Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The episode begins with Ranoja so that we will know if our suspicion is true or not. She says don’t try to poison my head, Anu was not there when you told me that it is Gangan’s house, he went to attend village seminar, you have no work, but I have work ۔ She ends the call. Charo asked whose call it was. Akriti Ranuje says. Charu says well you scolded him.

Akriti says he went to the temple with Gangan Grama. Charo says don’t worry. “I want to go to Mumbai, if anyone is with me,” she says. Anu and Gangan come to a hotel in Mumbai. Men welcome Ano and Gangan. That person says we are glad you are attending this seminar. Fills the molecule form. He writes the name Gangan as his wife. The man asks Ano to bring Gangan for the seminar.

He is a physicist. Anu says that she thinks you are Akriti, be ready to give a lecture on quantum physics. He teases her. She says she can’t come, she is going to visit Mumbai, we will return after the seminar. That person says we also had a cultural program, take part in it. Anu says okay. The manager says your room is ready. Please come.

Charu and Golo asked why you want to go to Mumbai, Anu will come back. Akriti says I will come back with her, I want to surprise her. Yoga says you don’t trust the molecule. Golo says your surprise could be a shock. Niti says we will call Gangan and ask her where she went.

Yoga asked if she could go anywhere else. Charu says that Anu and Gangan went on the same day and at the same time, so Akriti is worried. The bullet is right, it can go unnoticed, but take someone with you. Sargam asked Yoga and Niti to go along.

Ankit says happy and I will go too. Golo says Anu is coming back tomorrow, why spend so much. Akriti says then I will go alone. Charo told them to go. Golo says it’s like watching an atom, he’ll understand. Charu says that Ano is the reason for this, I think it is better to go to Akriti and clear my doubts. Goli asks why Grima alone eliminated Gangan?

Sargam asked Akriti to talk to Garima once and ask about Gangan, then maybe he won’t need to go. Gangan likes the room. The manager wishes them well. he goes. Ano gives Gangan a bouquet. “I am staying in a five star hotel for the first time in my life,” he said. “Get used to it,” she says. “You’re growing at a good pace. You’ll soon be attending an international seminar.” He asked, “Do you have any problem sharing a room with me?” She says no, we are married. He says sorry, I wrote your name in wife’s column without asking you.

He asked what happened, did you feel bad? Gangan says yes, not to write my name in the wife’s column, but that you can’t tell anyone. “Everyone wanted us to get married, we didn’t want to get married,” she says. “We didn’t understand our bond before,” he says.

There is a moment of humming and molecules. The sun just plays; they hug and kiss. Akriti called him. He hangs up the phone. He goes to Gangan. Akriti meets Shankar. “I’m fine, Grama cares a lot,” he says. She says she cares about others as well.

She asks about Gangan. “I came here because Shankar was alone,” says Grama. Akriti asks if you have left Gangan alone in the temple. Grama says yes, she said she was going to see her friend. Akriti asked him. She says you don’t know about Gangan.

Shankar says that maybe he is drunk at a friend’s house, he is very rude. Akriti argues a lot. She says that Ranoje is not Gangan’s husband, that’s why he tried to commit suicide on his wedding day. I think you are hiding something. There will be a day. Grama cries and says that my happiness was ruined when Radish passed away. Akriti says save the other relationship, tell me where did Gangan go? Grama says I don’t know.

Shankara says then call him. Grama asked why you want to know about Gangan. Akriti says that Anu had gone to Mumbai, he did not answer my call, now his phone is off. Garma says the problem is between you and Ano, why are you dragging Gangan in the middle. Akriti says to make a video call to Gangan. Garma says ok but I will make a normal call.

Precap: Golo says I am going with him too, what will I do here alone. Yoga asks, does Anu know that we are coming, if he is with Gangan? Golo says I’m worried about that too.