Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun attempts to pursue him

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Anu attending a party with Golu, Yug, and Neeti. They are relieved that he is on his way. Anu claims she has done a fantastic job as a journalist; she claims she wanted to show herself and her father’s upbringing correct; and although I had mocked her for having no goals in life, she has proven me wrong; she deserves to be recognised. Golu says he enjoys hearing you praise her. Anu claims that I am praising journalist Gungun.

Everyone applauds Gungun. Gungun expresses gratitude for their assistance. Senior says that we will reserve this speech for the award ceremony, that we will cut the cake, that there will be a surprise, and that there will be a special visitor, so please welcome him. Anu and everyone arrive. Golu claims to be speaking about you. Gungun is taken aback when Armaan appears. Anu, she says… Anu no longer sees Armaan.

She is taken aback when she sees Armaan. She inquires as to how you get here. He claims you got a large prize, and how could I not come? Senior claims Armaan organised the party. Gungun wonders why you didn’t say anything. Armaan believes it is unlikely. She claims it is the finest surprise of her life. She embraces him. Anu and everyone else are watching. Senior suggests that we cut the cake immediately. Gungun slices the cake and serves it to Armaan. Golu says everything is OK. Gungun is asked to dance by everyone. Gungun, we have a custom in office, whomever wins needs to do a performance, so come on, the stage is all yours. No. of gun signs He asks, “Let’s dance, shall we?” She takes his hand in hers. She does a dance with Armaan. Gerua….plays… Anu becomes enraged as he watches. They notice Anu.

Anu tosses the flowers and walks away. Gungun attempts to pursue him. Armaan apologises profusely. She claims it’s OK. He requests her passport. She inquires as to why. He claims you’re travelling to America with me for a visa. She wonders why. He responds, “I know about your tumour for therapy.” She inquires as to how you know. He replies it doesn’t matter since you’ll be joining me for the therapy. But, she adds… He adds, “I talked at the hospital; it’s not amusing; I’m serious; you persuade your family or I’ll speak to them; you may return after surgery.” She says it’s not easy, and I’m concerned about something else right now. He says you earned an imp award, so come here and meet the imps and then do anything you want.

Ranvijay’s parents discuss Ranvijay not receiving bail. Poonam, don’t worry, Mithilesh replies, he’ll be with us shortly. He receives a phone call from his lawyer. Is there any positive news? he inquires. My lawyer claims I’m going to lose the lawsuit. Mithilesh adds we have high hopes for you since Gungun is a well-known name these days, and one mistake might cause issues for both Ranvijay and you. Mithilesh wonders whether Ranvijay would be imprisoned for the rest of his life. No, says the lawyer, it will take time, Gungun has media power and contacts today, but I’m doing my best. Gungun takes home the prize.

Charu says you won’t be going to work starting tomorrow, no questions asked; I’m making this choice for the sake of the family. She inquires as to why. He says you’re so shameless that you don’t realise you done anything wrong; it’s a good thing we didn’t go to the party. She inquires whether he is referring to Armaan. Anu believes you are aware of it. They are at odds. He claims that since I told you he liked you, you were eager to attend the party. Gungun claims it came as a surprise. Everyone begins to blame him. Gungun claims Armaan isn’t like that; he knows I’m married and adores Anu. Anu seems to be aware of our concerns and has come to lend you a shoulder; tell me the truth, have you shared your own problems with him? She agrees.

Sunanda inquires as to how he can dance with you. Charu says enough, we’re not going to speak about it anymore, you’ll leave and never work for that person again, and I’ll find you a position in any government agency. Gungun attempts to reason with himself. They don’t pay attention. She remembers everything and becomes dizzy.

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