Kaamna 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

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Manao asks what Yatho is thinking when he says that Sakshi’s mother is getting married. Grandma asks Yatho if he can write a letter to his mother. She tells Akanksha that he wrote the letter. He has also eaten gar, Vebhau shouted and said that they have to be made. Yatho will definitely disappear for four weeks.

Some time ago, Manao advised Dadi to make sure that the doors would always be closed in the absence of Akanksha. That she will come twice a month because she is under his command. The court, Yatho even instructed Dadi not to take any of the food she brought because she did not like food at all.

Disappointed, Akanksha throws her bag and asks what was the purpose of Vibhav who needed so much money, even Rana is not answering her call, she goes to check drawers and see Kar is surprised that it is empty and all its antique jewelery and cash are missing. When Bubbly picks her up, she drops the phone. Akanksha asks if she knows where she is. She begs him not to tell her anything.

Manao is having fun with Yatho, they are both happy that they have won the war and now it’s time for a movie, Yatharth loses when Manao asks what happened, he answers Manao frightens him, he says Yatho can say anything to him.

Yatharth reports that when he finds out that Sakshi Mama is getting married, Manao responds that he should be happy because she is a strong and intelligent woman so he should be happy when Yathoth responds that Malti’s aunt forced him. Is doing but Manao doesn’t believe it, he gets it.

A call from Meera stating that Vibhao had come out of the interrogation because of his contacts, Manao replied that he knew he would do something like that but when he reveals another plan, he gets excited. ۔

When the secretary explained that he could not do anything in the raid because the officer had come without warning and he had not heard a word from her, Vibhav angrily turned to her and left. Thinks Everything was happening like how Manou resigned from his post and then agreed to take my money, she ran to the locker but is surprised not to find the files, he thinks about this place.

And who knows when there was a secret, when he sees me and Manao enjoying coffee, he runs away, he reaches out to them both who are standing there telling him to call again. Come on, Vebhao asked the reason to which Manao replied that he felt the need to try them a lot but it is not good, my truth is that they did not have the original files but in fact just a game with it.

Were playing, so they managed to get the files, he tries to take them when my answer is that walking is not so stupid. Al files with the original. These are just duplicates. Manao and Meera leave Vabhao, warning him to take a step back, but he is really disappointed to see that he has lost the game.

Vibhav returns to Kapoor Haveli after drinking alcohol. He is surprised to see Akanksha throwing things around the house. He asks what she is doing when she replies that he has lost his He sold everything he had and reached out to her. She’s about to break the side lamp, she assures him she did it to fulfill her dreams.

Vebha asked if she wanted to be a 50% shareholder in Kapoor Construction. He mentioned that he was doing this to raise money and save Kapoor construction as he had no other choice. There is only one way, Akanksha said. To stop Manao, he asks her about it, to which she replies that it is Yatho.

Akanksha and Yatho are sitting on the stairs when she asks how they will stop the marriage. Yatho said he intends to attend. Sakshi’s mother enters the school when Anarog walks behind her and explains that she has a rose when they met on the first day and for their first meeting the next day, Sakshi’s mother asks her to leave because.

This is his school and he doesn’t like it, he says he came here because he can’t think of anything else, he asked her to leave because it doesn’t look good. Anarog replies that he had no intention of teasing her, but he can’t throw a rose, so he can do whatever he wants.

Sakshi Amy is standing when Aunty Malti asks what is the treatment she has shown to Anarog when she says that she came to her school even when she did not like it, Aunty Malti asks What’s wrong with me because he’s such a nice guy but Sakshi’s mother replies that she doesn’t like it and tells him never to come to school, Sakshi’s mother says that when Malti’s aunt When the call comes, he should tell his sister to warn him, who says that Anarog has agreed to marry him.

Yitharth was doing her homework when Yashoda’s grandmother brought a rope with honey in it, she says that since Manao had resigned from her job, she decided to go to her brother She wants him to come and stay with her, but she doesn’t.

He wants to live with her because his wife does not treat him well so he asks her to write him a letter, he writes that she is going to her mother’s house because she is not well here. Apparently, Yatho falls asleep when Vibhao and Akanksha are impatient. Waiting for Yashoda to call her, Akanaksh asks if she was able to work, she replies that there is nothing that Yashoda can’t do in her sleep, she answers that she doesn’t have that ring.

Mili who was promised by Akanaksh and also has fake gold in his ears. Earrings, Akanksha assures that she will catch a cold. When she answers he smiles, she only had one earring left, now that Yashoda has more gold than that. Vabhau asks him to adjust for a while because when Manao is looking for Yatho, it will be an opportunity he will need to destroy Holkar’s industries. He also offers to go with Akanksha but she refuses to let him wait.

Akanksha secretly opens the door of the room, Yashoda is sitting next to Yatho when Akanksha asks for the letter, she changes the spelling so that it feels like Yatho has written it for her, Akanksha quickly picks up Yatho. Who was sleeping.

PreCape: Manao sitting in the office wonders if she’s home again, she tries to call Yatho who is not answering. Vibhavo takes Yatho who is awake, he is constantly calling his father when Vibhav warns that he can treat Yatho using harsh techniques, Yatharth is still calling Manu.