Kaamna 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Manav And Niharika Reveal That They Are Aware Of The Truth

Kaamna 9th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Kaamna 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kaamna Written Update

At this point, Manav begins to read a poem to Akanksha, alleging that she has shed a lot of tears. Vibhav gets angry when he hears Manav’s inquiry about Dr. Kalay, and Niharika looks at him in wrath.

It was Bubbly who, when Akanksha questioned how it was possible that the lehenga had been stolen and burned, Bubbly exclaimed that Akanksha was stupid for not knowing how the lehenga had been transferred to its rightful owner.

Bubbly then revealed that she had swapped the lehenga and taken all of its jewellery. The day she sent Karan to jail, Bubbly made a vow to wreck Akanksha’s life, which she has now fulfilled. Now that her goal in this house has concluded, Bubbly announces that Akanksha must take care of herself because she will no longer have anybody by her side.

The question Vibhav asks Akanksha is how long it would take for him to realise that Niharika does not want them to get married and that he should tell her that he just loves her. His beloved, Niharika, is standing in front of him, and Vibhav wonders where she has been for the previous seven years, since he has missed her so much.

Because he loves Niharika and considers her to be his wife-to-be, Akanksha wonders what he’s doing with her. In response to Niharika’s concern, Vibhav pushes Akanksha out of the way, declaring that he only loved Niharika and crying with blood. He is the only one who knows the truth, which prompts Niharika jee to begin to feel amorous toward him. Vibhav

He tells Manav that he is worried that Vibhav will once again trap his daughter, but he believes that she is a brilliant woman and knows the truth about Vibhav, so he is confident that she will not make the same mistake twice. Mr. Holkar responds that he feels everything has been resolved because he has custody of Yatho and Ayesha, her mother.

Akanksha tells Niharika to stop touching Vibhav because she is about to get married to him, and Vibhav assures her that he is going to correct all his mistakes and now nothing bad can happen.

After bumping into Bubbly while walking down the hall, Akanksha confesses that her dreams of marrying Vibhav have been ruined. Bubbly offers to share a cab with her since she has no money. When Akanksha questions Bubbly about what happened, he responds that Vibhav was the one who tried to scare her into running away and burning her lehenga.

A furious Akanksha confronts Manav as she walks past the Mandap, believing that the dreams she had just moments before have been dashed. When Manav responds that they should be looked at, Akanksha curses him and walks away, Sakshi mam asking where she’s going, to which Manav replies that Akanksha herself said she was going to.

Ayesha and Mr. Holkar express their gratitude to Manav for what he has done for them, but Manav responds that he didn’t do anything because money is the root of all evil.

In an attempt to exact revenge on the doctor who saved her life, Vibhav confronts Niharika and demands to know where she has been for the last seven years. When Niharika responds that she doesn’t want to know the identity of the doctor who saved her life, Vibhav begs her to come with him.

After Vibhav’s wife left him, Manav tells Niharika that he was able to reclaim his true wife thanks to him, and he thinks Vibhav will be overjoyed at the prospect of having her back. Anakasha inquired as to whether Vibhav was the one to block her cards, since she couldn’t even check into the hotel.

Vibhav acted as though it was a wrong number and ended the call, but Niharika informed him that they had blocked the cards, and he asked her father to come over because they had a lot to talk about.

Sakshi Mam was hurt by Vibhav’s closeness to Manav. Yatho and Ayesha are talking, so she overhears their chat and messages Yatho, telling him she’s going back home to be with Mummi jee. She tries to figure out why she’s so anxious because of what’s taking place.

After a cup of tea, Manav remarks that he can tell her the truth since she insists on it. Niharika exclaims she is the one who is going to reveal the truth, so Manav asks her to show him the footage.

Vibhav is shocked to see the footage in which he is talking to Dr. Kalay. Mr. Holkar questions Manav about why this footage wasn’t shown to him earlier. He plans to kill Vibhav, to which Manav replies that the person should have at least some strength left, but he feels V.

Ayesha is summoned and asked to do the magic, and Vibhav is surprised to hear the same voice as Niharika, at which both Manav and Niharika jee are laughing. He then asks the children to leave and play in the room while he explains to both Vibhav and Dr. Kalay that they were correct in their own manner.

When Yatho enters the room, he compliments Ayesha, and they take out their mobile phones to play when he sees the text from Sakshi Mam and calls her. Sakshi’s mother responds that she returned because she wasn’t feeling nice, and Ayesha takes the phone and explains that both Manav and her mother are humiliating Vibhav, and she doesn’t feel like meeting him.

Sakshi Mam says he’ll come to her as soon as possible, and Yatho says he’ll come to her as soon as possible.

In the prequel, Vibhav is stunned when Niharika tells him he has two options: he can either send him to jail or he may live with her as her servant, and Manav tells him she’s making the same mistake twice.

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