Kaamna 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Akanksha Plans To Marry Vibhav

Kaamna 8th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Kaamna 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Kaamna Written Update

It is Niharika who enters with Bubbly, and Vibhav asks who she is, to which she answers, “This is my wife.” Vibhav is astonished to see Niharika when Ranay says that this was a really excellent idea. Akanksha was shocked when Ranay said this was a really good plan.

In a previous scene, Yatho tells Ayesha that they both have to act, and Ayesha doesn’t get it. He explains that he’s going to be Ayesha, and Ayesha agrees. Yatho then says he’ll come, and Ayesha is lying on the sofa when he arrives.

Ayesha acts, saying she’s gotten old without her mother, and that she doesn’t know who else could have helped her. Yatharth notices that Ayesha is really crying, so he asks her to come and comfort him, but she refuses because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Ayesha begs him to show off his adorable grin as she explains to him that he has a lot of people in his life who care about him, even if he doesn’t have his mother. They exchange hugs.

Awakening Niharika jee, Mr. Holkar sits next to her but Manav sees him and asks Mr. Holkar to go rest in his room as they are all with her, but he refuses when Sakshi mam promises Niharika jee is on her own, so what does he want that he becomes ill just as she begins to heal?

In response to Sakshi mam’s question, Manav says that if she doesn’t wake up and the court declares her dead, they have no choice but to wait since he believes Bhagwan wouldn’t do anything so bad with MR Holkar and Ayesha.

When Vibhav wakes up, he sees the phone on which Doctor Kalay has sent the text, and he smiles because the work has finally been completed after seven years of effort. Vibhav calls Dr. Kalay to congratulate him on what he has done, and he mentions that he will be sending a large sum of money to his account after he leaves India. Doctor Kalay responds that he has never heard himself speak before.

Seeing Akanksha, Vibhav asks Ranay if he’d like to join her, but he refuses. Vibhav signals Ranay, who goes to the back. When he returns, they are all shocked to see Akanksha. When Bubbly asks her to look at her haldi, she is shocked to see that it has turned red.

All of the guests leave in a hurry when one of them advises Akanksha to not get married, as these signs show that someone is surely going to get married. Akanksha yells at the worker to bring her water, but Vibhav looks at her with a stern expression, so she tells him to get ready for the Pandit jee.

A worker arrives to notify Akanksha that the wood in the mandap has not been lit as she is standing in the chamber and is amazed by the lehenga. Bubbly says Akanksha would look like a heroine in it, but Akanksha reveals it belonged to Niharika and she didn’t want her to marry Vibhav. When Pandit Jee sees Akanksha in the Mandap, he feels afraid, but Akanksha yells that the trees have lit up, so he must now do all the rites in the Mandap.

When Akanksha sees the lehenga on fire, Bubbly yells at her to come over and see what’s going on. Akanksha wipes her face and says that she doesn’t need a lehenga or jewellery for this wedding, but it will still happen.

It’s a good day for Vibhav, but it needs to be even better, so Vibhav calls his best friend, Manav, and tells him that today is a great day for him, but that he needs to make it even better, and if Manav has vacated the house to go to work, that would be great for him as well. Vibhav explains that the boys are working hard to stop this wedding, so Ranay should reward them.

After Ranay and Vibhav leave, Vibhav tells Ranay they are all unwelcome guests and that he needs to finish some work before he leaves. When Vibhav asks Akanksha why she invited Manav, she responds that she wanted him to experience what it’s like to soar for the first time.

Akanksha is furious when Bubbly appears with a woman wearing Niharika’s lehenga and declares that she is his wife. When Niharika lifts the veil to reveal that she is still alive and wearing the lehenga, Akanksha starts smiling and mentions that this is a new plan. When Niharika replies that she is still alive and is wearing the lehenga, Akanksha is shocked and hits Niharika hard.

Mr. Holkar and Mr. Holkar are concerned about Niharika, who has recently been well but is still very fragile. Ayesha and Yatho insist on returning home, but Ayesha and Yatho refuse, saying that they are staying in their house and will be living with their mother. Because he saved her life, Mr. Holkar just needs to name her Niharika going forward.

In the room, Niharika is present when Bubbly tells Vibhav’s wife that she has returned with the original lehenga, and Akanksha becomes anxious, pleading with Vibhav for proof of her importance in his life. When Niharika asks him how she is looking, he begins to praise her.

Niharika hugs Vibhav and begs him to order Akanksha to leave the house. Vibhav tells her to pack just her personal stuff and tells Akanksha to leave the house immediately.

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