Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun thinks Anu needs blood

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey
Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey

The episode begins with the driver seeing Gungun’s injury and stating that we will first visit a doctor. She replies, “No, I have to see my spouse in the city hospital first, I don’t have time.” She is going to the hospital. Doctor suggests we may not be able to rescue the patient. Gungun contacts Golu and inquires how Anu is doing, what the doctor said, and why he is sobbing. She remembers Anu.

He reveals everything to her. She asserts that I will get puja flowers and that nothing will happen to him. The doctor says the patient needs blood, but we are out of blood. The blood bank will send blood, but it will take three to four hours. Doctor suggests we notify his relatives. Golu requests Gungun to arrive quickly. Akriti wonders to whom he was speaking. Golu requests that he not question or pray for Anu. She requests him to just respond.

He asserts that this proves you do not love your spouse or respect your elders. She inquires who you were speaking with. He commends Gungun for fulfilling her role as a wife. He asks whether I should mention the name or if you already know it. She inquires why you called her. According to him, she has a right to know, thus your rage and tears are worthless. The nurse informs the patient that O-negative blood is unavailable.

Golu questions how this may occur. They request that the nurse check their blood types. The nurse reports that none of you are compatible with the O- blood group, even if you can get it from any blood bank. Ankit, Golu, Chandru, and Yug depart. Charu implores Akriti not to fret. She says I must fight a sautan. Charu promises that he will prevent Gungun from approaching Anu. Gungun considers Anu. She sneezes. The driver offers her water.

She sips water. She requests that he see him as a younger brother. According to his advice, the foot should be addressed first. She said I must first contact my hubby. He responds, “It’s OK, I understand your pain, and I’ll remain there until your husband’s procedure is over, while you take care of the assistance at the hospital.” They make it to the hospital. Golu attempts to order the blood. The guy states that it is unavailable here. Chandru requests that you aid us.

The guy replies, “That’s OK, I’ll phone the blood bank and the double.” Golu claims it pertains to Anu’s life. The nurse reports that blood is not organised. She phones Golu to see whether the blood has been prepared. Golu states that we’re trying, but it’s unavailable; how is Anu? She states that only a miracle could save him at this point, that we are doing our best, that he has lost a great deal of blood, and that if we don’t get blood within 15 minutes, there is nothing we can do. He wonders how we would organise everything in 15 minutes.

The gun enters the hospital. The driver requests that she attach the handkerchief to her foot. She tells afterwards that I must place this flower on Anu’s forehead. He binds the pocket square to her. Golu feels impotent. He weeps. Ankit inquires if Gungun should be contacted; she is just a fairy who can fix any issue; maybe she will perform a miracle this time as well.

He phones Gungun to inform him that Anu is not receiving O- blood. She reports that my blood type is likewise O- and that I am eligible to give blood, since I have just arrived at the hospital. Ankit declares it a miracle, Gungun is hospitalised, and her blood type is compatible. Gungun declares, “I won’t allow anything to happen to Anu; come there.” Akriti wonders why they did not come. She encourages Charu to maintain hope.

Charu instructs her to determine whether the blood has been prepared. Gungun requests the nurse to draw her blood. The nurse inquires as to what occurred to your foot. Gungun requests that my blood be drawn first. The nurse notifies the doctor that she has located a donor. She inquires after the driver. Gungun claims to be my sibling.

Akriti halts Gungun and declares that my husband will not get her blood. Gungun thinks Anu needs blood. Akriti says he is not your spouse, but mine. Gungun asserts that we must first rescue him. Akriti instructs her to be quiet. She claims I have the upper hand on him. Gungun affirms that he will be there when he is rescued. According to Akriti, Anu is in this condition because of her; my family will provide for blood. Gungun falls on her feet.

She advises against it, stating that if he allows her to give blood to him, she will leave his life forever. According to Akriti, no one will applaud your performance. She claims that this girl is lying, since her blood type cannot match Anu’s. The nurse inquires as to why she would lie; we will do the blood test first. Akriti claims she is a liar since she claims to be Anu’s wife. She requests Gungun to go. Gungun’s puja plate collapses. Driver collects it. Gungun claims this had prasad for Anu. Akriti claims he does not need this. The driver begs the nurse to deliver the flower to Anu, since it is her religion and she was injured on the way.

He is my spouse, according to Akriti, and you are doing the puja. The driver questions why you did not go and who stopped you. Nurse asserts that you cannot prevent me from doing out my duties. Akriti says she will observe Anu’s blood donation. Gungun declares, “I will determine who prevents me from reaching Anu, and I will battle the Lord for him; you are but a common person.” She pushes Akriti. Driver halts Akriti and requests Gungun to leave.

Doctor announces that Anu’s procedure was successful and he is no longer in danger. Anu requests his spouse Gungun. The nurse will call her. Akriti claims I am his spouse.

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