it to make FD for Anu and Sargam. She claims that Anu psychologically tormented her as retaliation. He claims you have no entitlement to the money and will not get it. She responds, “I knew you’d say that,” adding, “I know to take my rights, I can file a lawsuit against Sargam, I have to state that Sargam tortures me, therefore I want to leave this home, the family will lose respect for you, and you’ll go to prison.” She requests that they sign.

Sargam goes to sign the paperwork. You can’t terrify us, says Golu. He rips up the papers. She threatens him and walks away. Anu and Beena are attending a haldi ceremony. They take a seat for their haldi. They write shayari. They perform a dance. Anu seemed befuddled. Gungun and Armaan go ring shopping. He claims that if we feed them ash, it would assist them.

She thinks cash is a favor, so we’ll give them both a present and cash. She notices a ring and thinks about Anu. He believes this size will be ideal for Beena. She agrees. He says I have something I lost, guess what it is. She expresses gratitude for being a nice friend. If I want to be more than a buddy, he says. She calls herself a best friend. They walk out of the shop.

Anu sings a song about Gungun. Beena says Gungun said we’d take you to the hospital and you’d be OK; don’t worry, you like to remain with us, and we’ll build nice memories to make our future better. He sings and nods. Armaan and Gungun have arrived. When he sees her, he grins.

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