Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun and Garima inquire about the event

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Armaan approaching Gungun. He presents her with flowers. He fetches a cake and says, “Come on, it’s a party, cut the cake.” Gungun and Garima inquire about the event. He claims that I am overjoyed today. Gungun inquires as to what is the situation. He claims that our subscriber base has grown and that our magazine is a smash success.

Garima believes Riddhesh would be pleased with Gungun. He claims that even my mother would have been pleased. Gungun requests that he cut the cake since his efforts have contributed to the success. He claims that your narrative has inspired many people. Garima requests that they cut the cake jointly. Anu is recalled by Gungun.

Armaan is adamant. They cut the cake and share it with each other. Gungun greets the women in the fishermen’s neighbourhood in the morning and asks for some inspiring people. The woman claims Beena and Radha are inspirational, and she will take you there. Gungun confronts them. We were going to take you to that woman’s hand, according to Radha.

Gungun says Beena will be accomplishing something spectacular this year, she will be the first graduate from this location, you are a single mother who educated your kid, you and your daughter are an example, I want to take your interview, your daughter’s picture can be in a magazine like this one. Radha claims to have gone to take her test. Gungun hands her a magazine and requests that she show it to Beena. She walks away.

Gungun arrives to greet Armaan. Let me guess, you didn’t receive any stories today. She claims I got two faces today and that her mother and daughter will take the magazine to the next level. I’m proud of you, he says. Radha offers Beena the magazine and says she will accept your interview since you are the first graduate in the area and can encourage others. Anu appears. Radha shows Anu the photograph. Anu thinks about Gungun. Radha inquires as to what transpired. Anu suggests that I could know her.

He has a headache. Radha and Beena look after him. Radha rushes outside and begs Sheetal not to tell Beena and Madhav anything. She approaches Mukhiya and says, “You make all the choices in this neighbourhood; I needed your advise for Beena; her exams are over; I want to marry her; I know a man; I don’t know whether he’s good for Beena or not, Madhav.” He claims Beena is usually with him, and the neighbourhood gossips about them. Radha describes him as a kind person. He says you can’t explain someone, but we’ll have them married nonetheless. She admits she has no idea if they will agree to marry or not. He tells you not to bother about their wishes since we will marry them at the puja event tomorrow, at my order. Radha returns home and tells Beena a falsehood. Beena claims she warned her not to leave Madhav alone. Radha sees Beena concerned about Madhav and thinks, “I got the appropriate person for Beena.” She instructs Beena to prepare for the puja in the morning and to bring Madhav with her. Gungun is dropped by Armaan. She thanks me and says we’ll meet tomorrow. He inquires as to what you intend to do in the evening. She says nothing noteworthy. He invites you to eat with him. He says you’re misinterpreting me; my buddy is launching a restaurant and invited you to join. She politely declines. He believes you should at least attend for the ribbon cutting. She flatly refuses. He inquires as to the rationale. She claims I’m unable to grin for the photos in front of them. He wonders whether Anu would be pleased to see you unhappy. Okay, she replies, I’ll come. He promises to pick you up. He walks away.

Pradyush and Goli had returned home. Everyone greets them and gives them embraces. Goli is asked whether everything is okay. Goli agrees. Chandru inquires whether your husband bothers you. Pradyush suggests you inquire this of me. Goli claims that he has been bothering me for 15 years and that I will continue to bother him for the rest of his life. According to Charu, the family smiled for the first time since Anu departed. Chandru adds, “Goli came to my Maayka for the first time, and I’m delighted to welcome her.” Goli requests Sargam. Sargam sobs as he sees Anu’s photo and begs him to return. Goli weeps when she sees this. She expresses regret. She apologises for leaving the family when you all needed me the most. Sargam adds, “Don’t say that; Anu would have been overjoyed if he were here.” They weep and cuddle.

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