Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun inquires about Madhav's whereabouts

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Gungun expressing his admiration for Beena. The girls claim Beena has excellent fishing abilities, and she has a prince in her life who emerged out of the waves and now lives in Beena’s residence. Gungun inquires if he will remain here. Beena is teased by the females about Anu. The girls claim that Madhav was discovered in the river, that Beena and Radha care for her, and that Madhav has lost his memories. Gungun claims his family would be very concerned if you showed him to a doctor.

Beena claims that we brought him to the Vaid, who treated him with herbs. Gungun suggests that you take him to a neurosurgeon. Beena claims that we don’t have any money. Don’t worry, Gungun promises money will be handled. Beena expresses gratitude to her. Gungun inquires about Madhav’s whereabouts. Anu performs Kabhi kabhi ittefaq se… Gungun notices him. Anu says, “Gungun…” Beena says she’ll go collect Madhav since he often forgets his way home. Gungun inquires as to who is singing. Madhav, according to the females, has a good voice. Gungun claims to be my Anu. She wonders why she had the feeling it was Anu, but how can he be here. She walks away.

Beena questions why you go out alone when you don’t recall the route, and why you stopped singing. Anu claims you are enraged. She claims you can sing, and I agree. Gungun hears Anu singing once again. Anubhav, she says…. Beena brings Anu along. Anu, according to Gungun, is no longer in this planet.

Armaan sings the same song at work. Gungun is staring at him. Do you see Anu in me? He claims he was singing this song. She requests him not to make any jokes about Anu. She claims that she was moved to tears when she heard Madhav sing. He adds that when a person leaves the world, he never returns; you miss Anu a lot; just now, I want Guptaji ke Golgappa. She claims that she and I both like it.

He says you too, which I really enjoyed; after meeting you, I understood one should also make time for oneself. She suggests that we go have some Golgappa. They depart. Ankit and Golu are on their way. These awful days, according to Ankit, will not last long. Golu thinks that without Anu, everything seems incomplete. He claims it’s Armaan’s automobile, but Gungun isn’t such a girl, and she may be powerless. They run into Gungun and Armaan at the chaat stand.

Ankit observes that she seems to be content. Gungun claims, “I believed I could never smile, but as I learned to feel Anu, I realised he was always with me.” I’m proud of you, says Armaan. Golu and Ankit arrive. Golu chastises Gungun for his antics. He claims you forgot Anu and the relationship ended because you wanted to be famous, and Charu was correct. Gungun is defended by Armaan. He said she didn’t want to be in the magazine, but I persisted.

Ankit claims you’ll quickly realise she’s not who she seems to be. Gungun begs, “Why are you saying this? What did I do?” Golu says you don’t need to explain, but now I don’t believe your phoney tears. Ankit adds, “We thought you loved Anu a lot; your tears dried up quickly; if this was love, this would not have occurred.” He invites Golu to join him. They depart.

Radha transports Beena to Mukhiya ji. She says I can’t keep her in the dark, you tell her what you felt about her, I had to chat to Madhav, he takes Gungun’s name in sleep, the girl who comes in the neighbourhood sometimes. He tells her not to be concerned. She claims that we don’t know anything about his past, whether he is married or not, and if marrying Beena will be right or wrong. Beena inquires as to what you are saying.

Yes, he says, we determined this. He asks, “Why did you inform Beena?” I knew she’d make a drama, he says. Beena says she likes Madhav, but mother is correct; we don’t know anything about him; can’t we wait a few more days? He asks how long, it is not proven that he is married, the community is talking about you, so I chose to marry you to him. Okay, says Radha, but what will we do if his memory returns and we discover he is married? He adds that we will annul the marriage and that I will find a wonderful man for Beena and marry her.

Gungun tells the narrative of Beena and Radha. Armaan and the rest of the employees like her proposal. Then, Armaan adds, we’ll make this narrative final for the next cover. Gungun is congratulated by everyone. Armaan adds, “Perfect, it didn’t appear like you were delivering a presentation for the first time, I can’t make you meet my mom, else she will go after me, she given me a checklist of her would be bahu, you qualify for it well,” and I respond, “I won’t make you meet her.”

She claims I will likewise refuse to meet with her; I had no idea she was pressuring you to marry her. He claims she has been doing this for many years; I assure her I would marry of my own free will, and there is a puja in the fishermen’s neighbourhood. Gungun says I’ll go see Beena and Madhav in two days.

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