Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Episode begins Akriti is your wife, what will you answer her? Gangan says she is your daughter, she came to find her husband, why are you protecting us. Garma says she is just my daughter, you are my everything. “We’ll hide Ano in Dad’s room,” says Gangan.

Grama told him to hurry. Ano goes with Gangan. He says sorry, you had to put up with all this because of me, I promise it will end secretly one day. Summer opens the door. She greets Charo and Akriti. Akriti asked what are you doing here? Grima says Gangan was alone after Maya left for America, so I came. Akriti says that we came to look for Ano.

Charu said call him out. Garma says he is not here, why did you come here to look for him, he will be in his institute. Akriti says he is not there. Grima asks them to come in. Anu says that one day she will tell the world that you are my wife. Gangan tells him to hide quickly. He asks if Akriti comes here. She says just pray he doesn’t come. “I told Anubhu not to come here,” says Charo.

Grama says Gangan is in her room. Akriti says I will meet her. Garma says I will call her here. Akriti says that means you are hiding something. Grama called Gangan and informed him. Gangan says I’m leaving, you hide quickly. Gangan comes down and says you are here. Akriti asked where were you? Gangan says father’s room, why? Akriti asked about the molecule. Gangan says why would he come here, I was remembering my father and went to his room.

Akriti asks how long you will keep your husband’s name a secret, my husband’s name is being added, marry Ranuja and end it. Gangan tells her not to interfere in his life. She took Akriti to her room. Akriti looks around. She says that if Anubh calls, tell her not to come here. Gangan says tell him. Akriti says he doesn’t think it’s wrong, you’ll get it right, then tell him.

Gangan says I will tell him. Akriti gets a handkerchief and says it is Ano’s handkerchief. “The last time he came, he forgot, you are a caring wife, you know her handkerchief,” says Gangan. Akriti says that the wife can also know the footsteps of her husband. Are you sure that he forgot this for the last time?

I got the news that he has come here. “Maybe someone joked, you don’t trust your relationship,” says Gangan. “Our relationship is strong,” Akriti said. Gangan asks why you are scared, you can’t break this relationship, then no one can save this relationship. “I have a lot of confidence in my husband. If he breaks that trust, I will not keep quiet.

I will ruin him and his career,” she said. Gangsters do wonders, you call your relationship strong and talk of ruining it, someone dies in love, no one threatens. Akriti says that if Ano comes here, tell her that the doors of your house are closed to her forever. “I won’t say no,” said Gangan. “Dad taught me to welcome guests. You’re welcome too.”

Charo and Akriti come home. Chandra says Anu can’t keep her promise. He tells Akriti not to trust Ranuja. Ano comes home. Charu asked where are you coming from? Anu says I went to attend a workshop, it was arranged by the institute, why are you asking? “We found out you’re not at the institute, so we thought,” says Charo. “I went to see Gangan, okay.

“We’re worried when you go out,” says Charo. Akriti says the message is enough. Ano says ok, I am going out tomorrow, I am going out of Lucknow for a few days. Akriti asked where are you going? He says Mumbai, for my seminar. Akriti says but it was in Kashmir. “Yes, it is because of the weather in Mumbai,” he says. Sunanda and Sargam asked him to take Akriti with him.

He says I’m going to work, Akriti can’t come with me. Charu asked why? Ano says he is no longer in my depot. Chandra says that now she is your wife. Anu says I don’t need her help, when I come back we will go on honeymoon.

Grama asks Gangan about her journey. Ganguly says that Ano asked me to come with him. Grama says they will suspect you. Gangan asks why, I don’t have life. “I feel this risk, I have to lock the house, people will know you’re not here, is it okay if you go with the molecule?” “I have no choice, but I feel guilty about it,” says Gangan.

Grama says Akriti never loved Ano, don’t worry. Ranoje stops them at the gate. “We’re going out of business,” says Grama. He asks where? “We won’t tell you,” says Gangan. Ranuja demanded to tell him. She tells them to get lost. “We are going to the temple to worship Radhish,” says Grama.

He asked why this bag? Grama says she has items of worship and clothes to donate. Gangan tells her not to explain to Ranoje. He asked which temple? She scolds him. Summer lies to him. Garima and Gangan left.

Akriti saw Ranuja’s call. He asked, “Where is the molecule?” She says she went to Mumbai for her seminar. He said that he had come to see Gangan. Garima and Gangan were going out with a big bag. He said that they were going to the temple. “My mother didn’t tell me anything,” Akriti said. He asked, “Are you thinking the same thing?” Gangan reaches the temple.

She sees the molecule dressed casually, and not wearing glasses. He smiled at her different looks. He asks, “Why did you take Boa with you?” She says Boa knows everything. “Thank you for joining us, I’m sorry, I’m cheating on Akriti, I can’t give her the rights and status of a wife, I like Gungan,” he says.

Grima says I can understand, you and Gangan are made for each other, unfortunately my daughter got in the middle, I can’t stop loving her, tell her the truth soon, so that she can move on, you both have her Will not be needed Hide and Seek He says the truth will come out, I am worried that my family will break all ties with me, I will never leave Gangan. Summer blesses them. She tells him to keep Gangan happy. He says don’t worry, I have just fulfilled my responsibilities, now I will love. Grama gave Gangan’s hand to Ano.

Precap: Akriti says that Ranoje said that Gangan and Garima went to the temple, can I go to Mumbai, if anyone can support me. Four and all upset.