Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun Misses To Meet Anu

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Beena and Radha get home to begin the episode. Anu is irritated. He wonders why you left me alone and left. Beena inquires, “Do you like me?” No, he replies, you left me alone. She asks if you don’t want me to go and if you want to remain with me. He wonders whether this is possible. Radha replies sure, if you both marry, Mukhiya ji and I have agreed to marry you to Beena. Anu reflects about his marriage. He clenches his teeth and groans.

Golu will not drink tea. Divya inquires whether you are denying tea. Golu says I’m leaving. Ankit says I’ll accompany you. Chandru inquires as to your well-being. Yes, Golu replies, everything is good. Sargam adds, “I need to speak about something important, please sit here.” We want to talk to Gungun and Garima, and we’re thinking of inviting them home. Golu claims that Gungun has forgotten Anu, that she is content in her new life, and that there is no need to call her to puja. Chandru and Sargam wonder what he’s saying when he’s always been on Gungun’s side. Golu claims that I had senses, that I was incorrect in knowing Gungun, that Charu was right, that she did it for herself, so that she could become famous, that this is the truth, that Akriti and Charu’s doubt has triumphed, and that my confidence has been gone. He sobs.

Don’t tell Sunanda and Charu, he adds. Gungun is a wonderful girl, but she failed in love. I trust you, Chandru, because you know people better than we do. I won’t tell Charu, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about her statements. Golu departs. Sunanda goes to bring Charu some tea. She claims that we can’t run the home without Anu’s income. Chandru, said Charu, and my pension is lower. She claims that if we do not pay Chavi’s fees, we will default on Anu’s FD. Never, according to Charu. They are having a discussion. Neeti appears and announces that Akriti has arrived. Sunanda claims that Ghar Laxmi has returned. Charu beams. She instructs Charu to request that Divya prepare the aarti platter. Charu agrees that you are correct. They go to Akriti and greet her. Sargam is given the aarti plate. She claims that your arrival made everyone happy. Akriti discards the aarti platter. They are all taken aback.

Neeti claims she insulted the aarti platter as well as us. Sargam suggests that we sit and discuss. Akriti argues that if I don’t receive any respect in this home, why should I stay? Golu asks, “We’re performing your aarti; how can we show you greater respect?” Charu inquires as to why you have come. Akriti claims I’ve come to claim my part. He claims that no one in the family has asked for their part, that my brothers and sons give me their money, and that you are demanding for your portion, that you may be here as our bahu but cannot ask for your share. You can’t reject me, adds Akriti, since it’s my legal right to my late husband’s property. He chastises her. He continues, “Now I see why Anu was upset with you; I crushed his heart for your cause, and you… I made a major error by failing to recognise your reality. She says you know who I am now, so give me my cut and get rid of me. She makes fun of them.

She claims she’ll come with the cops the next time. They are all taken aback. She walks away. Beena meets Gungun. Beena relates the story of Madhav. Gungun inquires as to how you fell in love with him. Beena responds, “I don’t know, I enjoy it when he’s with me, when he sings, I love to hear him, is this what you call love?” Gungun grins and nods. She claims that I would not leave without seeing Madhav and that I must attend his interview as well.

Beena claims her mother has closed the door because she does not want Madhav to go outdoors. She unlocks the door. Madhav, she claims, is still asleep. She notices Radha. Radha awakens. Beena inquires about Madhav’s whereabouts. Radha says he’ll accompany you. Beena declines. Radha sets out to locate him. Gungun wonders whether this happens every day. Beena confirms that we have become used to this. Gungun orders that he be taken to the doctor. Beena replies sure, but I believe his situation would improve after marriage since he is well educated. Gungun responds, “Good, take him to the doctor, he’ll be alright.” She walks away.

Armaan chuckles when he hears the tale. Gungun claims that this occurs to Madhav on a daily basis. He responds, “I understand, they have a lot of problems in life.” She expresses gratitude for sending her there, saying, “I got to observe life up close.” He says, “Welcome, I’d like to have a party.” Dinner, she says. He says no to the party, music, and dancing. She claims I stopped partying because Anu didn’t like it and used to tell me to do something useful instead. He says he was correct, you have accomplished something, you should rejoice, and you continually mention Anu. He was my life, he is my life, he will always be in my heart, and no one else can steal his life, she adds. He says our magazine’s next issue would be released shortly, and that we should travel to Lucknow. She says we’ll go after Beena’s wedding and grab her a present.

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