Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan consults with his superior

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Golu requesting that Gungun get up. He asks how she fainted so quickly. Anu claims that it occurs at times of stress. Gungun stands up. Golu inquires as to your well-being. Chandru inquires as to why you fainted and whether you were hungry. Golu claims that he talked with Charu and that he would not allow you to quit your employment. She claims, “I know no one is pleased with my work.” She makes her way downstairs.

Sunanda says you’re not feeling well and that you should have slept. Gungun says, “I’ve chosen to quit this position since you all are unhappy with it; I’ll go resign.” Golu advises against making rash decisions. Charu inquires if you are making this decision cheerfully or helplessly. Gungun says, “I’m making this choice based on my want; I’ll do what you all want, what makes you happy; I have a request: don’t claim I’ve changed; you’ll only see a puppet from now on, who will dance on your signs.” She walks away.

Armaan consults with his superior. You’ve come for Gungun, according to the senior. According to Armaan, I came to congratulate her accomplishment. The senior says she worries about her since she is under a lot of stress, she wants to do everything alone, and the Jeet network needs her. Armaan says I agree, thus I’m concerned about her health. The elder advises don’t lie, you care about her, and hiding it is immoral. I don’t want her to go into problems, says Armaan, so did you acquire her passport? Yes, the senior responds, I stole her passport as an excuse. He hands over the passport. Armaan expresses gratitude to her. He claims Gungun must go to America for the Jeet network; where is she? The senior claims she texted her that she would be late.

Gungun appears. We were talking about you when Armaan said you’d live a long time. Gungun says I’m not going to work anymore. Armaan claims he has your passport, will file for a visa, and that you will accompany him to America for treatment. She decides not to discuss her resignation in front of Armaan. She claims I have a lot of job here. He adds, “Don’t worry, I talked with the chairman, and you shouldn’t take any chances here.” She claims that my family will be upset if I accompany you to America. He asks, “Will you risk your life for the family who didn’t come to the party for your happiness?” He says, “Why are you thinking about them when it’s about your life?” He says, “I came here to take you with me; you decide if you want to risk your life or come with me.”

Gungun returns home. She requests permission from Charu to go to the United States for treatment. Golu requests therapy for what? According to Gungun, my test results have arrived, and I need to be treated for an ailment. Anu wonders, “Why the United States?” Yug speculates that it may be because Maya is present. Sunanda inquires as to how you want to spend your time alone there. Gungun suggests that I go with Armaan. Charu says, “I’m sorry I was mistaken about you.” Sargam claims you wish to accompany Armaan despite our request that you refrain. Anu claims you’re quitting this job to spend time with Armaan in the United States.

I had no idea your thinking was so cheap, says the gungun. Anu replies, “I didn’t realise you were that cheap; you know Armaan likes you, but you still want to travel with him; it’s not only friendship between you two; you give me divorce before leaving to the US.” Gungun claims you have reservations about my character. According to Chandru, you are considering travelling with Armaan. Armaan, according to Charu, is a horrible individual to have relations with a married woman. Anu claims that it was Gungun’s error to support him.

Gungun claims to be my buddy, that he has never beyond his limitations, and that you do not trust me. He claims I don’t believe Armaan. She claims she has faith in him. He has more demands than I do. She declines. He inquires, “Can’t I have your therapy done here?” Yes, she adds, but Armaan believes it will be better there. Charu begs them to stop. He adds Gungun is battling with you over that person, demonstrating Armaan’s influence in her life. He says Gungun, you can’t travel to the United States with a stranger; you must divorce Anu if you want to go. Gungun is taken aback.

She claims she quit her job based on your request that she not go to the United States for treatment and die there. Anu inquires as to what ailment it is that cannot be cured in India. Finally, she continues, you inquired, but you never inquired about my disease. Anu claims you informed Armaan, not her. She claims that I did not notify Armaan or anybody else, that he worked hard to discover it, and that I would have been glad if you had done the same. He claims that if you had informed him, he would have made the effort. She claims I was unaware. Golu inquires, “What happened to you?” She claims I have a brain tumour. Everyone is taken aback.

Gungun claims that it has progressed to the point where surgery is the only choice. Anu grabs her hand and says, “You’re speaking this to us right now.” She explains, “I wanted to say anything, but I needed to organise money for the therapy first, and I didn’t want to bother you all,” and that her firm would pay for the treatment because of Armaan. Charu claims that since you believe we would not spend money for our bahu’s care, you sought assistance from a stranger rather than asking the family. I didn’t ask anybody for aid, Gungun explains, but Armaan and Chairman agreed to help me, so I came to beg you.

Charu responds, “I don’t want to quarrel; your therapy will take place here, and we will look after you.” Yug says Yeah, we’ll get you the greatest care possible. Gungun inquires of Anu about the advancement of robotic surgery in this country. Chandru claims that it is about our family’s respect. Gungun claims that you are more concerned with family honour than with my life, and that you will prevent me from receiving medical care. Anu inquires as to why you need Armaan.

Gungun says Armaan has been in the US for two years, he knows everything, he has given my reports to the hospital and taken the appointment, he is supporting and assisting me, if Armaan wasn’t there, then your questions were legitimate, what’s the issue when everything is decided? They all vanish. Gungun screams. Armaan and Gungun arrive to the workplace. My medical buddy phoned and asked when you’ll be hospitalised for treatment, what happened, do you have a headache again, smile now, you received the US visa. Gungun adds, “Let’s not speak about it, it’s personal.”

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