Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Golu compares him to my son

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Pradyush telling Charu not to worry since he would look after Goli and make her happy. Goli sobs as she hugs her family members. She wants Golu to look after her since he loved Anu the most and would miss him the most. Golu compares him to my son. She delegated responsibility to Akriti. She embraces her. She says I’ll phone Charu three times to remind him about his medications. Charu embraces her.

She questions Chandru about his commitment to perform several songs at her marriage and why he did not sing. He adds I’m done singing for good, so be careful. Her bidaai occurs. Armaan says we should have the next article in the magazine from here, since my mother likes to do something for ladies, and her name is Agrima. Anu is recalled by Gungun. She envisions Anu with her. Armaan notices her grin and reciprocates.

The mother advises her daughter to study hard and to cease dancing at other people’s weddings. Anu observes. If she doesn’t want to study, the other woman, Sarita, advises her to be married. The mother says knowledge is a valuable commodity that no one can take away from her, that Beena should study, that I wanted to study but my parents didn’t get me educated, that being illiterate is a curse, and that I want my daughter to study well. Beena claims that you will not grasp my studies. She makes fun of Anu.

Anu corrects Beena’s responses. Beena believes he is correct. According to the woman, he is more educated than you. Beena inquires if you like staying with us. Yes, he says. She claims that implies you may remain with us indefinitely. Yes, he says. She requests a pledge. He assures her. He says you both have to agree not to kick me out of the home since I don’t know anybody here. They both grin. Beena refers to him as insane.

The woman claims Beena has no one but me; I want Beena to do well in school and marry in a decent family. Nothing bad will happen to you, according to Beena. Anu promises that if I educate her effectively, she will pass with flying colours. Armaan and Gungun arrive in the area. They provide chocolates. His office crew, she quips, believes he is the devil.

A girl arrives to inform Beena of the chocolate distribution. Beena invites Anu to accompany her to the chocolate shop. Armaan takes photographs. He says he has a meeting and that we must go. We just arrived, according to Gungun. He claims we’ll be there tomorrow.

Beena will get that wild person, according to the guy. We’ll wait for them, Gungun says. We’re running late, according to Armaan. They depart. Anu arrives but does not see Gungun go. According to Beena, they departed. The man claims Gungun handed me your cake shares. Anu clutches his head when he hears Gungun’s name. Beena inquires as to what transpired, Madhav….

Sunanda remarks that the home is lonely now that Goli has departed. According to Charu, our new companion will be loneliness. She claims that we must now observe Akriti’s delight. Akriti packs her belongings and arrives. They inquire as to your destination. My house, says Akriti. Sunanda claims you did not inform us. Akriti claims I’m going for good. Sunanda inquires whether anybody has said anything. Akriti replies, “I came here for Anu; what will I do if I remain here?” My father is alone, unwell, and has no one to care for him.

Sargam says we won’t stop you from travelling; go take care of him and return home when he’s recovered. Sunanda confirms that this is your genuine home. Golu replies, “We understand your suffering; it is difficult for you to forget Anu; we are trying; you can also try; join the job and concentrate on work, and you can fulfil this family’s unfinished ambition.” She yells, “Stop it, Anu’s dreams, family’s dreams, don’t I have mine?”

She is impolite to them. She said you want me to remain here and serve you all, that guy made me weep so much, I can’t live as his widow, he is no longer, I have endured a lot, he didn’t give me his wife’s rights, why should I perform bahu’s chores, I don’t want to end my life by living here. Charu claims you’ve chosen to leave this place for good. She agrees.

Sunanda says you left us from the bottom of your heart before, and we won’t stop you now; remain happy. Sargam adds, “Go, remember you’re the bahu of this family, and you’ll always be the bahu, and the home doors will always be open for you.” Akriti expresses gratitude to her. She says she doesn’t believe she’ll return. Yug inquires as to why you have no connection with us. Akriti replies no, I can’t leave my elderly, sick father alone for you guys, and I can’t stay in this horror for much longer. She walks away. They sob.

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