Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Goli and Charu sincerely apologise to Gungun

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Ankit begins the episode by notifying Goli about Gungun’s condition. She claims she doesn’t want to injure anybody, so why are they refusing to let her travel overseas for treatment? He requests that she speak with Charu and explain to him not to misinterpret Gungun. She says I’ll be there in the evening. Ankit expresses gratitude to her. Gungun summons the employees. She walks out to investigate. She notices Armaan. He plans a candlelight supper for her. He claims I blew everyone off. She beams.

He hands them the resignation letter, saying, “I received this off your table.” She claims I was about to inform you. He continues, “I believe you made the correct choice; you may need a few months to recover; there should be an editor here; if you recover, you may rejoin the firm; I have something for you.” He displays the spaghetti. How do you know it’s her favourite? He claims that if I can find out about your sickness, I can find out what you enjoy since I was a field reporter for many years. She eats the spaghetti while smiling. He wonders whether it’s really that horrible. She claims I became emotional and that someone cared about me. He adds, “So it’s tears of joy, I thought pepper got a lot,” and he wipes his eyes. She returns home. Goli runs into her. She adds, “I came hearing about your condition, why is Lord testing you, don’t worry, we are all with you.”

Goli and Charu sincerely apologise to Gungun. Gungun responds no, you’re right in front of me, we couldn’t converse, thus this misunderstanding developed. Sargam adds, “Goli conveyed it to me, and we knew that if you can quit your career for our family and sacrifice every happiness, we should think about your happiness.” According to Charu, we have decided to go to Mumbai and have you treated there. Sunanda assures you that we will all look after you. Golu says we’ll rent an apartment there.

Anu will work from there, according to Divya. Gungun receives a call. Armaan says I bought the tickets and paid for them, we have to leave in two days, and you haven’t responded. Gungun answers the phone. She claims I won’t be able to visit Mumbai since I’ll be in America for treatment. According to Charu and Sunanda, you are still adamant. According to Chandru, we chatted in a hospital in Mumbai. Someone has made all of the preparations, according to Gungun. Anu believes you mean Armaan did this. She agrees.

They all ask her who will look after her there. Anu and Gungun had a disagreement. Sunanda intervenes. She requests that Gungun mistake her for her mother. She inquires as to why you wish to go there. Gungun claims that I spoke the truth; if you don’t believe me, check my records, present this to any doctor, and inquire about it; my tumour is really large, and surgery is required urgently. Anu wonders whether going to the American hospital is unsafe. She claims it is less dangerous there. He inquires as to what technology is available. She refers to microrobotics. He claims that Armaan informed him that he loves you and wants to separate you from me, and that you want to go and enjoy yourself with him. He is slapped by her. Everyone is taken aback.

Don’t attempt to question my character, Gungun adds; I may be obstinate, egoistic, and workaholic, but not characterless; I didn’t anticipate this from you. Golu takes the file and declares, “I will clean everything.” He contacts the doctor and inquires about Gungun’s situation. Doctor says I wanted to talk to you, she said you all will be worried about her, she wanted to tell her husband to find a good hospital for her, I suggest that her treatment takes place in a country where microrobotics can help in the surgery, it will be risky in India hospitals, her tumour has grown, and if this is delayed, her chances of survival will be reduced. He apologises, saying, “We didn’t know about her illness, we didn’t attempt to understand her, and we guarantee, we will have her treated as quickly as possible.” He hangs up the phone. Everyone is in tears. Anu visits Gungun.

She sobs. He also sobs and buys her a headache salve. She claims that your efforts will no longer alleviate my headache and anguish. He expresses regret to her. He claims, “I merely noticed your faults, not mine, and I want to make things right between us.” She says it’s too late now, everything will be great if you let me travel to the US, I’ll forget all the insults, I’d have gone even if you didn’t let me, I want to live, it’s my right, I wish you stood up for me, your male ego got in the way. He claims I was afraid you’d run away from me. She claims that you lost me every day because you were afraid of losing, that you wanted a loser Gungun rather than a successful Gungun, and that you wanted to dominate me. No, he adds, I’ll be glad if you succeed. You didn’t enjoy my accomplishment, she adds, till I remain behind you. He signs the no. She claims you were envious, that you and your family forced me to quit my work, and that you never understood me.

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