Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

The Family Doesn’t Understand Gungun’s Sentiments

Star Plus Serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Written Update

The episode begins with Sargam and Sunanda discussing Anu and Gungun’s relationship. They arrive to Gungun and see her asleep. They wake her up and question whether she has time to sleep when she hasn’t had time to prepare laddoos for Anu. According to Gungun, I developed a headache, took medications, and relaxed. Sargam claims you get headaches only after you go home from work, not while you work at the workplace.

Sunanda inquires about Anu’s whereabouts. Gungun adds, “I’m not sure, he wasn’t here.” Sunanda believes you should have contacted him. Sargam claims she is pressed for time. You should have phoned him, Gungun claims you’re both his mothers. Sunanda claims he is now your responsibility. Let me handle it, Gungun says, and don’t meddle. Sargam responds, “Fine,” but retains responsibility.

Sunanda claims he stays out of the home to avoid arguments, but keep in mind that he is your spouse. Sargam says you’re the boss at work, but you’re simply our bahu here. Gungun says, “What are you saying?” I didn’t demonstrate that I’m a boss or a star, nor did I want special treatment, and I didn’t anticipate anything from you. Sargam is correct; you never told it to show off, but your actions have done so several times. Sunanda agrees that if Anu had married any ordinary female, he would have been content. They depart. Gungun becomes depressed.

Armaan remembers what the doctor said. He phones the senior and says, “I need a US visa for Gungun, she has a brain tumour that is at a critical stage, and surgery can be done best in the US.” Senior responds, “But we have to consult her relatives.” Armaan adds that regardless of what she and her family believe, the operation can only take place in the United States. Senior inquires as to why you are so concerned about Gungun. Armaan inquires, “Can you arrange her visa?” I’m not sure why I’m worried about her; I don’t know why I’m worried about her; I have no response; I can’t lose my buddy; America is the ideal site for her operation; I request that you get her visa; I’m waiting for your call.

Anu returns home to find Gungun. She inquires, “Are you going out?” since I am present. He claims that he does not usually hang out with celebrities and prefers to spend time with regular people. She inquires if I said that I am a celebrity. He claims you come and go as you want, that you don’t have breakfast with the family and that you don’t spend time with them. Please, she adds, I don’t want to be a housewife. Anu claims they are housewives by choice; we didn’t prohibit Goli from working, but you must financially and emotionally support them. She inquires about the flowers. He claims Akriti gave it to him. He leaves. She is concerned.

Golu and everyone had a discussion. They make fun of him and laugh. Gungun appears. Golu claims you arrived home early. Sargam claims it is a hotel. Golu inquires as to your well-being. I had a headache, according to Gungun, but I’m OK now. Golu motions for her to take a seat. He claims that the whole family is eating together today. Every day, Anu says, she finds the family complete. Sargam also makes fun of Gungun. Gungun stands up to begin serving the dinner. Sargam advises to leave it alone. Gungun forces her to sit.

According to Charu, you will not become a good bahu in this manner. Chandru suggests that you contact us. Sunanda claims I was thinking the same thing. Yes, says Gungun. Anu mocks her. Charu wants Gungun to say anything right now. Gungun inquires whether everyone will be available tomorrow. She distributes the party invitations. Sargam claims that you just have time for the party and not for your family. Gungun says the office staff has arranged for me to come, and I want you all to come. Everyone declines and makes reasons. Sunanda claims that we went to a party on Maya’s advice, which we all regret to this day. Sargam adds, “We don’t want you coming to the party; you may spend that time with your family.”

Gungun says I have to go since it’s my success celebration. He says you’re not fine, but you’ll be OK. She says I’ll go even if I’m not feeling well. Chandru inquires about this manner of speech. She apologises, although Anu didn’t speak properly, and you didn’t say anything to him; it’s fantastic if I win, but even if I don’t, my office staff wants to celebrate; they see my hard work and sacrifices, and they respect and are proud of me. Yes, Anu replies, it’s their profit, our loss; you sacrificed the family, walked on our desires, and earned success; how can you expect us to be proud?

She explains, “I know I couldn’t spend time to family, but I worked hard so that you and your family could be proud of me.” He claims that you did it for yourself and did not support us. She continues, “I’ve always heard that I’m silly and aimless, that I don’t know anything, that I can do anything, that I’m happy, that I believe you wanted old Gungun, that you don’t want to be a part of my pleasure, OK.” She walks away.

The next day, Senior informs Gungun and everyone that they will not be working today because I have an appointment; the award was supposed to be revealed today; I am pleased to inform you that Gungun has received this honour; congratulations. Everyone applauds Gungun. She expresses gratitude to him. He explains that we had planned the party and the award ceremony, that we would travel to the banquet hall, that we will have an award ceremony and a cultural event, but that today we will cut a cake to honour her accomplishment. She beams.

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