Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

According to Armaan, Gungun's therapy is being delayed

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Gungun begins the episode by stating, “It’s too late now, death is in front of me, I don’t know whether I’ll be rescued or not, if you want to do anything for me, just leave me alone, let me have the treatment done in peace, and die in peace.” Anu sobs. Armaan meets Gungun in the café in the morning. He apologises for being late. She claims it’s OK. He asks her to explain the situation and what he can do to help her. He adds I provide good therapy, but not for free; you must buy me coffee, and I did your shopping. She displays her gorgeous clothing and shoes, as well as a neck cushion for her comfort.

She inquires as to why. He adds, “You may use this in the United States; I’m bringing you there; it’s my obligation.” She claims Anu has already gotten all of this for me. He replies you should have informed me earlier, it’s OK, you can use it later, did Anu purchase it for you, it indicates he let you to travel to the US, and how did this miracle happen. She claims we talked yesterday night and he agreed and apologised. He chuckles. She inquires as to what transpired.

He claims he gave you permission to live; did your family also give you permission to live? She claims they aren’t horrible since they acknowledged their error. He says you’re pleading for your life; I have no right to say this, but I have to tell you the truth: you’re a prisoner there. No, she responds, that only occurs in mixed families. Yes, he adds, I’m not married, but I know the difference between compromise and sacrifice. Don’t worry, she replies, my family will agree. He says we don’t have time, you’ll die if you attempt to persuade them, and I’ll speak to them. She replies no, they would upset me if they tell you anything. He adds, “I don’t care; I’ll return home in the evening and speak to them; take these items; don’t purchase this again to demonstrate your husband’s love.” He walks away.

Everyone at home is debating Gungun’s treatment. Anu says Armaan will accompany her. Charu, according to Khushi, will never consent to this. Anu, according to Golu, will also refuse to accept. Anu claims that Gungun’s life is important to her. Ankit inquires why her therapy is not feasible here. He claims that I turned down US proposals because I love my nation and would die for it. He also claims that if my wife requires treatment, she must go to the US, and that I now understand what my next project would entail. Golu claims that if you had focused on Gungun, this would not have occurred. Anu says you’re acting as if it’s my fault; I’m not the source of her worry; it’s her job. Golu requests that he do anything to alleviate her tension. He says we should comprehend our life partners and share their sorrows; otherwise, what’s the use of having a life partner? Gungun is incorrect, and so are you; you should minimise rather than enhance her tensions; you both live as rivals. Gungun appears. Golu inquires about her flight. She says it will be tomorrow morning. Khushi inquires whether you informed the elders. Gungun says no, but I’ll pretend I need to speak with Anu privately. Sure, replies Golu. They all leave.

Gungun says I’m leaving tomorrow; if you want to say anything, please speak, who knows, you may receive it again, I might come back. He responds, “Don’t say that; you’re going to the US to get well and then come back to me.” He embraces her. They sob. He claims he wants to accompany you and be there for your procedure. She claims that signifies you’ll accompany me to America. Yes, he replies, how can I leave you alone? She inquires about your project, claiming that if you accompany me, your hard work would be destroyed. He claims it makes no difference. She replies no, you won’t have another chance like this, I’ve watched you work hard, you’ll become an international level scientist, and I won’t allow you pass up this opportunity. He kisses her on the hand.

He replies sure, it’s my dream project, and I worked so hard to get it, but… She says you will compete in this tournament and that’s it; if you don’t, I won’t be satisfied, even if I win. He claims that Charu would not agree to let you depart with Armaan. Chavi appears and informs us that Armaan has arrived downstairs.

According to Armaan, Gungun’s therapy is being delayed due to your intransigence, which might be fatal for her. Charu answers, “I understand,” and Gungun asks, “What do you have to say?” She claims I made the decision to go to the United States. Charu asks whether you want to travel to the United States with Armaan or Anu. Anu has an international competition coming up next month, according to Khushi, for which he has been training for the last two years. Charu believes that family honour comes before any prize; our bahu will not go with a stranger, and I will not allow her to go with another guy. He inquires of Anu as to his choice, whether he considers the prize or his wife. Anu notices Gungun and grabs her hand. He claims that I am willing to give up my aspirations in order to travel to the United States with Gungun. Everyone is happy.

Gungun remembers Anu’s comments. She expresses her desire to accompany Armaan rather than Anu. Everyone is staring at her. Anu lets go of her hand.

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